Nov. 3, 2017

A Difficult Undertaking

The rule of a monarch, such as that of the prophesied French Monarch, is preferable to the election of a leader, since with a monarchy we have an earthly imitation of the Kingship of Christ.


“Despite the fact,” says the Holy Ghost’s Flame, “that no apparent possibility whatsoever will remain to acquire a King for this kingdom, [France], it is amidst the dust of homes and ashes of the dead that he will come along on his triumphal march. His eyes will shed tears over the ruin of the kingdom; but, before his entering the land of his cradle, the few faithful soldiers preserved by the Supreme King, will have escorted him.”

The Flame goes on:

“Dispositions, for those forthcoming times, require, on your part, many a day for immolation, together with communications on God’s part.

--We are quite willing. But if you want me to pray, grant me the means for it. I am prevented from praying by fresh palpitations of my heart, accompanied with a piercing pain.

“This is a sign that God is calling you; this is the way everything is made understood.

“Enough, children … Under My watchful guard, a shelter is secured for you. I promised I would guard over whole families who will remain praying to Me together, under the sky, which, in a short time, will be lightless” (January 24, 1882).

[Source:  p. 178, Prophecies of La Fraudais ]


Reflection on this prophecy:

Marie-Julie Jahenny’s prophecies about the French Monarch have made it very clear that the masons who have ruled in France with their poisonous influences since the French Revolution, have not wanted a monarchy. Frenchmen who have been influenced by these masonic thoughts will rant and rage against this monarch, who is a true descendant from the line of martyred King Louis XVI, taking his rightful place as the head of France.

It has also been prophesied that Paris will be destroyed by fire; that is, the prophesied fire from the sky.

This week's prophecy shows that it is only after Paris (the centre, as the French call their capital city) is burned out and almost totally destroyed by the Three Days of Darkness, that the French Monarch arrives “amidst the dust of homes and ashes of the dead”, in a “triumphal march.” 

This king loves France and “[H]is eyes will shed tears over the ruin of the kingdom”.

The French Monarch arrives with “the few faithful soldiers preserved by the Supreme King”; that is, a few faithful who have been protected by Christ the King, who support this descendant's claim to the throne of France.

For the graces to be available to the French Monarch and his supporters, Marie-Julie is asked to offer sufferings, or “immolation[s].” 

Interestingly, she is willing, but is already suffering such physical pains in her heart, that it makes her unable to even pray.  She asks that these pains be lessened so that she may be able to pray for the French Monarch, but she is reminded of the Mystery of God’s graces to true Catholic mystics and how the pain in her heart “is a sign that God is calling [her]; [and that] this is the way everything is made understood.”

Dear Soul, if you have not yet read of the sufferings which God asks of mystics, then we recommend that you click to download a free copy of The Breton Stigmatist at this link:

Then, the Holy Ghost bolsters the hearts of all by promising His Divine protection for His dear children, saying, “Under My watchful guard, a shelter is secured for you.”

The Holy Ghost promises to even protect whole families, as long as all members stay faithful, praying to Him.

Where are the faithful ones? Seemingly outside, “under the sky” and therefore seemingly unprotected from the wrath of the Three Days of Darkness, and yet Divinely protected

Certainly, the time period we are considering in this prophecy is the Three Days of Darkness, since the sky under which the faithful are dwelling is “lightless.” 

The French Monarch's task of taking his rightful place on the throne of France is a difficult undertaking which requires the prayers of all of us.

Let us never miss a day to pray for the success of the French Monarch, whose job it is to restore the Papal Seat to the Pope in Exile. 

Deo gratias, and may God protect and bless him!


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 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra