Mont Saint Michel will be the meeting place of true Catholics and others who seek to find Brittany by sea after the 3 Days of Darkness. Currently, the sand around Mont Saint Michel is like quicksand in places, so be sure to go to land and use the land bridge. Certainly, do not attempt to walk over the sand alone.

Defenders of the True Faith Will Meet at Mont St. Michel

St. Michael has told Marie-Julie Jahenny that Mon St. Michel will not be destroyed.

We will head for Mont St. Michel, then, as it is a large landark, easily visible by sea and land.  

There we shall meet with each other, and also perhaps with the Holy Father and the French Monarch.  Our Blessed Mother and St. Michael will guide us.

St. Michael's promise:  "They will dash upon Normandie, says Saint Michael, although I dwell on that land which I blessed, on which I comforted a large number of souls.  Only my temple [Mont St. Michel] will be interdicted and escape flames.  Fire will be unable to be kindled there, in spite of a thousand attempts on the part of the foreigners and of those, intermingled, who inhabit the kingdom of Mary..." (pp. 162-3, Prophecies of La Fraudais)

Putting Together a Bug-Out Bag -- A Preliminary List

Electrolyte replacement can mean the difference between life and death. Try different products until you find one you like.

It may be impossible to continue living where you are, or you may just wish to join blessed True Catholics in Brittany, go find other family members, or try to find some green space where life will be possible.  

To be able to travel and have a chance at surviving the journey, you need to put together a Bug-Out Bag.  

This bag needs to have necessary-to-life items already in it, and leave enough space for clothing to be added, especially woolen walking socks.

Always pack 2 of every tool so that if one breaks or is lost, you will still have another:

2 water bottles (wide opening, insulated stainless steel)

2 small bottles of water purification tablets

2 separate containers of electrolyte replacement (salt & sugar to add to water, very important when overheated, dizzy, after diarrhea & vomiting).  Source:  Outdoor sports store.

2 knives

2 compasses

A waterproofed map of where you will be travelling

2 pots  Think small & light:  Camping / hiking supply store.

2 fire starters, waterproof matches, and lighters.

2 bags of small, dried kindling (for when it is raining hard, or snowing)

2 sets of cutlery

2 pairs of sunglasses, 2 pairs of prescription glasses (in sturdy cases)

2 soap bars and other hygiene items

2 packets Wet Wipes

2 small towels

2 separately located (and water proofed) sets of family photos (to help you find them).

Bear spray (also good for cougars) or weapons should be carried on your person for quick access.

2 soft hats

2 rain ponchos

2 metallic emergency blankets

2 bandanas (kerchiefs)

2 sets of paracord for tying hammock and cover tarp; boot laces, etc.

2 lightweight tarps

Ziplock bags of leaves (labelled) for making curative teas (see Devotions)

2 or more rosaries

2 crucifixes (one small for blessing water & food along with Sacred Heart Medal)

2 Brown Scapulars (or more)

Some holy medals:  St. Benedict, St. Michael Archangel, Sacred Heart, Miraculous medal.

2 small  fishing/ baiting kits

As many energy/ food replacement bars as you can carry for eating until legumes sprout

Dried legumes (paper towels to dampen & ziplock bags for sprouting legumes for eating)

Some salt

First Aid kit with scissors & tweezers

Nitrile gloves (several pairs in a ziplock bag)

Go to Youtube and watch survival or bushcraft videos.  There are many excellent ones, even some videos on packing Bug-Out Bags.



Half of the Crops Will Be Saved in Brittany, Mary's Kingdom

"Ask ye of the Lord rain in the latter season, and the Lord will make snows, and will give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field." (Zacharias 10:1)


"My children, rest in my peace.  I am going to prepare a shelter for you.  Henceforth time is up.  I will shelter you under a clear and bright sky, but the sun will soon darken its rays.  The signs of My Justice will cause death to the plants on earth.  The green meadows will produce no fruit:  torrents will turn dry:  not one drop of water.  Sand will be burning...." (January 10, 1882).


 "After those three days, when daylight will be dark, My ministers will have greater freedom; they will start over again celebrating the sacred mysteries, but secretly.


"The Holy Father will call upon youth to fight for the salvation of the Church.  Frenchmen and Spaniards will save him." (pp. 96-97, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


"The Lord will restock his countryland with fresh plants who will be growing up and lasting until the last generation:  which means that they are preserved to witness the end of centuries." (March 9, 1878, p. 238, ibid).


"[The earth] will be laid down in a coffin; but after purifying it in its blood, I will raise it again glorious, as I Myself came out of the tomb." (January 4, 1884, p. 239, ibid).


"Yes, happy those who will inhabit Brittany!  Happy those who will not have moved away from God!  In Brittany, I have put up a shelter. Come over to that country, friends of the Cross." (January 22, 1878, p. 243, ibid).