Oct. 2, 2016

What Is The Brittany Project?

The Brittany Project is mjjprophecy's weekly blog to encourage good souls around the world to prepare to move to Brittany, the only place on earth which will provide sustenance in the future. 

Brittany is called "Mary's Land" because the Blessed Mother of God has prepared this place for us, as it is full of generous souls who will help the Faithful.

Plants on earth will die from the Divine Chastisements, Christ has warned us through Marie-Julie's prophecies, but Brittany will be spared.

And so, The Brittany Project is saying "Yes!" to God's Will for us.  This blog's aim is to help you make the necessary preparations to go there when the time comes.

Brittany is the ark, the protected place, that Christ and Our Holy Mother have prepared for us.  May we all be there together.  Immaculate Heart of Mary, be our guide!