Mar. 24, 2017

Personal Sacrifices Bring Great Graces


 Saint Monica made many sacrifices and prayed always for the salvation of her sinful son who later became a Doctor of the Church, Saint Augustine.


6°        - I see that belief and true faith in the Divine Heart will grow weaker a great deal, at the moment men will report triumph according to their full whim.


7°        - Previous to your last breath on your dying lips, God needs an immense sacrifice. Victims have to be sacrificed and their wounds to open wide as a deep river. (Victims of both wars).


8°        In the heart of France, the homeland of your cradle, is planted a red sign which forces one to step back from terror.

[Source:  From Dr. Imbert, p. 94, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflections on this prophecy:

A true devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a daily offering of His Precious Blood, are the means to our salvation in these prophesied times.


But, at this crucial time of terrorism and conflict, “belief and true faith in the Divine Heart will grow weaker a great deal.”


This is the reason why evil men succeed, so that “men will report triumph according to their full whim.”



There is no supplication to the Sacred Heart to stop evil men from triumphing. 


Victims will be required by God to expiate for the sins of France.  The Sacred Heart reveals to Frenchmen that before their “last breath on [their] dying lips, God [God the Father] needs an immense sacrifice.”


Why is France specifically mentioned again?


Recall that her fall into heresy and schism led to the exile of the Holy Father and the exile of Holy Mother Church.


The Eldest Daughter of the Church must amend for her crimes, and this battle against the forces of evil will rip across all of France, so that “their wounds [are] to open wide as a deep river.”


Of interest, these victims will be sacrificed in two wars.   


The first war is the takeover of the Papacy and the Church in the Conclave of 1958, after Pope Pius XII’s death.





The second war must, therefore, refer to the battle for Papal Restoration, which will be fought by the French Monarch.


Paris, so central to the French people and to the governing of all of France, is again mentioned.


Paris has been “planted [with] a red sign”


The “red sign” makes us think of communism, and of atheism, which is one of its many hideous offspring.


Paris is the “the heart of France, the homeland of your cradle”, and has been made into a center of evil which “forces [a  soul with Faith] to step back from terror.”


Recall the French camerlengo, Cardinal Eugene Tisserant’s, admission that “forces alien to the Holy Ghost” had taken control in the conclave of 1958.  God have mercy on their souls!


Recall the mason Angelo Roncalli’s words that he wanted to open a window into the Church to let fresh air in – he said this when he was safely installed as antipope John xxiii, the masonic press’ “Good Pope John”—what a travesty!


Recall Our Lady of LaSalette, crying bitterly over the loss of souls through the loss of Faith of the priests.  Why?  Because the priests who caved in to this masonic false church would lead the people to their spiritual ruin.


Are we not seeing this situation now? 


Are we not experiencing the worldwide desert which the fall from grace of France, as the Eldest Daughter of the Church, has in a great part caused to Holy Mother Church?


But we must not be distressed, nor lose Holy Hope, because France’s return to the True Faith is prophesied to happen through the return of the French Monarch. 


The French Monarch (a descendant of the martyred King Louis XVI who is also exiled from France) will regain the throne. God will be with him, and his power will be mighty. 


The French Monarch will overthrow the enemies to the Papacy, publically recognize the True Pope, and restore the papal throne to Him, which will save countless souls worldwide!


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"We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra