Nov. 17, 2017

Seen in the sun:

I see the cause for the delay in the triumph of that despised wound (on Christ’s Shoulder):  at the moment when its proclamation will have been decided, trouble and terror will resound around the Vicar of Christ. At that moment, a suspension will take place for every service. Prayer services will be held in the depths of cellar-vaults, while disorder and murder will pervade the whole inside of the Eternal City.” (April 8, 1880)

[Source:  p. 219, Prophecies of La Fraudais]


Reflection on this prophecy :


As we saw in last week’s post, Christ tells Marie-Julie that he carries the Church into Exile on his wounded shoulder. 

Let us consider this wound:  it is inflicted onto Christ’s shoulder by the weight of the Cross.  It is an action of sin, of evil, and so it is “despised.” 

That wound’s total triumph however, is obstructed by Christ carrying the Church into Exile. His Divine Action, amidst His expreme Suffering, creates “a delay in the triumph of that despised wound”. 

 Think of it! Just as the agents of the 1958 takeover launch their attack so that “trouble and terror will resound around the Vicar of Christ”, Christ is able to remove His Vicar through Exile.

What does the Exile do? 

First of all, it limits the power of the agents of evil (the masons) to take over Catholic prayer to God Almighty and create sacrilege. 

An example of this is how the n.o. has everyone take the communion wafer on their hands, and take it with their own unconsecrated hands to place in their own mouths.

If this were truly the body, blood, soul, and Divinity of Christ our Lord, then everyone who has done so would have committed sacrilege.

Secondly, the Exile serves to protect the Person of the Holy Father, so that papal succession is possible. 

Thirdly, the Exile also protects those in communion with the exiled Pontiff. 

Being in communion with the true Pope means that one's Faith and soul are blessed through this Divine Connection. For example, one's prayers are heard by Heaven.

While in contrast, those prayers said in union with the excommunicated pretenders, all antipopes from Roncalli to the present-day Mr. B., receive “a suspension [of Divine Action which] will take place for every service” in the masonic (satanic) novus ordo sect.

Where, then, are the prayers that are heard by Almighty God? 

They are with the Pontiff and those in Exile with Him, and so True Prayer Services “will be held in the depths of cellar-vaults.” 

These prayer services which are hidden from the world by Exile, and are thus figuratively underground, “in the depths of cellar-vaults” are not suspended because they are prayers offered in communion with the Head of the Catholic Church; that is, through the prayers of the Holy Pontiff, the only Catholic on earth upon whom rests the Primacy of Peter, and thus the Divine Action of the Holy Ghost.

And what is left in the visible Vatican City, ruled by satan, once Pope Gregory XVII is pushed into Exile on the first day of His Papacy?

 Only “disorder and murder.”

Like a stench that moves through a city, making every citizen ill, the evils of the masonic takeover in leadership (disorder), and the resulting spiritual destructions (murder), “pervade the whole inside of the Eternal City.”

And, of course, from the Vatican City, this demonic infestation moves outward, like seeds being blown by an evil wind, to each diocese and parish around the world.

In this way, the one-world religion of the blasphemous antichrist has its beginning.

Yet, for the blessed children of the exiled Catholic Church, there is hope through daily prayer in communion with the Holy Father for the prophesied Papal Restoration. 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, save souls!

Nov. 11, 2017


The Lord says:

"My children, I am carrying the Church upon the shoulder which hurts Me. I take it up with its walls and ornaments. I take it away from the fury of its enemies. That will be a red fury, and even one degree above it.

"While carrying away My Holy Temple, I am also carrying the Tree of Faith. Here comes the moment when all the Reds will rush headlong upon its remnants. For a moment, I move away My Temple altogether with the Tree of Faith, over to Heaven, next to My Throne, while awaiting the passing of My Justice upon earth." (September, 29, 1878)

[Source:  p. 218, Prophecies of La Fraudais ].


Reflection on this prophecy:


There are many churches, but there is only one Church which is Christ's, and She, His Bride, is in Exile because He has carried Her there.

Our Lord tells Marie-Julie: "I am carrying the Church upon the shoulder which hurts Me."

Notice that Christ is not speaking in the past tense, but in the present tense, from His Passion, when He is actually carrying His Cross!

This painful time of exile, this very painful time, is also of great pain to He who has suffered and died to restore Heaven to us!

The masonic pushing aside of Pope Gregory XVII and the takeover of His Bride, Christ's Church, this extra weight of iniquity, must have been an excruciating torment to He who is without sin!

This Exile of the Pope and of Holy Mother Church was part of the Cross which our Lord carried, and upon which He was finally crucified.  

It seems logical that this unprecedented usurpation of the Vatican, this zenith of all diabolical attacks against Catholics, should have its presence in Christ's Holy Passion and Death.

Christ says, "I take it up" just like He took up His Cross upon that wounded shoulder after each fall, the Cross seeming ever heavier, aggravating His wounded shoulder ever more, and pushing His Crown of Thorns further in, causing spasms of sharp pains.

We can only surmise that our Lord takes up His Church and takes Her into Exile after His third fall, since the last thing that we await is the physical persecution by the agents of the antichrist. In terms of Eternity, we are in the diabolical latter days.

In taking Holy Mother Church into Exile, Christ takes Her Head, His Vicar, Pope Gregory XVII and His Successor, Pope Gregory XVIII, also into Exile. All dictums (the Truth from the Chair of St. Peter = Her "walls") and all Grace-filled Sacraments (Her "ornaments") go with His Holiness, the Pope, into this Exile.

Christ tells Marie-Julie that by carrying His Church away, He saves Her (His Vicar and the Holy Sacraments) "from the fury of My enemies."

This persecution of the Papacy, and thus the Church, is communistic, yes, but it is also diabolical in origin and execution, and thus it is "a red fury, and even one degree above it."

For those of you who are connected with masonic groups, no matter how seemingly charitable, it is time to remove yourselves immediately, for they are truly with hell, truly satanic. A Catholic who belongs to any masonic group is, Ipso Facto, excommunicated (Canon Law).


In the second paragraph of this most important prophecy, we see that Christ, in carrying His Pope (and thus His Church) into Exile, is also carrying away the Catholic Faith, also to protect it.

This is made clear when Christ tells Marie-Julie that He is "also carrying the Tree of Faith."

This is certainly true. Who among those who are outside the Church in Exile truly know and hold the tenets of the Faith? 

Is it not true that our loved ones and neigbours who think themselves Catholic are, in fact, not Catholic in their thinking, in their understanding, in their faith?

The Faith has its fullness with Peter, for He alone sits upon the Chair which is a light for the world, guiding souls. As well,all graces from the Holy Sacraments come through the communion of the bishops, priests, and laypersons with the Pope.

If you doubt this, recall that the protestants have always labelled Catholics as Popists, and called us Popish.

Without the sustenance of Christ's Pope, souls are left without defences. Christ thus gives Marie-Julie this image with the coming of "the moment when all the Reds will rush headlong upon its remnants." 

And the remaining souls are attacked, and left confused, wavering; and, after decades of being fed diabolical lies rather than the True Faith, people are confused about what is True and they die in this confusion.

For the younger generations who have been raised in the result of this spiritual confusion, there is NOTHING which resembles the Catholic Faith in them.

These are the ones who stay silent during the prayers for grace before meals. They do not believe in Christ or in His Immaculate Mother. For them, reality centers around worldly concerns and worldly solutions.

For we who watch from the rejected desert of Exile, their lives are a tragedy, and we must continue to pray that they receive the Grace to survive the coming Divine Chastisements so that they may be given the Grace to convert.

Christ's Vicar, and thus also Holy Mother Church, are safely protected in the desert of Exile. Christ says that His Temple and the Tree of Faith are "next to [His] throne." 

He gives the reason for this protection of the Papacy and of the Holy Sacraments through the desert of Exile when He says that He is "awaiting the passing of [His] Justice upon earth." 

And so, imploringly we pray:  Lord, may our loved ones, and especially the innocent children, be spared and protected through the coming of Thy Just Wrath. May Thy Holy Vicar, the Hierarchy, Priests, the French Monarch, and the devoted flock also be protected and spared so as to be utilized as Thy instruments upon earth.  

Immaculate Heart of Mary, be our protection!




Nov. 3, 2017

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The rule of a monarch, such as that of the prophesied French Monarch, is preferable to the election of a leader, since with a monarchy we have an earthly imitation of the Kingship of Christ.


“Despite the fact,” says the Holy Ghost’s Flame, “that no apparent possibility whatsoever will remain to acquire a King for this kingdom, [France], it is amidst the dust of homes and ashes of the dead that he will come along on his triumphal march. His eyes will shed tears over the ruin of the kingdom; but, before his entering the land of his cradle, the few faithful soldiers preserved by the Supreme King, will have escorted him.”

The Flame goes on:

“Dispositions, for those forthcoming times, require, on your part, many a day for immolation, together with communications on God’s part.

--We are quite willing. But if you want me to pray, grant me the means for it. I am prevented from praying by fresh palpitations of my heart, accompanied with a piercing pain.

“This is a sign that God is calling you; this is the way everything is made understood.

“Enough, children … Under My watchful guard, a shelter is secured for you. I promised I would guard over whole families who will remain praying to Me together, under the sky, which, in a short time, will be lightless” (January 24, 1882).

[Source:  p. 178, Prophecies of La Fraudais ]


Reflection on this prophecy:


Marie-Julie Jahenny’s prophecies about the French Monarch have made it very clear that the masons who have ruled in France since the French Revolution do not want a monarchy, and that they will rant and rage against this monarch, who is a true descendant from the line of martyred King Louis XVI, taking his rightful place as the head of France.

It has also been prophesied that there will be a violent invasion of France.

This week's prophecy shows that it is only after Paris (the centre, as the French call their capital city) is burned out and almost totally destroyed, that the French Monarch will arrive “amidst the dust of homes and ashes of the dead”, in a “triumphal march.”  Certainly the attack of Paris is horrific, and possibly the imagery of dust particles and ashes of human remains suggests a nuclear annihilation.

Recall that the French Monarch’s army is prophesied to fight and win against the army of the anti-christ, on French soil.

It is highly unlikely that the French Monarch will be responsible for the brutal destruction of Paris, since “[h]is eyes will shed tears over the ruin of the kingdom” and also because France is the land of his birth, “the land of his cradle.”

The French Monarch also cannot be an existing world leader because he does not command an army of men when he marches into France, but just “the few faithful soldiers preserved by the Supreme King”; that is, a few faithful Frenchmen who have been protected by Christ the King, who support this descendant's claim to the throne of France, and who exert some political power.

For the graces to be available to the French Monarch and his supporters, Marie-Julie is asked to offer sufferings, or “immolation[s].” 

Interestingly, she is willing, but is already suffering such physical pains in her heart, that it makes her unable to even pray.  She asks that these pains be lessened so that she may be able to pray for the French Monarch, but she is reminded of the Mystery of God’s Graces to true Catholic mystics and how the pain in her heart “is a sign that God is calling [her]; [and that] this is the way everything is made understood.”

Dear Soul, if you have not yet read of the sufferings which God asks of mystics, then we recommend that you click to download a free copy of The Breton Stigmatist at this link:

Then, the Holy Ghost bolsters the hearts of all by promising His Divine protection for His dear children, saying, “Under My watchful guard, a shelter is secured for you.”

The Holy Ghost promises to even protect whole families, as long as all members stay faithful, praying to Him.

Where are the faithful ones? Seemingly outside, “under the sky” and therefore seemingly unprotected, and yet Divinely protected.  Perhaps it is the time of the mark of the Beast and the faithful have lost their property?

And last of all in this prophecy, the arrival of the Three Days of Darkness seems to occur, since the sky under which the faithful are dwelling is “lightless.” 

The fact that the sky will be “lightless” “in a short time” after the arrival of the French Monarch into France, would seem to give us a timeline for three important events:  first Paris is destroyed, then the French Monarch arrives to claim and fight for his rightful place on the throne of France, and then the Three Days of Darkness descend upon mankind.

Certainly, whatever sequence of events are to be in the future for the French Monarch, his task of taking his rightful place on the throne of France is a difficult undertaking which requires the prayers of all of us. Let us never miss a day to pray for the success of the French Monarch, whose job it is to restore the Papal Seat to the Pope in Exile.  Deo gratias, and may God protect and bless him!


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Oct. 27, 2017

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“During the darkness a large number of conversions will take place; many stray individuals will come back to Me in repentance.”

When they were about to depart, each one to return in his own kingdom, Satan begs for the power of assuming all shapes or appearances, in order to be able to pass through any place.

“I grant you permission to seduce My people,” the Lord replies, “but I will never allow you to assume divine semblance nor any likeness of true figures.”

Satan ventures to give the Lord the thee-and-thou.

“Be respectful to Me, in the Name of My Eternal Power.”

“Yes,” replies Satan, “one day, far distant from the day on which we are, when you seemingly will tell me that I am a mighty conqueror. You will set no limits to the devastations, the desire for which is already devouring me…”

Marie-Julie questions the Flame of the Holy Spirit about whether the period has already been fixed when Satan is to reign as such a great master. The Flame replies that it is already fixed in the Lord’s designs, and that the Demon has a presentiment of this moment without knowing it with precision. “This is the one in which you are at present time, children of God,” says the Flame.

Satan goes on:

“At the beginning of that period,” he says, “I will make use of every blasphemous word, and of everything unjust in view of the destruction of Your Kingdom… I will transform everything into a work tool, against You. First of all, I will dig out that place where the larger number inhabit…

(You are not ignorant about which it is (Paris) says the Flame.)

“I will dig out that place upon which you shall make thunder lightning fall down… you will destroy first, after I myself will get through with it; I will accomplish such a devastation as never existed the like.”

“I will cover My own,” says the Lord, “with a protection of tenderness.”

“I will establish a rebellion between Your own and mine,” replies Satan: “I will uprise all kings; I will establish such a division leading to a civil war throughout the whole Universe.”

“On My part, the Lord goes on, “I will send My Justice out: punishments, miracles, deaths, scourges, pest, unknown diseases…”

“I will overthrow the temple of Your prayers,” Satan cries out: “in which I will establish idols which they will adore. Everything which, in time of peace, is in residence in Your temples, will be broken down, dragged out of them and reduced to dust by my own.”

“I will show forth, the Lord asserts, “that I am the Eternal King. I will crush down, under the lightning of Heaven, all those who will have given themselves over to Hell. I will restore My people: I will protect them against scourges; rebuild ruined buildings. I will cast you headlong into the abyss, but only after you will have made use of the powers I leave with you for the time being.”

The flame says that sorrow is about to enter the hearts and Hell is ready to intone the great canticle of victory.

(August 30, 1880)

[Source:  pp. 249-250, Prophecies of La Fraudais.]


Reflection on this prophecy:


Satan is the beguiler, and so he is always restless in thinking up new machinations against men:  “Satan begs for the power of assuming all shapes or appearances, in order to be able to pass through any place.”

But God’s Love is Paternal, and He will only permit the devil to seduce, which implies that souls must agree from their free will to be tempted by evil. There must be consent first on the part of individual souls.

The devil delights in the role which God has given him to chastise mankind, thinking of himself as “the mighty conqueror.”  The devastations which he will be allowed to create on this earth cause within him a “desire …which is already devouring [him]…” and in this admission we see, but cannot comprehend, the depth and the breadth of the hatred which the devil has for mankind.

Then, a shocking revelation:  the devil has held sway since Marie-Julie’s lifetime!   “This is the [time] in which you are at present time, children of God.”

But should we be so shocked?  Did not Our Lady of La Salette appear in 1856 crying over the grievous sins of false priests, those whom we would knowingly call infiltrators and instruments of the ravages today?

Being within Marie-Julie’s lifetime, 1850-1947, this era of demonic dominance, which still continues today, is now more than 100 years old. We thus understand that this timeline is separate from (if also for a period of time simultaneous to) the 100-year timeline heard by Pope Leo XIII.

The first focus of the devil’s destructions is, of course, “the destruction of [God’s] Kingdom.”

His only true opponent on earth is Holy Mother Church, whose Head is the Pope. He must destroy the Papacy – except that Christ has promised St. Peter that “the gates of hell shall not prevail,” meaning that God will NOT permit the Papacy and the Church to be destroyed.

 And while the devil gushes over the destruction of sinners in Paris, God the Father shows that His Angels will separate the wheat from the chaff, when He says: “I will cover My own with a protection of tenderness.”

And these words from God the Father make us recall that the French Monarch will be crowned by the Holy Father over the ruins of a church in Paris, so we know that certain souls in Paris will be saved by God Himself, despite the destruction of that city.

And the devil, knowing that the French Monarch will be the one to put the Holy Father once again upon the Seat of Peter, to once again be a Light to the world, becomes infuriated:  “I will establish a rebellion between Your own and mine. I will uprise all kings; I will establish such a division leading to a civil war throughout the whole Universe.”

But God the Father will not let this enemy entice evil men to vanquish neither His Pope, nor His Monarch, promising that His Justice will put limits on the evil which men can do:  “On My part, I will send My Justice out: punishments, miracles, deaths, scourges, pest, unknown diseases…”

The devil boasts to God the Father that His Justice will be wasted on mankind, since there will no longer be men who are right of heart to defend: “I will overthrow the temple of Your prayers in which I will establish idols which they will adore. Everything which, in time of peace, is in residence in Your temples, will be broken down, dragged out of them and reduced to dust by my own.”

But God the Father knows His own, and He declares: “I will restore My people: I will protect them against scourges; rebuild ruined buildings. I will cast you headlong into the abyss, but only after you will have made use of the powers I leave with you for the time being.”

Let us always remember that God the Father made us because He Loves.  In His Love for us, we have our balm.  Let us thank Him for these two blessed men who will be the instruments of God’s Justice:  the Holy Father and the French Monarch. Let us pray for them daily. JMJ

Oct. 20, 2017



In the sun I see that, at the moment when Our Lord, already ascended to Heaven, took possession of His Eternal Kingdom, at that very moment, Hell became the kingdom of the Enemy. The Lord took hold of His earthly kingdom and said:

“I am established Eternal King.”

Furious, Satan searches for some ways around [with which] to expand his power maliciously …

The Lord Tells him:

“You will be subdued under Me, doing only what My eternal law will allow you to.”

Satan begs to be called by the name of PRINCE, and for God’s finger to engrave it, for all of us to see.

“Yes, you will be called by all names… the name of Prince, Prince of Darkness, Prince of the Abyss…

“Place no limits to Your power, replies Satan, leave me with the freedom to expand to the same extent as You are Yourself to spread out, until the end of centuries.”

“As King, I will remain above anything you might accomplish, anything you might possess. I will stand above and command.”

Satan rebels. Although he already had his own portion, but the Lord was also taking fruition in His belongings.

The Lord tells him:

“Prostrate at My feet, and adore My will.”

--“I will bend my knee, says Satan with authority, but on one condition… Leave me free to make use, after Your example and according to my fancy, of the power over death, to be master thereof.”

“I leave you with the power of inducing temptations upon men, to cause suffering up to a certain limit… but I will be present.”

Satan begs also for the power of performing wonders. The Lord does not grant it to him entirely, but gives something of it, so that, by that means, we may acquire greater merits.

“In the beginning, says the Lord, you will not perform that many wonders, just a few. They will serve you for evildoing.”

Satan protests that the sharing is unjust.

“A time will come, very far distant, replies the Lord, when you will be in possession of such a large crowd in the world, [that] your portion will exceed Mine. You will become Great Conqueror for a length which will last for too long, yet will never be quite short. While you will be realizing the conquest of multitudes, I will perform striking wonders and cause an earthquake to happen, at the moment when the world will be nearing its destruction, at the time when you will be reporting triumph with a victory out of [all] measure… when almost all parts of the world, and the whole of Europe will arise, the ones against the others… During the darkness, a large number of conversions will take place; many stray individuals will come back to Me in repentance.”  [Continued next week].

[Source:  pp. 247-249, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this prophecy:

First of all, it needs to be pointed out to those new to Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies that she saw her visions inside a golden sun which appeared to her.  At times, she refers to this sun as "the flame" (although she does not do so in this excerpt).

Here, Marie-Julie is overhearing a conversation between God the Father and the devil. The devil's insolence, arrogance, and prideful demands are obvious and pathetic.

All is self-explanatory, except at the end of this week's excerpt, when God the Father tells the devil:  "During the darkness, a large number of conversions will take place;"

The darkness which is being referred to by God the Father should not be taken to mean the 3 Days of Darkness, but rather the spiritual darkness which is prevalent among most souls worldwide.  The Papal Chair is to be the light to the world, and with the Papacy in Exile, the world is left in spiritual darkness.

Remember that these are the years when the Church Militant is fighting the devil unchained, as St. Teresa of Avila once said.

 It is therefore heartening to hear that "a large number of conversions will take place; [that] many stray individuals will come back to [God] in repentance."

Deo gratias!  May Thy Kingdom come, Lord, on earth as it is in Heaven.


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