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“The Church will know of suffering before it is entirely closed. It will undergo the direst outrages, not to mention those of a large number of its children who will deny it, by reason of ; that will break anything that can be found of the their attachment to promises on the part of men who will break their own wordmost sacred; who will treat the Son of God with the most abominable words. The number of those souls, forever separated from God, so to speak, will rise beyond the three quarters.”


The Apostle cries while saying:

“The Church will not perish, but it is going to suffer. Its misfortunes will burst out to a height which will rend apart the heart of anybody loving it. It will be suffering for a long time, suffering everywhere… for a still longer period outside this country of France; because, here, the afflictions will be shortened, they will reach great depths in their short duration.


“What grieves me most: at the very first blow of storm, which is not far from striking in every corner; what grieves me the most is the flight of the pastors who are going to forsake the sheep to the mercy of all the roaring lions. They will intend to reach a foreign country, seeking safety for their life and protection for their mortal bodies. A large number will never return; a large number will perish in the very act of embarking; a large number will not even see the country in which they were hoping to find salvation and protection.


“The sorrow which is tearing apart the Lord’s Heart, is also the fact that, to escape from death, those apostles, in large number, will establish, in several places in France, that detestable religion already existing by the fact of very few – but still too many – among those unfortunate souls cursed by God. Those will not be crushed, but protected by the ones thrusting the world to the abyss.”

 (June 29, 1882)

[Source:  Prophecies of La Fraudais, p. 213]


Reflection on this Prophecy:


"The Church will know of suffering before it is entirely closed." Yes, it is true. The outwardly labelled "Catholic" churches are indeed empty of all: broken from the Papal line they have no Orders, no sacraments, no eternal life to offer.

In Her Exile, Holy Mother Church has become "entirely closed" because most souls who think themselves Catholic do not know of Her Exile.


"It will undergo the direst outrages":  With the Papacy pushed aside, the enemies can then mislead worldwide Catholics into accepting their "innovations". And it is not just statues that are destroyed; all of the Holy Sacraments are debased and nullified, dogmas are rejected, and Sacred Tradition is ridiculed as being obsolete.


As a result, there will be "a large number of its children who will deny [the Catholic Faith]":  Without sacramental graces, souls of all ages fall away from the Catholic Faith.

Without the graces of Baptism, a whole generation of children (and their children) have grown up without knowing and loving God. They are the new pagans that make up the majority of today's populations worldwide.


These souls have been led astray by "their attachment to promises on the part of men who will break their own word".

Who are these men with false promises?


 They are enemies who have been put into positions as "priests" but are enemies of Christ rather than soldiers for Christ.  They teach lies by preaching a different gospel, and say the satanic novus ordo rites which "treat the Son of God with the most abominable words".


These infiltrators have created so much damage amidst their lies, that millions of souls are deceived.  

Saint Peter says that this number of lost souls is "beyond the three quarters” of the total population of Roman Catholics worldwide.


And St. Peter then cries because He loves Holy Mother Church, and what pains Him the most is the cowardice of the majority of cardinals and bishops at the time of the takeover:  "the flight of the pastors who are going to forsake the sheep to the mercy of all the roaring lions."


What outrages Christ our Lord is the movement to secretly establish a church apart from His One True Church, by offering people sacraments which are under the satanic, false "papacy", sacraments which are thus blasphemous because they do not aim to worship God at all!  And thus, souls worldwide unknowingly take part in "that detestable religion".


"Those [cowardly cardinals and bishops] will not be crushed, but protected by the ones thrusting the world to the abyss.”  No, these cowardly traitors are, in fact, financially supported by Masonry, which in fact establishes its worldwide headquarters in the Vatican (as told by Bishop Pintonello), with their various front men:  Roncalli, Montini, Wojtyla, Ratzinger, and now Bergoglio.


All of the cowardly cardinals and bishops act their parts to try to escape from death, St. Peter tells us, but they are, in reality, "unfortunate souls cursed by God."  This is because they take their parts in causing the loss of Faith and the resulting damnation of so many souls worldwide, so that it is Just that they be damned as well.


May the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary bring the French Monarch to restore the Seat of Peter to the one true Pope, His Holiness Pope Gregory XVIII, very soon!


Sep. 15, 2017


Pope Pius IX:  During his battle for Papal rights, people became Papal Zouaves (soldiers who defend the Papacy). Even St. Bernadette was one, and she offered her sufferings (even from kneeling on her tubercular knee) in defense of the Holy Father, as well as a special daily prayer given to her by the Blessed Virgin Mary for the intentions of the Holy Father.


“ ‘The most painful, says Saint Michael, will be the outrage against the Church, the insult directed to God, contempt thrown at His apostles and children …’


“ ‘When peace will be here, friends of God, you will not be through with it. The august Pontiff too has to suffer all kinds of tortures. Will your faith give him your assistance then? Will not your voices rise in supplication in behalf of the one who will be in shackles, surrounded with enemies seeking to make him a victim? His chains will be heavier than those of the august victim who has just been harvested. The enemies of France will also long for his death, since they seek the ruin of the Catholic Church.’


“ ‘The one whom exile is preserving, is the one to march against the Eternal City with the gallant fighters who will have given him assistance. The august Victim and all his children in faith, will await nothing short of a miracle. Without such a miracle, nothing can be done; nothing will be able to be restored to a deep peace.’”


(Feast of St. Michael, Archangel, September 29, 1879)

[Source:  p. 209, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflections on this prophecy:

 There is a beautiful aspect to this prophecy, and this is its most august subject, the Papacy. 


The maliciously successful and hidden pushing aside of Pope Gregory XVII and of the True Papal Line is “the outrage against the Church” which is also “the most painful” situation for us all.


It is a fact that no one can be in the Catholic Church except by being in communion with the Pope.


How does one have his sins absolved, and how does one receive any graces from the Holy Sacraments, except from Bishops and their Priests who are all in communion with the Pope?


Make no mistake, the prayers and ceremonies taking place around the n.o. (anti-pope) and “independent” (no pope) altars worldwide are the “insult directed at God” because they are founded with the idea that the True Pope and His Successors are not needed


In fact, the secret is that the True Papacy is not wanted.  


This makes His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVIII, suffer very much, because of the misleading of millions upon millions of souls.  And so, “[t]he august Pontiff too has to suffer all kinds of tortures.”


 Saint Michael seems sad as he asks: “Will your faith give him your assistance then?”


What assistance are we, the few and the weak, the Remnant, to give the Holy Father? 


But you see, our only weapon is our faithWe need to speak up and make ourselves heard!


Saint Michael tells us: “Will not your voices rise in supplication in behalf of the one who will be in shackles, surrounded with enemies seeking to make him a victim?” And this is how we know that in speaking of the august Pontiff and the Papacy in Exile we have an effective weapon!


The meaning of the Papacy has been removed (exiled) from people’s understanding!  No one seems to remember (or know) that grace-filled Sacraments only come via Christ’s own Vicar. We need to explain this!


We need to say loudly that the Catholic Church CANNOT EXIST without the Papacy, Her Head; that She is DEAD without the Papacy! 


This is why St. Michael the Archangel tells Marie-Julie that “[t]he enemies of France [judeo-masonry] long for his [the Pope’s] death, since they seek the ruin of the Catholic Church.”


But their satanic fury, that water that the dragon vomits at the woman in the Book of the Apocalypse, does not kill the woman.  Instead, it is God’s Holy Will that the Papacy will go into Exile; and so, the woman [the Church] escapes into the desert (desert=exile=obscurity).

[Apoc. 12:4-6. See also p. 287, The Book of Destiny by Rev. Herman Bernard Kramer].


Saint Michael the Archangel then assures us that the Papal Restoration will take place, that the Holy Father and his defenders will be victorious:  “The one whom exile is preserving, is the one to march against the Eternal City with the gallant fighters who will have given him assistance.”


This will be slow, hard work. But it must be undertaken by each of us. The Truth must be told to the souls who are in darkness and going to satanic rites, so that they believe us and come into communion with the True Pope.


 This is the miracle for which we must work and pray. 


As Saint Michael the Archangel himself tells us: “Without such a miracle, nothing can be done; nothing will be able to be restored to a deep peace.”


May Saint Michael the Archangel help us to have the courage to hone our weapon of Faith so that it will bring souls to the Truth and restore the Seat of Peter to Pope Gregory XVIII.  Amen.

Sep. 8, 2017

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The Three Seers of Fatima, Portugal:  Francisco, Lucia, and Jacinta.


“Now, in September, exhausted by trial, the children thirsted for the consolations of their Lady. There was no comparable nourishment. All hope and faith and love were one with the Lady who came dressed in the light of her Son. A scathing disrespect for the apparitions continued to thrive in Aljustrel, even though, beyond the parish, the faithful multiplied. The courage and constancy of the children before the mayor had affected many, as had the strange phenomena of light observed in the Cova da Iria the month before.

“Today the pilgrims came in rather remarkable array, and by noontime there were 30,000 in the crude, natural bowl of the Cova da Iria. Even at dawn the roads near Fatima were reported blocked with the faithful, most of them devoutly reciting their [Holy Rosary prayers].

“It was a pilgrimage really worthy of the name (a witness has told us). It was a profoundly moving sight. I had not in all my life seen such a demonstration of faith. At the place of the apparitions, all the men had removed their hats. Nearly everyone knelt and said the Rosary with clear devotion.

“A young seminarist of the time, present in the Cova with a group of his fellow students, has recalled the day for us:

“On the 13th of September our long vacation was nearly over and we didn’t want to go back to the seminary without having visited this place of which we had heard so much. A group of four or five of us set out on foot to see what would happen.

“We returned, tired but very happy. There were quite a number of seminarists in Fatima that day – some thirty, perhaps, from various seminaries. And this should not have been surprising, because the same idea brought all of them there.

“For a long time we went along, jumping from rock to rock and climbing walls and stiles, watching everything that went on and talking about it among ourselves. One of the priests, however, called us over to him, and warned us to be prudent about this affair. It could all be of diabolical origin, he explained, and, in any event, it would most likely end in a great fiasco. That was the attitude of most priests, anyhow.

“Among the Catholic clergy present in the Cova da Iria that day was Monsignor John Quaresma, Vicar General of the diocese of Leiria, who later became a member of the Canonical Inquiry into Fatima instituted by the bishop. A letter written by him in 1932, gives a detailed and moving description of the impressions he carried away:

“Fifteen years have passed since the extraordinary events of Fatima. Heavy clouds hung over Portugal and her people, while sadness and despair reigned in our country. In the midst of this darkness innumerable prayers were offered to God, asking for help and for mercy.

“Men hoped for a ray of light in the storm which human passions had provoked. The Lord heard the prayer of His servants, and in the sky of Fatima there appeared, like the rainbow after the flood, a vision of Peace. The vision spoke to three children, and at once the terrible clouds began to disperse and souls breathed again as the burden of sadness was laid aside. Eyes, longing for the light, searched the skies where the morning star shone.

“Now, may it not be that these simple children were mistaken? May they not have been victims of an illusion? Yet it is always possible that our Lady may come to earth to bring us a message. Could there be some truth in what the children said? How explain these ever-growing multitudes that filled the Cova every thirteenth day of the month declaring that they witnessed extraordinary phenomena?

“So on a beautiful September morning we left Leiria in a rickety carriage drawn by an old horse, for the spot where the much-discussed apparitions were said to take place. Father Gois found the dominating point of the vast amphitheater from which we could observe events, without approaching too nearly the place where the children were awaiting the apparition. Arms were raised pointing to something in the sky. ‘Look, don’t you see?’

“ ‘Yes, yes, I do . . . !’ Much satisfaction on the part of those who do. There had not been a cloud in the deep blue of the sky and I, too, raised my eyes and scrutinized it in case I should be able to distinguish what the others, more fortunate than I, had already claimed to have seen.

“With great astonishment I saw, clearly and distinctly, a luminous globe, which moved from the east to the west, gliding slowly and majestically through space. My friend also looked and had the good fortune to enjoy the same unexpected and delightful vision. Suddenly the globe, with its extraordinary light, disappeared.

“Near us was a little girl dressed like Lucia, and more or less the same age. She continued to cry out happily: “I still see it! I still see it! Now it’s coming down . . .!’

“After a few minutes, about the duration of the apparitions, the child began to exclaim again, pointing to the sky: ‘Now it’s going up again!’ – and she followed the globe with her eyes until it disappeared in the direction of the sun. ‘What do you think of that globe?’ I asked my companion, who seemed enthusiastic at what he had seen. ‘That it was our Lady,’ he replied without hesitation.

“It was my undoubted conviction also. The children had contemplated the very Mother of God, while to us it had been given to see the means of transport – if one may so express it – which brought her from heaven to the inhospitable waste of the Serra da Aire. I must emphasize that all those around us appeared to have seen the same thing, for one heard manifestations of joy and praises of our Lady. But some saw nothing. Near us was a simple devout creature, crying bitterly because she had seen nothing.

“We felt remarkably happy. My companion went from group to group in the Cova and afterwards on the road, gathering information. Those he questioned were of all sorts and kinds, and of different social standing, but one and all affirmed the reality of the phenomena which we ourselves had witnessed.

“With immense satisfaction we set off for home after this pilgrimage to Fatima, firmly resolved to return on the 13th of October for further confirmation of these facts.

“The impressions of Monsignor Quaresma on this day were confirmed by thousands of eyewitnesses who beheld the identical phenomena. This is not carelessly stated. It is legitimately known. Other manifestations, strange and moving, were observed by many but not by all. The sudden freshening of the atmosphere that had attended prior apparitions, the midday sun paling strangely until stars were visible in the daytime sky; a falling of flower petals that somehow disintegrated and were gone before they could reach the earth.

“As for Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, it had been a busy day. From the first hours of daylight the Marto and Santos houses had been overrun by petitioning pilgrims who had come all kinds of distances to lay their miseries and afflictions before the mercy of the Lady of Fatima. Lucia, in her memoirs, has recalled for us the hour of departure for the Cova da Iria:

“When the time came, I left with Jacinta and Francisco, but we were surrounded by so many people that we could hardly move along. The roads were packed, and it seemed as if everyone wanted to see us and speak to us. Ladies and gentlemen, as well as simple people, struggled to break through the crowd to us, and when they succeeded, they would fall on their knees before us, begging us to place their petitions before our Lady. Many who couldn’t get close to us, shouted from a distance.

“ ‘For the love of God,’ I can remember one saying, ‘ask our Lady to cure my crippled son!’

“ ‘And mine who is deaf!’ another would shout. ‘And mine who is blind!’

“It went on like that. They asked to have their sons and husbands brought back from the war. They asked for the conversion of some particular sinner. They asked for the cure of consumption. They asked for everything. Every ailment of humanity seemed to be paraded before us. Some climbed up into trees or to the tops of the walls to see us go by. Closer by, we tried to answer some of the people and to help others out of the dust where they were kneeling. We would not have been able to move at all if some hadn’t worked hard to keep an opening in the crowd.

“It was almost time now, and they came down through the crowd to the cleared space by the little oak tree, like champions to a place of contest. They were comically small, and almost tragically sincere. If this was make-believe, it had been carried to a point of agony.

“They knelt on the ground, then Lucia, her Rosary in hand, began to lead the prayers. The responses of the faithful came in cadenced and increasing volume:

“ ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God . . .’

“Now, while the Rosary was being prayed, the crowd could see the children rise from their knees and face to the east, and see the wonder come alive upon their faces. A moment while the children waited, watching, watching, their eyes on the oak tree now, their joy like a flame. They had fallen to their knees again, and people, close to Lucia, heard her say:

“ ‘What do you want of me?’

“But for Lucia and her cousins there were no people. Their senses could not wholly accommodate the Queen of Heaven standing in gentle courtesy above them. There was room for nothing more. Neither smiling nor grave, the lady gave her simple, direct, and unadorned instructions:

‘Continue the Rosary, my children. Say it every day that the war may end.’

“ ‘Is that all?’

“No, there was more, because the Lady repeated all she had told them the month before, reminding them that in October they would see St. Joseph with the Holy Child. God Himself would be seen and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Our Lady of Dolors would appear.

“The Lady paused. Her triumphant beauty softened, her voice became more tenderly maternal.

“ ‘God is pleased with your sacrifices,’ she said, ‘but He does not want you to wear the cords to bed. Keep them on only in the day.’

“Lucia, whose eyes had been lowered during the Lady’s statement of God’s approval of their sacrifices, dared now to raise her glance.

“ ‘I have the petitions of many for your help,’ she said. ‘Will you assist a little girl who is deaf and dumb?’

“ ‘She will improve within the year,’ the Lady said.

“ ‘And the conversions that some have asked  to have brought about? The cures of the sick ones?’

‘Some I will cure,’ the Lady said, “and some I will not. Our Lord does not trust them all.’

“Lucia, obedient and satisfied, accepted this decision. She then remembered the desires of Maria da Capelinha and other pious women who had believed in the apparitions from the beginning.

“ ‘Would you like a small chapel to be built here with the money the people have left?’ she asked.

“ ‘Yes; I would like a small chapel built in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary. But tell them to use only half the money for this. The other half is to be for the andors that you already know about.’

“Lucia’s thoughts turned inward to personal problems. “ ‘So many believe that I am an impostor and a cheat,’ she said, ‘that they say I deserve to be hanged and burned. Will you please perform a miracle so that all of them can believe?’

‘In October,’ the Lady said, repeating her earlier promise, ‘I will perform a miracle that will permit everyone to believe.’

“The interview was over. The vision rose as before, and Lucia, beholding her Lady, called to the crowd, ‘If you wish to see her – look! Look!’

“And they gazed, of course, as the child directed. They saw no Lady, but many did see the radiant globule of light that marked her path from the wretched little oak tree to the firmament, of which she was the Queen.  In wonder they watched the ball of light move down the valley, gradually rising until it appeared to have joined the light of the sun itself.  After a silence, their emotions overflowed, and the crowd-noise poured like a wild surf over the parched heights of the [sierra]. The children’s parents struggled to salvage them from the pressing weight of the mob. Long hours after, until and beyond the welcome fall of night, the frantically faithful besieged the three small children in their homes at Aljustrel.”

[Source:  pages 143 – 150, The True Story of Fatima, by Fr. John de Marchi, I. M. C.]

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“ ‘My Successor, says Pius IX, will see the blood of Christians running with an increased violence.  He will see it running like streams. I hope Frenchmen will have, on his behalf, the same devotion they had for me …’

“ ‘That great and last revelation is to take place when a fervent and zealous king will give France all its delights. She has to go through that great battle … which is swinging above France and above Rome. That storm will bring back triumphantly a predestined King whom men refuse but whom Heaven loves.’

“ ‘I love that King and bequeath to my Successor the thought of that great prince who will come to his assistance. He took a vow about it and promised it to Heaven “Yes, I will go and shed my blood to save his life.”  He will go but will be spared:  his protection is written in Heaven.’

Pope Pius IX goes on:

“ ‘Children of Calvary, I am not dead but  just asleep. My slumber is light; I will arise at the clatter of the storm and will bring victory along … I love Frenchmen; I love France; she has been my support and defense … You who are still living, perhaps you do not suspect the plots which are laid, at this moment, against the Church.’

“ ‘Do not be afraid, but within a short time you will see that storm arising over France and over Rome. Within a few hours, France will give her assistance to the captive …’

“ ‘Our Lord will give my Successor chains twice heavier than the ones I carried on. Arms recently invented will be taken up; day and night they will encamp around his prison. They will shower a hailstorm of bullets. Fire and blood will have their voices heard, taking turns. The victim will be locked within the Vatican; he will receive a great assistance from Heaven. There is a secret about the life of the Sovereign Pontiff, the new Pope; but it is not for this day.’

“ ‘—I do not want anything to do with it, kind Holy Father.’ [Marie-Julie says.]

“ ‘However that secret is directed to you.’

“ ‘Keep these words well in mind, my children. Later on, it will be given you to study them in their full extension … Divine Jesus has a great design upon this land of Britanny; but sufferings have to be proportioned to that design.’ ”

Words of Pope Pius IX 

(March 13, 1878)

[Source: pp. 208-209, Prophecies of La Fraudais ]. 


To read more on the Exile of Pope Pius IX, scroll down the main page of:



Reflections on this prophecy:

Pope Pius IX is loved by Catholics because his reign (1846 – 1848) proved to be of great importance to Holy Mother Church:

“Pius was a Marian pope, who in his encyclical, 'Ubi Primum' described Mary as a Mediatrix of Salvation. In 1854, he promulgated the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception, articulating a long-held Catholic belief that Mary, the Mother of God, was conceived without original sin. He conferred the title Our Mother of Perpetual Help on a famous Byzantine icon from Crete entrusted to the Redemptorists. In 1862, he convened 300 bishops to the Vatican for the canonization of twenty-six martyrs of Japan. His 1864 'Syllabus of Errors' stands as a strong condemnation against liberalism, modernism, moral relativism, and secularisation. Perhaps his most important legacy is the First Vatican Council, which convened in 1869, which defined the Dogma of Papal Infallibility, but was interrupted as Italian nationalist troops threatened Rome. The council is considered to have contributed to a centralization of the Church in the Vatican."


He also became a prisoner in the Vatican, and the mason, General Garibaldi (Italian), forcibly took the Papal States from the land holdings that belonged to the Papacy.  Denied its dignity and its God-given right to temporal reign, this Papacy is viewed as one of great suffering and moral outrage at the hands of the masons, both for Pope Pius IX and for Holy Mother Church.


Pope Pius IX speaks of his Successor having to “see the blood of Christians running with an increased violence. He will see it running like streams.” 

Well, the immediate Successor of Pope Pius IX was Pope Leo XIII (1878 – 1903).

However, Pope Pius IX, in saying that the French Monarch will “come to his assistance [and that he is willing to] go and shed [his own] blood to save [the Pope’s] life, is placing this Successor at a future time.

This Papal Restoration is today a future event which the Church in Exile waits for, since the malicious judeo-masonic takeover of October 26, 1958:  “that great battle … which [was] swinging above France and above Rome”.

It is an old saying:  God works in mysterious ways. 

Certainly it is mystifying to us how the now almost 60-year destruction of the Catholic Faith in millions upon millions of hearts, minds, and souls is to be the “storm [which] will bring back triumphantly a predestined King whom men refuse but Heaven loves.”

Somehow, from this mess known as the novus ordo, the French Monarch is to come to the rescue of the True Pope!  So he must have the True Faith, in order to recognize the Holy Father and to come to his rescue!

And as a result of this Monarch, France, once guilty of plotting the overthrow of the Papacy, now will work with the Monarch to defend the True Papal Lineage, since France “will give her assistance to the captive”.  Of course, we must understand that France only follows the wishes of her own savior, the French Monarch, who has freed her from the invasion by the foreigners.

But the Holy Father, Pope Gregory XVII, has many sufferings. During his exile, the True Pope will not be recognized by bad Christians, the self-proclaimed “traditional catholics” and so, He remains in Exile, which is a prison, since He is unable to act:  “day and night they will encamp around his prison" and if He tried to escape, they threatened to "shower a hailstorm of bullets.”

What we see in the audacity of these bad Christians is that they taunt and harass by every means possible, and this attack continues even today, on the Papacy in Exile, through the internet and the various social media, where Pope Gregory XVIII is treated with utter contempt.  

At the time of the 1958 Conclave there were also nuclear weapons being tested by the Russians, the    "[a]rms recently invented”, where they “will have their voices heard, taking turns” in fact, threatening to bomb the Vatican, as has been stated by several authors, including Fr. Le Roux.

The victim, the Holy Father, is “locked within the Vatican” and will “receive a great assistance from Heaven” in that He will receive a miraculous protection, which has been corroborated by other Catholic mystics.

Pope Pius IX speaks about “a secret about the life of the Sovereign Pontiff, the new Pope”. Most interestingly, the matter must be about a great mistreatment of Pope Gregory XVII, for Marie-Julie Jahenny’s response is an adamant rejection, as if she is afraid to know this secret:  “I do not want anything to do with it,” she says.

But Marie-Julie is also a victim soul, and so Pope Pius IX tells her that the secret "is directed to [her]".  Obviously, Marie-Julie has some suffering to offer in aid of this Sovereign Pontiff, Pope Gregory XVII.

Pope Pius IX then tells us, the faithful children, to “keep these words well in mind” and that later on – perhaps in our lifetime – we will surely have the duty to “study them in their full extension”; that is, to explain these historical matters as they have indeed occurred.

And finally, the land of Brittany is mentioned, seeming to take on a metaphorical meaning for the Church in Exile, when Pope Pius IX says:  “Divine Jesus has a great design upon this land of Brittany; but sufferings have to be proportioned to that design.”

So all members of the Church in Exile are called to partake in these sufferings, so that the great miracle of the Papal Restoration may take place, and with it, the saving of millions upon millions of souls.  JMJ

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Aug. 25, 2017

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Shown here, the rays from the Sacred Heart reach us with His graces.


“The Sacred Heart of Jesus allows so multiplied rays to spring forth that they outnumber the stars in the sky.

“The Lord says:

“ ‘My children, there are as many rays as many souls written down in My Divine Heart and called to find their refuge in there, at the time when are going to resound over the earth, the blows of the great evils. The hour is not far distant when My people are going to cry out again in distress. This will be the first opening of the engulfing of the good, which is afterwards to proceed towards an appalling destruction such as neither heaven nor earth will have ever seen taking place.’

“ ‘The storm is going to burst out over France where I wanted to manifest the marvels of My Divine Heart and reveal Its secrets. My children, France will be the first one to be bruised, torn apart, persecuted.’

“ ‘When I was revealing this Divine Sun to Blessed Margaret-Mary [Alacoque], I let this word slip from My lips:

“The country which saw you being born, and will see you breathing your last, will be terribly threatened, starting mostly from the period from 80 to 83. I was giving My humble maid-servant to understand that the third period would be quite painful. There would be only thorns, swords, only apostasies and violations within the orders of persons who are consecrated to Me, some through the priesthood, others in the religious life.’

“ ‘. . . Bad Christians will not be content with losing themselves. They will seek to take souls by surprise:  by all means they will endeavour to make them sin against everything pertaining to the duties of a Christian . . .’

“ ‘My children, the Church is not left with many years to remain without the sorrows of this present time increasing, but many times more terrible. I hold the Church under shelter until that day when the earth will have become a desert, and people just plain dust on the surface of the desolated earth.’ ”

[Source:  pp. 48-9, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this prophecy:

 The Sacred Heart, in speaking of the time of “the first opening of the engulfing of the good” is speaking of the pushing aside of the Papacy and the takeover in the Vatican City. This takeover in Rome reaches every parish around the world. This tsunami of evil is worldwide and we are engulfed. It is “an appalling destruction such as neither heaven nor earth will have ever seen taking place”.

However “many souls [are] written down in [His] Divine Heart and called to find their refuge in there”.

This is powerful!

Surely, as we continue with our allegiance to the Church in Exile and our prayers and efforts for Papal Restoration, we must gain courage from this prophecy, and hope that our names are written in His Sacred Heart!

So the devil purposely goes after the destruction of France first, because this is a land of great Saints, with great influence on the Church.

Here St. Margaret-Mary Alacoque (1647-1690), a nun of the Visitation Sisters and a mystic, brings the Catholic world Christ’s own desire for knowledge and devotion to His Sacred Heart, as a means of great graces for mankind.

Who can know now what great miracles of sanctity may have come from France, when Christ laments the situation as we have known it to be in our own lifetimes, saying:  “The storm is going to burst out over France where I wanted to manifest the marvels of My Divine Heart and reveal Its secrets.”

Perhaps in time we will know how the satanic corruption of Catholic prelates in France occurred. Perhaps in time we will know with certainty what role certain cardinals, like Eugene Tisserant, really played in that diabolical takeover of the Vatican State. 

One thing is certain, and that is what Christ tells us of the beginning:  “My children, France will be the first one to be bruised, torn apart, persecuted.”

He then refers to speaking to St. Margaret-Mary Alacoque and mentioning the years 80 to 83. However, with the two-hundred year difference between St. Margaret Mary (1647-1690) and Marie-Julie (1850-1947), it is difficult to determine which century this took place.

Historically, the French Revolution (1789-1799) occurred in this 200 year timespan, which massacred the good Catholic King Louis XVI, and his wife and children. Certainly, Catholics were persecuted and slaughtered all over France even after the official dates of this masonic revolution. 

Then, in Italy, there is the long imprisonment of Pope Pius IX within what is now known as Vatican City, (who reigned as Pontiff from 1846-1878), and the loss of the Papal States (1870) to the Italian masonic general Garibaldi (died in 1882).  This loss of land meant a loss of earthly power for the Pope.

What happens during these mysterious years 80 to 83? The soldiers of Christ, the priests and the religious are attacked, and they fall in battle.  Christ reveals that there are thorns [persecutions], swords [martyrdom], only apostasies and violations within the orders of persons who are consecrated to Me, some through the priesthood, others in the religious life”.

The corruption is due to an infiltration, it would seem, of enemies of Holy Mother Church gaining positions of power in dioceses, as well as religious orders. This can be seen in that these “Bad Christians will not be content with losing themselves. They will seek to take souls by surprise.”

One can only be taken by surprise if one suddenly realizes that one has been invaded and did not notice the infiltration by the enemy.  A similar image would be the Greek soldiers hiding inside the large wooden horse, waiting to be rolled within the City of Troy, and then waiting for night time before they show themselves and wreak their murderous havoc.

And as evil grows upon evil, and more secret masons are promoted, the Sacred Heart tells Marie-Julie Jahenny that “the Church is not left with many years to remain without the sorrows of this present time increasing”.  Indeed, we know that with the True Pope in Exile, a Catholic cannot go to the local “Catholic” church because there are no Holy Sacraments to be found.

But here is our comfort, as the Sacred Heart informs us:

I hold the Church under shelter until that day when the earth will have become a desert, and people just plain dust on the surface of the desolated earth.”

So no matter what results from a WW3, from any future persecutions of the antichrist, or from catastrophic natural occurrences on earth and from space, the Sacred Heart is our shelter until the end of time.  Amen.

We need to remember this.

And today, Friday, love Him deeply.