Freeze Dried Food is the Best!

Pictured above: Beef stroganoff, made with real beef. This dish would provide a complete meal by itself!

 With freeze drying, buying canned food just got a WHOLE lot better!

 Take fruit, for example.  Fruit provides ruffage for the digestive process as well as wonderful enzymes and minerals and vitamins.

 Yes, that is right! Freeze drying does not kill the nutrients of food, so raw food like fruits are an excellent food to store until the next harvest time comes along. In fact, compared to stored dehydrated food and stored conventional food, freeze-dried food retains its nutritional potency for the longest time!

 And the other great thing about freeze-dried food? The shelf life is 25+ years! Compare that with dehydrated food (up to 15 years) and conventional food (1 - 3 years). Clearly, freeze dried food outlasts all other food storage options. That is a money saver, and a potential life saver!

 How to prepare? Simply add boiling or room temperature water, depending if the food is pre-cooked or not. Some food can be eaten "as is".

 And once a can of freeze-dried food has been opened, it will last from 2-5 months (with lid on), or you can rehydrate the contents and freeze the food.

 Imagine making a meal during the days we have to stay indoors:  you have prepared the teriyaki beef dish that comes with rice. To that you have added a side of broccoli with cheese sauce. After everyone eats, you ask "Who wants dessert?" And yes, your dessert is also freeze-dried!

 Out come bowls of strawberry slices over granola with milk. And for the kids, a sweet strawberry drink.  Delicious! 

 And you only used water from your stored water supplies to make this meal. How practical!  How perfect for your shelter-in-place needs!

 Here is the company which I trust, called Augason Farms. --Please note:  I do not receive any endorsements from the companies that I mention on this website. 

Augason Farms is an American company that makes their canned food in the U.S.A. (Their food does not have the powdered melanine plastic or other "fillers" like the canned food from China has).


 I recently added fruit to my freeze-dried food storage. Here is what I found when I opened up a can full of blueberries (a favourite fruit of mine):  

 The blueberries are round, much lighter, and they have retained their color. All you do is scoop out a half a cup (or less for one person) and add a cup of warm (or room temperature) water. Let the blueberries sit in water for five minutes, and stir the berries around.

 The result:  great taste, and the blueberry juice which gets made with the water is a nice bonus!  Add some sugar to this juice for your kids, and let the adults enjoy it as is!  

 Augason Farms also has freeze-dried raspberries, sliced apples, and sliced strawberries; and dehydrated banana slices.

 Go to for a look at their large selection of freeze-dried food (they also have some dehydrated food). They also provide deals on shipping. Or go to your nearest Walmart Supercenter and ask in the grocery department. If your Walmart sells Augason Farms, all the grocery manager will need is the Walmart number (which you can get from the official Walmart website), and they can make a special order just for you! Cartons hold three #10 cans.

 Why do we want cans? Rodents will chew through plastic buckets and mylar. 

 A word to the wise:  Pick up a couple of cans of garden seeds to supplement your current seed storage. Augason Farms sells these also, and they will be right with the cans of food if you are shopping at Walmart. 

A Gaelic Proverb


"Some people make things happen,

some watch things happen,

while others wonder what has happened."

Solar Power Product Considerations

We have to be smart consumers. We know that products made in China suffer from poor quality and tend to not last.  

So let us look for solar powered products that are made at home, not in China.  

Google search for these companies and contact them.  Ask them about where their products are manufactured. 

After the 3 Days of Darkness, or after an EMP, lives may depend on our solar-powered items going the distance, rather than breaking down at the one-year warranty time due to inferior-grade materials or shoddy manufacturing practices.

Let's think long distance, and good craftsmanship, rather than saving money.

And do not forget to ask if they have EMP-hardened equipment!

LINK:  EMP & Power

Time to Make Your First Aid Kit Portable!

A new subpage has been added called "First Aid Kit".  It provides photographs and suggestions for preparing your medical supplies for the 3 Days of Darkness and life afterwards.

Portability is crucial, both for your first aid kit, and for the key things you will need to survive.  

You can link to the First Aid section here, or go up to the subject bar and look next to "Preparations".

Please write if you have any questions or comments about this vital part of our preparations.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday -- The Three Days of Darkness!

Why will the 3 Days of Darkness occur on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?  

The answer is spiritual:  

Thursday is the day dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament, which, without a Papal Mandate, gives us no graces at all.  

Friday is the day dedicated to the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in order to open Heaven to us.  

Saturday is the day dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and our Good Mother.  

Our Holy Mother will protect us under her mantle, and the sun will reappear on this day.  

See below for Lord Byron's poem, "Darkness".

Marie-Julie Jahenny warns us that the physical Chastisements will begin with the sun. Pictured above is a Coronal Hole, which emits a VERY fast solar flare. Please see the new section which has been added, called, "The Sun."

Lord Byron's poem, "Darkness"

"The bright Sun was extinguishd, and the stars 
Did wander darkling in the eternal space 
Rayless and pathless, and the icy earth 
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air; 
Morn came and went and came, 
And brought no day"


--Lord Byron, "Darkness"