Jul. 18, 2019

This visit has been a dream come true. It is beautiful. We prayed the holy rosary for the Holy Father, Pope Gregory XVIII, for the Succession to take place as God wills it, and for the freedom of Holy Mother Church and the removal of the Church of Darkness from Rome.

Marie-Julie Jahenny was told that this holy site will be safe during the 3 Days of Darkness.

Jul. 17, 2019

This is the cave where Saint Mary Magdalene lived and prayed. It is high up in the mountains. The visit was beautiful, and we venerated her relics. Sadly, what must have been a beautiful marble altar has been replaced by a masonic table and the tabernacle has been moved to the side.

Jul. 16, 2019

Lourdes is definitely a Catholic pilgrim's destination. People come because they love the Blessed Virgin Mary, and they want to feel close to her.

And it is moving to see the statue of Our Lady in the grotto. At night, especially, one can imagine how Saint Bernadette must have seen her.

Blessed are those who will be at Lourdes during the 3 Days of Darkness, for Marie-Julie was told that it will be spared.

The devil is trying to make inroads (architecture and closed off side chapels), but this is still a holy place of veneration.

Lush and green, with a mighty river (the Gave) and good farmland, Lourdes may be the best place in France for awaiting the 3 Days of Darkness.

Jul. 15, 2019

This is the most ancient image of the Holy Face. We prayed before this beautiful image for His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVIII and the Hierarchy in exile.

 We need to warn you about venerating the Holy Head Veil at the Cathedral of Saint Etienne in Cahors, France. Pilgrims are led onto the sanctuary and invited to stand beneath the Holy Head Veil, where there is a lit up arch which resembles a science fiction portal to another dimension.

Do not do either! The veil is not visible due to the lighting, no matter how close one gets. If you go, stay at the chairs in the main part of the church, where the pews used to be, and venerate the Holy Head Veil from there.

Why do they make people stand under this sacred relic of our Lord? The only thing that comes to mind is that they can be like God when the devil tempted Adam and Eve to be like God. Why else stand under the Holy Head Veil?

A woman dressed in a long red cape is there to orchestrate it all. It was difficult to pray the holy rosary before this spectacle.

We must make reparation for this and other outrages against Christ our Lord.

Please look up Sister Mary Saint Peter (Marie de Saint Pierre) and the reparation to the Holy Face. You may find the book The Golden Arrow.

The devotion to the Holy Face (given by Christ Himself) as the most efficacious way to make reparation for insults to His Divinity.

Souls will convert as a result of our daily devotion to the Holy Face.

Jul. 14, 2019

This morning we made our second visit to Mont Saint Michel, this time to see the abbey at the top, which we were too late to see yesterday. There is also a small and cozy parish church called Saint Peter closer to the main gate, so a Rosary was prayed for Papal Restoration.

Mont Saint Michel is a wonder: the architecture has withstood the elements and there are terraces of gardens (yes, with trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns). The cloister surrounding a central garden was a quiet haven.

Mont Saint Michel also has a labyrinth of rooms opening into stony stairs or other rooms. It was easy to imagine living there as a monk during the times before electricity. What a sacrificial life!