Oct. 20, 2017

The Devil's Share


In the sun I see that, at the moment when Our Lord, already ascended to Heaven, took possession of His Eternal Kingdom, at that very moment, Hell became the kingdom of the Enemy. The Lord took hold of His earthly kingdom and said:

“I am established Eternal King.”

Furious, Satan searches for some ways around [with which] to expand his power maliciously …

The Lord Tells him:

“You will be subdued under Me, doing only what My eternal law will allow you to.”

Satan begs to be called by the name of PRINCE, and for God’s finger to engrave it, for all of us to see.

“Yes, you will be called by all names… the name of Prince, Prince of Darkness, Prince of the Abyss…

“Place no limits to Your power, replies Satan, leave me with the freedom to expand to the same extent as You are Yourself to spread out, until the end of centuries.”

“As King, I will remain above anything you might accomplish, anything you might possess. I will stand above and command.”

Satan rebels. Although he already had his own portion, but the Lord was also taking fruition in His belongings.

The Lord tells him:

“Prostrate at My feet, and adore My will.”

--“I will bend my knee, says Satan with authority, but on one condition… Leave me free to make use, after Your example and according to my fancy, of the power over death, to be master thereof.”

“I leave you with the power of inducing temptations upon men, to cause suffering up to a certain limit… but I will be present.”

Satan begs also for the power of performing wonders. The Lord does not grant it to him entirely, but gives something of it, so that, by that means, we may acquire greater merits.

“In the beginning, says the Lord, you will not perform that many wonders, just a few. They will serve you for evildoing.”

Satan protests that the sharing is unjust.

“A time will come, very far distant, replies the Lord, when you will be in possession of such a large crowd in the world, [that] your portion will exceed Mine. You will become Great Conqueror for a length which will last for too long, yet will never be quite short. While you will be realizing the conquest of multitudes, I will perform striking wonders and cause an earthquake to happen, at the moment when the world will be nearing its destruction, at the time when you will be reporting triumph with a victory out of [all] measure… when almost all parts of the world, and the whole of Europe will arise, the ones against the others… During the darkness, a large number of conversions will take place; many stray individuals will come back to Me in repentance.”  [Continued next week].

[Source:  pp. 247-249, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this prophecy:

First of all, it needs to be pointed out to those new to Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies that she saw her visions inside a golden sun which appeared to her.  At times, she refers to this sun as "the flame" (although she does not do so in this excerpt).

Here, Marie-Julie is overhearing a conversation between God the Father and the devil. The devil's insolence, arrogance, and prideful demands are obvious and pathetic.

All is self-explanatory, except at the end of this week's excerpt, when God the Father tells the devil:  "During the darkness, a large number of conversions will take place;"

The darkness which is being referred to by God the Father should not be taken to mean the 3 Days of Darkness, but rather the spiritual darkness which is prevalent among most souls worldwide.  The Papal Chair is to be the light to the world, and with the Papacy in Exile, the world is left in spiritual darkness.

Remember that these are the years when the Church Militant is fighting the devil unchained, as St. Teresa of Avila once said.

 It is therefore heartening to hear that "a large number of conversions will take place; [that] many stray individuals will come back to [God] in repentance."

Deo gratias!  May Thy Kingdom come, Lord, on earth as it is in Heaven.


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