Mar. 17, 2017

Wickedness Prevails in Full Triumph


Archbishop A. Pintonello, a trusted friend of Pope Gregory XVII, has said that worldwide Masonry is being controlled from the Vatican!


3°        To Marie-Julie :  “You shall see the beginning of the chastisements, but not the crowning of France . . .  The major part of the chastisements will be directed towards Paris.  Times are coming when days will grow pitch dark.  Three days of destruction, mourning, tears, and penance, during which the lights in the sky will be put out and the angels in consternation . . . Three days of Hell.


4°        Little sister, says Margaret-Mary, we, very worthless instruments, are the ones who have been chosen to proclaim His glory. 


“You have not been chosen for the same work, replies Divine Jesus, Margaret-Mary has been chosen to proclaim the glory of My Sacred Heart, and you, to proclaim the glory of My Cross. Great is the work of my cross. It will arise in glory, will be mighty, immeasurable”.


5°        - See that, at the time when I shall save My people, it will not be through any power of men. My Divine Heart is the one who, alone, will bring salvation to this kingdom which will be left but a shameful disorder, where wickedness will be prevailing in full triumph.

[Source:  From Dr. Imbert, p. 94, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this prophecy:

3rd:  The spiritual Chastisements against Holy Mother Church begin in Marie-Julie’s time.  We know this is true because of the sufferings of Pope Pius IX, who wrote of the masonic infiltrators:  “The vipers are at Our Breast.”


Paris, indeed, the Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Church) on Montmartre is the place where Marie-Julie is told in another prophecy that the devil will teach churchmen his false maxims and that they will “drink deep draughts” of this error.  


Now, we are faced with the muslim violence happening randomly and with frequency in Paris. Just yesterday there were two incidents:  one incendiary device was thrown at a woman at the Arc deTriumph and the other (denied by the popular media as a terrorist attempt) had one of the terminals at Charles de Gaul Airport evacuated.



Young soldiers, in battle fatigues and red berets, carry machine guns across their bodies, fingers on the triggers, as they patrol the airport and adjoining train station, their eyes constantly scanning the crowds. What is the reaction of the average citizen? Peace and thankfulness for the military presence.


Jesus Christ tells Marie-Julie that “The major part of the chastisements will be directed towards Paris.”


What is next?  Further religious indifference, . . . and acceptance of a one-world religion for the desperate sake of peace, for “[t]imes are coming when days will grow pitch dark.”


And then, afterwards, the Three Days of Darkness: days “during which the lights in the sky will be put out”.


These Three Days of Darkness will bring such suffering globally that they are here called “Three days of Hell.”


4th:  Next, St. Margaret-Mary Alacoque speaks to Marie Julie.  They are friends, these two, even though St. Margaret-Mary is in Heaven, because they both have the same type of mission, although different. 



St. Margaret Mary’s renown in Heaven and earth is for bringing our attention to the glories of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of Christ’s burning love for mankind.


Marie-Julie’s renown in Heaven and earth will be for proclaiming the glory of the Cross, which also reveals Christ’s boundless love for mankind, and which “will arise in glory, will be mighty, immeasurable”in the end.


5thThe Sacred Heart seeks to convince everyone of His Love, to save us in a way that all humankind will recognize that it is not “through any power of men”.


The Sacred Heart “will, alone, bring salvation” to Catholics, by unmasking the novus ordo and effectivey destroying its “shameful disorder, where wickedness. . . prevail[s] in full triumph.”




 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302,ex cathedra