Apr. 20, 2018


"There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.  With the Holy Rosary, we will save ourselves.  We will sanctify ourselves.  We will console Our Lord and obtain the salvation of many souls." --Sister Lucy (of Fatima) December 26, 1957 A.D.


The Lord says:

“I have left you my Mother:  it is she who, every day, brings me your intentions, your tears, your joys. In Heaven, she is always standing:  she watches and looks over her children on earth.  When she sees your tears, she cries; when she sees your joys, she smiles.

Ask Him to take you to the garden of His virtues. This will be under the dew of your Ave Maria’s. When you pray three per day, the first in honour of her purity, the second in honour of her humility, the third in honour of her charity; even if you have done only that during your life, I will recognize you as the blessed children of my Mother and I will receive you in Heaven.

Marie resumes:

“My dear victim-priest, (Fr. Chrysostom, superior of the Franciscans of Orleans) Oh! The Rosary and the “Hail Mary, full of grace,” moves all of Heaven.

Preach this: it is a benediction which comes down from Heaven, to calm the rigours of the justice of my irritated Divine Son. I make all effort to appease His anger; but the multitude of offenses have become so great that I cannot tell you, my children, what I will be able to do when the measure [of sin] becomes full.

I supplicate often:  I take the hand of the Saviour; I press it on my heart and I say:

“Oh, my well-beloved Son, not for me, but for my little souls, for my children, again, again, Lord, withhold Thy hand.”

As you greet me, I greet you . . . and I send you a soft look from my eyes. The Well-Beloved, whose throne is above my immaculate person, receives all this from me.”

(Jeanne Rialland, October 1932)

 [Source:  pp. (p. 117-118), Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny.  Note:  Jeanne Rialland is another of the devoted secretaries who would offer their services to record the daily ecstasies. We know nothing about her, except that, if she is included in Father Roberdel’s book, then she must have been considered reliable].


Reflection on this prophecy:

In this prophecy, Christ reminds us that He has given us His greatest Treasure, His Own Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

She looks over us and blesses our efforts here on earth. There is nothing that our Blessed Mother cannot help us to face and conquer.

As we face the rumour of nuclear war with Russia, China, and North Korea, this prophecy reminds us of the Infinite Power of God, and of the greatest weapon which we hold in our hands, the Holy Rosary, as a means of gaining Divine Mercy.

In the section of this website labelled simply Marie-Julie Jahenny, we see her share in the Passion of Christ for 3 intentions:  the Holy Father, the triumph of the French Monarch, and lack of confidence in Mercy in the days of tribulation.  Marie-Julie Jahenny

Even if it is just for we ourselves to avoid the eternal fires of hell, Christ our Lord assures us that the Hail Mary’s are so strong, that just praying 3 per day, “the first in honour of her purity, the second in honour of her humility, the third in honour of her charity; even if you have done only that during your life, I will recognize you as the blessed children of my Mother and I will receive you in Heaven.”

This is a great Mercy from God! Do we realize this Infinite Mercy towards our sin-filled souls?

The Blessed Virgin Mary shows Marie-Julie the effect of praying the Holy Rosary:  “Oh! The Rosary and the “Hail Mary, full of grace,” moves all of Heaven,” says Marie-Julie.

The Mother of God instructs Marie-Julie: “Preach this: it is a benediction which comes down from Heaven, to calm the rigours of the justice of my irritated Divine Son.”

The Holy Rosary, prayed daily, is the way that we can show confidence in His Mercy in these days of tribulation. We will gain peace of heart and mind and soul, and we will lessen the sufferings of our Crucified Lord over this worldwide lack of confidence in His Mercy.

May our prayers also serve to restore the confidence of mankind in Christ’s Mercy!

Let us take our Holy Rosaries in hand and have confidence in His Mercy!

Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum!  Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Jesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.


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Apr. 13, 2018

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Saint Joseph is especially powerful in his intercessions. He is the saint for these times.


A word about Father Pierre Roberdel:  The book translated into English, called Prophecies of La Fraudais, was compiled by Father Pierre Roberdel.  When still a seminarian, Pierre Roberdel would spend his summer vacations in Brittany, visiting his aunt. This is how he came to hear about Marie-Julie and befriended her.  He was invited to be present during her ecstasies, and he became one of the secretaries who would faithfully write everything down. Father’s faithful writings have been compiled into three books, all in French. It is from these three books that the compilations known as Prophecies of La Fraudais came to be translated into English. The book from which I am now finding prophecies to translate is the first of Father’s two books, and it is called, in English, Heaven in Colloquy with Marie-Julie Jahenny.

In the prophecy below, Marie-Julie has been doggedly trying to obtain a favour from God (more than likely for the Holy Father), through Saint Joseph’s intercession, but to no avail. It is Eastertide and she will not give up in her attempts:

 * * * * * * *


I contemplate Saint Joseph. He says that he will not stay a long time.

“Whatever you want, good saint.

--Yesterday my beautiful month came to a close. Thousands of faithful have honoured me, and you also…

--Saint Joseph, have you been faithful to that which we have asked you? Here is your month past. We have made novenas to ask for our Easter… and you have not given anything.

--Eastertide has not finished yet.

--No, but I am very afraid that you will forget them [the novenas], Saint Joseph.

--I forget nothing.

--If you don’t give them to us, look:  you are well adorned; you have the crown of the Sacred Heart; oh well! I will put your statue outside.

   You can be assured that I will take you outside as soon as Eastertide is over. I will keep you until then. Good Saint, you will go outside! And, again, I will wrap you in a handkerchief so that you will not see the place where I will put you. You see well that the wish that I have is extreme. If you do not give anything, you will go behind all the saints, the face turned towards the wall. We will not pray to you anymore.

--I do not want to be hidden; I want to stay with the children of my Son.

--That is your business, good Saint Joseph. If you want to stay, give me the grace. This is what I have to say to you.

--I do not refuse anything.

--The other saints stay. I will put another in your place if you do not give anything.

--But do not speak:  I will give something.

  I have my Son on my arms; you will respect me for His sake.

--It is not me who would take you outside, but I will take away the Child Jesus. Believe me, I will not put my treasure in penance. You decide, good saint. You do not want to say anything to me? You do not have the appearance of telling me:  yes.

--I will not have been the cause.

--Do not speak like that, Saint Joseph! You are our grandfather. A grandfather loves his grandchildren well. He conducts them with him, in saying his chaplet, supported by his walking stick. Saint Joseph… all the same!

--Pray again; do not forget me. I will take your requests to my Son.

--You do well, good Saint! There is no point of dishonesty in there; there is nothing but love, but the desire which supplicates.

--Enough, says Our Lord.

Saint Joseph approaches Him. Oh! if I saw him say what I request, I would be so happy!”

(April 1st, 1880)

[Source: pp. 124-126, Le Ciel en Colloque, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].


Reflection on this prophecy:


Marie-Julie, as a victim soul, and a mystic, has a familiarity with Saint Joseph at which we marvel.

She threatens Saint Joseph with punishment, with turning his statuette to the wall, of refusing to pray to him, if he will not intercede and get that for which she has been suffering and praying.

Here we get a glimpse of the difficulties of the life of a victim soul and mystic:  she is shown future events for which she may suffer and pray in order to stop from happening, or at least to alleviate in severity.

Her work never stops. Her mind, soul, and body are engaged in helping the Holy Father, Holy Mother Church, and all of us.

She also knows that the more important saints, like Saint Joseph, can obtain more through their intercessions.

She also knows the counsel of Saint Teresa of Avila, that Saint Joseph does not disappoint when requests are made on his great feast day, March 19.

In this year, 1880, Easter has come early, because this prophecy is dated to April 1st, and it is already Eastertide.

Marie-Julie is afraid that her special request (about which we do not know) is being denied by God, despite novenas and sufferings being offered to Saint Joseph for his great feast day.

It is charming to see how she tries to “strong arm” the Sacred Heart of Jesus by threatening to mistreat His beloved foster father. 

Indeed, God, who hears all, has not been unaware of this confrontation.  “Enough, says Our Lord.”

The Sacred Heart will permit Saint Joseph to intercede with Marie-Julie’s request at last. 

The next line is precious: 

“Saint Joseph approaches Him. Oh! if I saw him say what I request, I would be so happy!”

Here we see Marie-Julie’s humility. She knows that she can do nothing of herself, that she is totally reliant on her champion before the Sacred Heart, the always-good Saint Joseph.

She waits like a child, heart beating fast, anxious to hear if the answer will be yes. 

Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on Pope Gregory XVIII and on the French Monarch!


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Apr. 6, 2018

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Our Lady of La Salette warned us of these times.


“Oh my Good Mother, if thou knew how I have been troubled by Lucifer, dragon of seven heads! How I hate him!  How I detest him!

--He will be insolent, but no further than Divine Permission.

--But Mother, I would like more of all of the other types of sufferings.

--All of the elect, my daughter, have had their combats. It is a mark of predestination. I am with you.

--Keep my heart without spot. That my Angel may always guard my faith and my loyalty!

--Do not be afraid.

--Oh, Good Mother! Give me the happiness of grace at Easter time… at the cost of grilling on a fiery fire, at the cost of that which is the most cruel, the most painful.

--Do not expect anything from men… [and] less again from the one who must not delay seeing a confessor.

--I do not want more than the Will of the Good God! But if I have the liberty of my soul…

--You will do it. It is necessary to suffer sometimes.

--I do not refuse anything, my Mother from Heaven. Oh! If the Communion which, like all other Christians, I should receive at Easter, if this Communion is at the bottom of a very bitter chalice, oh! I will drink all to have it, and I will not feel the bitterness. If the Host without spot were in the middle of a fire, I would cross the fire to receive it, even if my flesh were reduced to ashes!

--I do not reveal to you the design of my dear Son. He keeps it for you. Soon you will receive it [holy communion].

--Thank you, Good Mother, from the bottom of my heart.

--I will leave you, my children…” 

                                                                             (1880, Holy Thursday)

[Source:  pp. 70 – 71, Le Ciel en Colloque,  by Fr. Roberdel, in translation].


Reflection on this prophecy:


Marie-Julie’s mention of the devil being “the dragon of seven heads” points to a significant time, that found in the Book of the Apocalypse, our present time.

Recall that Rome is surrounded by seven hills, and so, we have a reference to the satanic takeover in the Vatican, what our Blessed Mother referred to in her apparition at La Salette when she said that “[t]he anti-christ will have the seat in Rome.”

This takeover, with its resulting devastations to millions of souls worldwide causes Marie-Julie much suffering. In her love of mankind, she truly hates the devil for causing such destructions to eternal souls.

But our Blessed Mother reminds Marie-Julie that God is in charge, that the devil can go no further than the Good Lord permits.

So here we have the mystery of sufferings which are inflicted by God. We can recall Job, from whom God took everything, and who gained much merit in the end, because he still chose to remain faithful to God.

We all have the same opportunity for this grace. But we have to be persons of Faith. We have to love the Truth above all else and above everyone else.

Do you?

Can you give up your former ties to groups (even prayer groups), to activities (even pious ones), to being busy (even in the service of God)?

Holy Mother Church is in Exile. For this time, we are in prayer, alone for the most part, and offering our sufferings for the conversion of souls.

This is the reality of this time of Exile for each of us.

The Blessed Virgin Mary comforts us by saying, “All of the elect, my daughter, have had their combats. It is a mark of predestination. I am with you.”

We have our sufferings, our longings for former attachments (whether to people or to activities), and we must battle these because they are no longer available to us.

But we have the assurance that we are at last in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church outside of which there is no salvation. 

And to comfort us, we have the constant presence of our Dearest Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Salve, Regina, Mater Misericordiae!  Hail, our Queen, Mother of Mercy!

A most blessed Eastertide to all.

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Mar. 31, 2018

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 The Seraphic Father, Saint Francis of Assisi

May everyone have a blessed Easter in this year of our Lord, 2018.


The Seraphic Father Saint Francis walks far ahead of me. The closer I get to him, the more the path fills with thorns.

“Father Saint Francis, you walk ahead too fast. I am very afraid to stop in the middle of all of these brambles.

--Lift the eyes of your soul to Heaven.

--Father Saint Francis, come to my help.

I move closer to him. But here the spines climb above my head and I am obliged to bend.

Little sister, take up your Cross upon your shoulders and say:  I walk on the path of Calvary.

--The path of Calvary it is good, it is so painful. You say it well, Father Saint Francis! You pass, you, without being stung by brambles.

--You have to go through so that everything in you is purified.

--But, Father Saint Francis, I am unable to make my way through these thorns so acute that all of them seem to turn against me. Oh, Father Saint Francis! Father Saint Francis!... Courage though, my soul, it is necessary.

I pass. I feel, from everywhere, stung so vividly that the pain comes to my heart. I continue. The path is even deeper, and the spines are lower on my head.

Father Saint Francis, a little child would not pass.

--Little sister, it is necessary that the little thorns tear you apart and that you decay them yourself.

--Then I should become insensible to the pain! Oh well! I promise you I will not complain.

They are so low and there is not one light! … nothing but thorns!

It is a place of sufferings, says Saint Francis, but it is a place of gaining merit.

In the spines, I perceive some dried flowers that are thrown there.

What are these flowers, Father Saint Francis?

--Little sister, these are the souls that the love of the Cross has begun to purify. They have said to Jesus:  we are tired of suffering; we are in need of rest. They have been in grace, but they have lost it.

Little sister, we do not obtain anything easily. All good works are gotten by sufferings upon sufferings. When I had to establish the Franciscan family, what have I not had to endure? When crucified Love wants to establish a solid work, He always founds it upon great persecutions. It is the divine seal, all of the elect have carried it.

Little sister, it is not necessary to make neither pain nor sorrow. It is necessary to accept everything; it is God who wants it. Do not say anything: men make us suffer. Men contribute to suffering, but it is God who imposes it.”   (September 10, 1877)

[Source: pages 196-197, Le Ciel en Colloque, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel, in translation].

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Mar. 25, 2018

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 Is the greeting we give our Lord today truly an eternal promise to know, love, and serve Him?


“Great Saint John Chrysostom, I contemplate you and I honour you.”

--"Come,” he says to me, “in the Name of the Lord. I will conduct you to His Divine Presence.

--"Little sister, be full of courage at this time. Be of strength, of energy. . . One day, I see under my eyes all of the great city of Rome and the Lord tells me:

‘John, the souls who are to be saved on earth are not as many in number as the grains of wheat that rest on the field, after the harvest is picked up. I assure you that on the Day of Judgement the greater part of souls will be condemned to burn eternally.’ ”

(9 March 1878)

[Source:  p. 179 Le Ciel en Colloque, in translation].


Reflections on this prophecy :

Today, on Palm Sunday, the faithful who are able to make the financial sacrifice, are travelling to receive the Holy Sacraments from True Priests, validly ordained and in union with His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVIII.

How few there are, in comparison to how many there should be! 

In this prophecy, our souls are referred to as “grains of wheat”.

In these End Times, as we await the appearance of the final events, the souls of the saved will not be "as many in number as the grains of wheat that rest on the field, after the harvest is picked up."

Let us consider what wheat is: 

It is said that wheat is the staff of life, that it gives and sustains life.

Historically people have survived on wheat, like the Egyptians who went to their Pharaoh during the seven years of famine for sustenance from the wheat saved thanks to Joseph’s dream (and the Pharaoh’s cooperation with God’s grace).

Wheat gives life, and our witness will give life to others around us. Never doubt in the power of seeds sown through daily example.

We are very few, less in number than the wheat berries that drop onto the field after a harvest, yet we have prayer, which is a most powerful weapon! 

We must pray that many will be saved, even if upon their death beds.

It is our human nature to think in terms of numbers, where small numbers mean sure failure, but while this may apply to the natural world, where, say, not enough coffee grounds makes for a poor cup of coffee, the idea of numbers does not apply in the supernatural world!

Through prayer, the few can conquer, because it is the Communion of the Saints and the Angels, who conquer all through God, the Creator of all!

It is our sadness as humans, that our daily efforts can fail, in that we cannot reach all.

We see this with parents who are sadly unable to help all of their children to come to the Catholic Faith. There are many reasons why this happens. Sometimes it is the free will of the child, with some attachment that seems to have a stronger attraction, and sometimes it is due to a scandal caused by another or others. What great frustration, sadness, anger!

Sadly, parents cannot be everywhere at all times.

It is a similar sorrow for teachers who try to reach students, but see failure through ingrained misconceptions or, even more prevalent today, worldly attachments.

God seems to be unknown, unrecognized.

But you and I, we are not the ultimate farmers (or gardeners). We are human, with human limitations. So we, the parents, teachers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers, we rely on God and His Angels.

And this is wise. For God can grant the great grace of Faith to our children, parents, brothers, sisters, and other beloved family members. We must never despair of that!

Let us work together with the Holy Angels towards the salvation of our dear family, friends, and neighbours.

Let us pray for our fellow countrymen, also.

In fact, when we pray, let us pray for the salvation of all souls. Let us ask all of the Guardian Angels from the Choir of Guardian Angels to come pray with us for the conversion of their charges.

Remember, unlike false churches, the Catholic Church prays for the deceased. God is eternal, and souls who have died can be converted, even through our prayers prayed today!

Let us never lose holy hope, and let us become friends with all of the Guardian Angels. May our prayers truly make a difference!  Deo gratias!

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