Jul. 21, 2017

Specifics About the Day of Warning in Brittany


[The Sacred Heart is speaking to Marie-Julie]:

“ ‘I forewarn My people that immediately following those several scourges upon France, the first of which are not far distant and shall be followed by a large number of others, I forewarn you that one day it will be found – and it is already appointed – when there will be little sun, few stars nor light for a step to be taken out of the homes, the refuges of My people.


“ ‘Daytime will begin to grow longer; it will not be in the height of summer, neither during the longest days, but still short ones. It will not be at the end of a year, but rather in the first months that I will clearly give My warnings …


“ ‘That day of darkness and lightnings will be the first one that I am going to send, to have the ungodly be converted and to see whether a large number will come back to Me, before the big storm which is to follow soon after. That day, My children, will not extend to the whole of France, but part of Brittany will be tried by it. The side in which is found the land of My Immaculate Mother’s Mother will not know of darkness, the darkness to come up to your place, and beyond, towards the rising of the sun.


“ ‘All the rest will be in the most terrible fright. From night to night, for a whole day, thunder will not cease roaring: the fire of lightnings will cause a great deal of damage, even within the closed homes in which people will be in sin …


“ ‘My children, this first day will remove nothing from the three other ones pointed out and described.


“ ‘That particular day was revealed to My Servant Catherine in the apparitions of My Blessed Mother under the name of Mary conceived without sin. That day is found recorded in five small, well-sealed rolls of Sister Saint Peter of Tours. This roll will remain a secret until the day when a person of God will lay her predestined hand upon what the world will have ignored, even the inhabitants of that cloister …’ ”  (June 15, 1882)

[Source:  pages 50-51, Les Prophéties de La Fraudais, in translation].


Reflection on this prophecy:


I am posting this prophecy, thanks to a reader who found it, so as to help us know exactly what we are to listen for when we watch news from France in the early months of this coming year, or possibly another following year.


The fact that the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun will take place this October should have us finalizing preparations:  water, freeze-dried food, and EMP storage of some electronics such as flashlights and batteries.


October 13th of this year is like a countdown, and this week's prophecy reveals important specifics:


Firstly, the darkness, although only lasting for a few hours, will be very hard to see through.  


A couple of years ago, when Brittany had a solar eclipse that lasted for four hours, we knew that this was not the Warning, because the light was greyish and everyone could still see everything easily.  With the day of Warning, we know that the darkness will be VERY dark.


Secondly, and this is important, there will be lightning, which although lightening up the darkness, will also cause panic, due to the destruction:  

"From night to night, for a whole day, thunder will not cease roaring: the fire of lightnings will cause a great deal of damage, even within the closed homes in which people will be in sin."


The combination of the two will surely make the international media coverages.  One way or another, we should hear of this dark and destructive day, and we will know that the Three Days of Darkness, and the death of 3/4 of mankind, and perhaps our own death, is soon.  


This chance to prepare for our possible deaths, and to prepare family, friends, and neighbors, is a precious gift of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


This darkness will not take place over St. Anne's side of Brittany; that is, the side where the city of Auray, where the Basilica of St. Anne is located (her shrine) and this is not a coincidence.  The Sacred Heart, in speaking of St. Anne to Marie-Julie Jahenny, has always shown his great affection and respect for the holiness of his Grandmother.


Let us not watch for this signal Warning with fear, but rather, with the knowledge that all things are for the best, and that we have much to do in the meantime.


Let us make preparations not for ourselves, but for the good of others. Besides clean water and bodily nourishment, souls will require peace, which only comes with spiritual Truth.


There will be souls who will require teaching as if they were children, so that they may begin a relationship with God:  morning and night prayers, the Angelus, grace before and after meals, the Holy Rosary, the Acts of Contrition, Faith, Hope, and Charity, as well as the major litanies.


Learn the stories of Christ's life from the New Testament. Be ready to re-tell them orally, or to find them easily in your Holy Bible. These stories inspire us with knowledge about Him, so that we are interested and want to form a relationship with our Lord and Saviour.


Statues, rosaries, scapulars, holy medals, and other sacramentals that we collect for people now, will help them in learning the Catholic Faith. Simple hymn books, the small booklets with the Stations of the Cross, the Pieta prayerbook, all of these need to be considered as well.


We have a big job ahead of us.  One idea is to begin with things for a small number, and then build on this to a larger number as money and time permit.  


For example, begin with 5 of these sacramentals and booklets in honour of Our Lord Jesus Christ's five wounds, and ask that His Precious Blood convert the souls who come to you and accept instruction.  


Then move up to 9 in honour of the nine choirs of Angels, and ask the Angels to guide you as you instruct the future souls entrusted to you.  


Then up to 12 in honour of the twelve Apostles, and ask them to speak for you when you give instruction on the Catholic Faith and on Holy Mother Church and Her Pope.  


From there, move on to 33, in honour of Our Lord Jesus Christ's years on earth, and ask that the miracles He performed in His lifetime on earth be given again during the difficult time of rebuilding, as a response to sincere prayers, etc.


About the link below:  There is a new link below on using steel dog food containers for EMP protection of electronics.  One American supplier is mentioned to help those of you who have called to say that you are unable to source these.


I urge you to also prepare bodily to survive with little food.  We need to be adapted to that so that we can function at our best in order to be of help to the other survivors.  


I offered my health to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and asked Her to help me if I am to survive to help others.


The first thing I found out about was cutting sugar out.  This is called "Ketosis".  


Then, I found "intermittent fasting" on youtube, through a man named Bob Briggs.  His youtube channel is "Butter Bob Briggs".  Dr. Jason Fung, and Dr. Eric Berg are also excellent to watch. 


If we ask in prayer, proceed prayerfully, and if we cooperate with the graces we are given, we will not go wrong.  

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

The Editor


Link:  EMP & Power


  "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra