Jan. 6, 2017

Saint Michael Speaks About Brittany

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“Here is, says Saint Michael, the chain, the iron grill-work separating Brittany from France.”


--But, Holy Archangel, is not Brittany going to remain French forever?


“Yes, it will always be French, but will be endowed with one more gift and will be named after a name which the Lord has chosen for it and which will be revealed . . .”


Reflection on this prophecy:


So Brittany is to remain French, but will be treated as a separate place, a special place.


Will it be physically separated from France’s main land mass? Perhaps, but not necessarily.


Let us consider what Saint Michael the Archangel is holding.


Iron grill-work recalls cloistered convents where the iron grill-work separates the religious from the world and its pursuits.

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Even family members have to visit their relatives in the cloistered religious life through such a barrier.

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The iron grill-work protects the holy vocations of those who give themselves as victims, along with Christ’s Passion, for the conversion of the world.


Theirs is a living death to the world and all of its diversions, whether licit (good) or illicit (bad).


The chain is likewise an instrument to stop earthly desires, a means for a religious to apply “the discipline” (as it is called) in private, with the approval of the Superior and/or Confessor.

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The discipline further aids the religious to pull away from worldly desires and focus on the real sufferings which Christ asks of His religious, for the conversion and salvation of souls.


Will Brittany then become the Centre of the Catholic Church on earth, the future land of monasteries and convents?


Certainly, we know that Rome will be, for the most part, destroyed.


And we know that pilgrims will come after the 3 Days of Darkness to Brittany, to the shrine at Marie-Julie Jahenny’s house, where they will be cared for by religious who will pray with them and care for them.


Marie-Julie is told that there will be spiritual cures from these prayers, as well as spiritual and physical cures from a miraculous spring of water.


Priests will be here to hear confessions and lift censures.


This is to be the place where souls will return to the bosom of their Mother, the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.


So what do we prepare to take with us when the time comes to go to Brittany?

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