Jun. 30, 2017

A Message for Mass-Alone "Catholics"


 Pictured: Without a Canonical Mission from His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVIII, these "sacraments" will not impart life-giving graces to souls! In fact, this "priest" is just a layman who has not been duly ordained by a bishop with a Papal Mandate from Holy Mother Church!


“On 24th of April, 1884, Our Lord said:

“ ‘Priests will separate themselves from the voice of authority in greater numbers. A scandalous freedom of disunion, of levity, will spread in all the dioceses of France'


“Later on, Our Lord showed me THE NUMBER OF APOSTASIES AT THE TIME OF THE FATAL EVENT … It will be the ministers of God, who will be the first to begin, not all of them … This punishment will open the Heavens and the God of vengeance will appear with a display of justice … Never had I seen from so close the anger of God … (14th of November 1884).



[Source:  p. 34, Marie-Julie Jahenny: The Breton Stigmatist, by the Marquis de La Franquerie].


Reflection on these three prophecies:


Priests, who have been put in charge of shepherding us to a higher spiritual life in Christ, are naturally followed by their flock of parishioners, and so, when the priests “separate themselves from the voice of authority”, that is, when they stop obeying the Pope, they take trusting souls with them.


Certainly, the hidden Exile of the Holy Father, Pope Gregory XVII, has been for the most part unknown, leading to confusion in Catholics about non-Catholic mandates from supposed popes and bishops and priests.


 And prior to the nullifying changes made to both the sacrament of Holy Orders and to the Consecration of Bishops, these men were truly priests and bishops.  But now this is not the case!


In fact, attempts to take souls hostage have increased since 1958 and people have been led into false sects due to a “scandalous freedom of disunion”.  People like layman Lefebvre and his false bishops (laymen) and false priests (laymen), the spinoff sspv, and all other groups who are not looking for the Holy Father and the Church in Eclipse, but are happily carrying on as if they did not need to be in Communion with the Holy Father, are risking the salvation of countless souls!


But their thinking does not recognize the need for a Pope, and this is not Catholic!  It ignores what Christ promised Peter (that the gates of hell would not prevail) and it ignores the dogma of the perpetuity of the Papacy, which must be believed Our Lord warns that this false thinking will “spread in all the dioceses of France”, but as we can see, this has been a global situation, perhaps beginning in France.  Recall that layman Lefebvre was a Frenchman, and that Bishop Thuc, was from Vietnam, a historically French colony.


With countless souls led to apostosy, what happens next?  In the second prophecy Our Lord Jesus Christ shows Marie-Julie our time, and what we are awaiting (perhaps very soon in coming), and Marie-Julie understands this time as “THE TIME OF THE FATAL EVENT”, perhaps the Three Days of Darkness.  Christ Our Lord qualifies the disastrous situation of our times, by showing her “THE NUMBER OF APOSTASIES”, indicating that the apostasies have increased in our time. 


No wonder it is such a burden to be among the worldly and spiritually asleep or dead!


And again we learn that it is “the ministers of God, who will be the first to begin,” this walking away from the True Pope, from Christ’s True Vicar, through which we gain Christ’s merits on the Cross through life-giving Holy Sacraments.


 And God will not be mocked, nor will He allow the horrendous numbers of souls who are unknowingly outside of Holy Mother Church to continue to be deceived.  There will be a world-wide punishment:  “This punishment will open the Heavens and the God of vengeance will appear with a display of justice”.


Lastly, the third prophecy gives the main focus of these colloquys from Christ Our Lord, which is a severe warning to the priests who are pastors of souls:  ‘BUT WOE TO THE PASTORS WHO ABANDON THE FLOCK’.

Notice that the wording is "the flock" and not "their own flock".  This could expand the meaning to include the Church Militant, under the Holy Father.


By ignoring the dogma of the Perpetuity of the Papacy, they are not bothering to look for the exiled Holy Father, and so they are outside the Church.  


And they are being warned by Christ because this apostasy from the "priests" and their parishioners will propel the Divine Chastisement into a reality. 


Let us pray that souls, and especially the guilty priest souls who are now elderly, to convert prior to the “display of justice” from God, for by then it may be too late for them to repent of their grievous sins.


Let us remember the old French Catholic saying:  He who eats the Pope, dies. 

This means that anyone who disrespects the Holy Father, or ignores His existence and His role as the Vicar of Christ, is punished with a spiritual darkening of their souls.  It means that such souls are outside of Holy Mother Church. 


So let us recall all those souls, known and unknown, who are unaware that they are living a lie, and let us pray some of our daily Rosaries for them to convert and not die outside the Church.

Deo gratias!

 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra