Jul. 28, 2017



Our Lady of Sorrows


“ ‘I did everything on behalf of My people,’ says the Lord, ‘I sent My Mother upon earth:  very few believed in Her word. I made My voice heard everywhere; I made choice for Myself of victims upon whom I performed wonders and marvels:  they have been despised and persecuted.’


“ ‘Here comes that I will call back to Myself those lightning-rods and will destroy everything on earth. It will be laid down in a coffin; but after purifying it in its blood, I will raise it again glorious, as I Myself came out of the tomb.’


“ ‘Desolation will be so great and chastisements so terrible as for many a one to dry out from being frightened and think the end of the world is up.’ . . .


“ ‘Blood will be shed in such a great abundance … that the earth will turn out a vast grave-yard. The corpses of the wicked and those of the just will litter the ground. Famine will be great. All will be overturned and the three quarters of men will perish. The crisis will burst out all of a sudden. Chastisements will be common to the whole world and will follow one another without interruption.’


“ ‘When My people had fallen into indifference, I started threatening them. At present time, they deserve My Justice. I came upon earth; they want to chase Me away, to take My Holy Tabernacle away from Me, to overthrow My Cross and refuse to acknowledge My power.’


“ ‘—Oh!  Lord, says Marie-Julie, you will have mercy!’


“ ‘Yes, I will have mercy on the good people; but the other ones I will engulf them. The earth will open ajar and they will disappear forever.’ ”  ([Scribed by] Mme Grégoire – January 4, 1884).

[Source:  pp. 238 – 240, Prophecies of La Fraudais ].


Reflection on this prophecy:

Christ’s suffering is very heavy as He speaks to us in this prophecy:  ‘I did everything on behalf of My people’. Yes, He even died a horrible unwarranted crucifixion for us, so that we could have the chance to go to Heaven and be with Him for all eternity.


Christ has tried to remind us, to warn us, of the necessity of living holy lives, and of the sufferings which are to come, but no one listens. He sent His own Mother to warn us at La Salette, just 38 years prior to this moment when He speaks to Marie-Julie, but “very few believed in Her word.”


How much pain this indifference to Christ must cause our Holy Mother, who knows how much her Son, our Lord, suffered for our salvation.  She only wants us to love Him and go to Heaven. Her apparitions have been to help us, but few souls will take her words to heart.


Christ again tried to reach us throughout the world by victim souls “upon whom [He] performed wonders and marvels:  [but] they have been despised and persecuted.”


These victim souls are “lightning rods” who absorb [appease] the Wrath of Almighty God so that it does not fall upon the people. However, in this prophecy, Christ reveals to Marie-Julie that He will only give us a finite number of victim souls.  Once these victim souls have all lived out their lives and returned to God, He will “destroy everything on earth”.


This scene of a final destruction and massive deaths is very real and is to be worldwide. Many will “dry out [die] from being frightened and think the end of the world is up.”


And it is in this prophecy that we learn that some good and God-fearing persons will also die, along with the wicked:  “The corpses of the wicked and those of the just will litter the ground.” 


As well, after such worldwide destruction, it will be nearly impossible to find food and many will die of starvation:  “Famine will be great.”


And we know that “three quarters of men will perish” from other prophecies about the Three Days of Darkness. What we need to realize today is that “[t]he crisis will burst out all of a sudden.”


Do we know what this crisis is? Is it political in nature, so that it results in devastating nuclear/biological/chemical warfare? Is it ecological in nature, so that it comes from a large solar flare or from a large asteroid colliding into us?  We do not know.


Regardless of how these Chastisements originate, we shall all suffer greatly because they “will follow one another without interruption.”


These Chastisements are to bring people back to goodness, back to living holy lives, as children of God should. But sins are so prevalent among all people that “they deserve [God's] Justice.” And we really do, don’t we?


For those living in the northern hemisphere, summer is at its height and everyone is busy with gardens, family, and looking for those peaceful moments of warmth and rest; in a word, the beauty of summer.  


But we must recognize that humanity's sins call out to God for punishment because we distance ourselves away from God, and we do it by choice.  Christ tells Marie-Julie that sinners “want to chase [Him] away, to take [His] Holy Tabernacle away from [Him], to overthrow [His] Cross and refuse to acknowledge [His] power.”


Christ has told his Apostles that those who are not with Him are against Him (Mt 12:30). The sedevacantist position is against Christ because it denies the dogmatic belief of the perpetuity (continuity) of the Papal Line.  The novus ordo position is also against Christ because it does not recognize that the antichrist has the seat in Rome, as our Holy Mother warned us in the apparition of La Salette.


Both the sedevacantist and novus ordo positions are against Christ because they are against His True Vicar, Pope Gregory XVIII, who was elected through Pope Gregory XVII's cardinals in the conclave after this Exiled Pope's death.  


As always, the battle for souls seeks to tear them away from their one means of salvation:  the Holy Father and His Church.  However the enemy can, he and his minions will muddy the waters so that people cannot see clearly. And this is a tragedy for these souls if they die in this state, outside of Holy Mother Church.


Our dear friend, Marie-Julie, thinking of we few who try to love Christ always, tries to intercede for us when she says:  ‘—Oh!  Lord,you will have mercy!’


Christ, who knows of our hardships, struggles, and falls as we fight the good fight on a daily basis against the world, the flesh, and the devil, does relent. He tells Marie-Julie that He will “have mercy on the good people; but the other ones [He] will engulf them” and that these unrepentant sinners will be swallowed by the earth as it “will open ajar and they will disappear forever.”


So our lightning rod, our dear friend and God's victim soul, Marie-Julie, has interceded for us and appeased God's Just Wrath.  We, sorry sinners that we are, are to be spared! 


May Christ always give us the graces we need so that we do not offend Him, and may our dear friend, Marie-Julie Jahenny, continue to intercede for us!



 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra