Feb. 17, 2017

A Final Great Battle for Brittany (Part Two)


 A croix de chemin, or roadway cross, in Redon, Bretagne.  These granite crosses were erected in medieval times to help Christianize an area.


Continued from last week’s blog:  A large, uncountable army of murderers and plunderers has swept through France, and is now at the southern border of Brittany.


"Straight in front of them and countering them, will stand a granite cross, ornated with artistic craft. That cross is planted between that land of Brittany and the other one, which is no part of it; this is the boundary. The very foot of the cross sinks into the soil which does not belong to Brittany.


"This is the spot where disorder and the avenging endeavours will exert their fury.


"They will be told – not through men’s voices since no authority will be left nor any means for having anything told – they will be told:


" 'I have the right to be the ruler here.'


"Man’s voice will have nothing to do with that decision:  God’s voice and His power will take charge of it all by themselves. God is King and Master."


[To be continued next week]. 

[Source:  Prophecies of La Fraudais, p. 123].


Reflection on this Prophecy thus far:


France is one of the few countries in this world where the ancient faith of Catholics still stands as a testament through large crosses and crucifixes erected by the roadways.  They are fewer in number today, but they are there.


The ornate granite cross in this prophecy is very special.  Its base stands outside the border of Brittany, and so the “very foot of the cross sinks into the soil which does not belong to Brittany.”


Sadly, and perhaps because this very special cross “counter[s] them” there will be violence here, at this very place, for the prophecy is clear that “[t]his is the spot where disorder and the avenging endeavours will exert their fury.”


Why will they be especially violent here, at this place? 


God's protection over Brittany is the reason.  In a demonic rage they will rebel with violence against the voice of God telling them: “I have the right to be the ruler here.”


 Shockingly for us, we learn in this prophecy that men’s voices will not say this because “no authority will be left” and so we are left to assume the worst, that the French government will be no more and/or that the local French authorities (police, military) are either fled or slain.


And what of the people?  We shudder to think of the chaos which remains for those who remain alive.  Perhaps there has been a solar flare or an EMP weapon used, since the prophecy tells us that there is no “means for having anything told” to this army.


So there will be no electronics, no radios, no computers, no electronic means of relaying messages at this time. 


The landscape would seem to be a wasteland. 

But the voice of God will be heard, loudly, clearly.


For God is there, at this ornate cross at the southern border of Brittany, and His voice is heard by all of them.


[To be continued next week . . . ].

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 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra