Nov. 11, 2017

Christ carried His Church into Exile on His wounded Holy Shoulder


The Lord says:

"My children, I am carrying the Church upon the shoulder which hurts Me. I take it up with its walls and ornaments. I take it away from the fury of its enemies. That will be a red fury, and even one degree above it.

"While carrying away My Holy Temple, I am also carrying the Tree of Faith. Here comes the moment when all the Reds will rush headlong upon its remnants. For a moment, I move away My Temple altogether with the Tree of Faith, over to Heaven, next to My Throne, while awaiting the passing of My Justice upon earth." (September, 29, 1878)

[Source:  p. 218, Prophecies of La Fraudais ].


Reflection on this prophecy:


There are many churches, but there is only one Church which is Christ's, and She, His Bride, is in Exile because He has carried Her there.

Our Lord tells Marie-Julie: "I am carrying the Church upon the shoulder which hurts Me."

Notice that Christ is not speaking in the past tense, but in the present tense, from His Passion, when He is actually carrying His Cross!

This painful time of exile, this very painful time, is also of great pain to He who has suffered and died to restore Heaven to us!

The masonic pushing aside of Pope Gregory XVII and the takeover of His Bride, Christ's Church, this extra weight of iniquity, must have been an excruciating torment to He who is without sin!

This Exile of the Pope and of Holy Mother Church was part of the Cross which our Lord carried, and upon which He was finally crucified.  

It seems logical that this unprecedented usurpation of the Vatican, this zenith of all diabolical attacks against Catholics, should have its presence in Christ's Holy Passion and Death.

Christ says, "I take it up" just like He took up His Cross upon that wounded shoulder after each fall, the Cross seeming ever heavier, aggravating His wounded shoulder ever more, and pushing His Crown of Thorns further in, causing spasms of sharp pains.

We can only surmise that our Lord takes up His Church and takes Her into Exile after His third fall, since the last thing that we await is the physical persecution by the agents of the antichrist. In terms of Eternity, we are in the diabolical latter days.

In taking Holy Mother Church into Exile, Christ takes Her Head, His Vicar, Pope Gregory XVII and His Successor, Pope Gregory XVIII, also into Exile. All dictums (the Truth from the Chair of St. Peter = Her "walls") and all Grace-filled Sacraments (Her "ornaments") go with His Holiness, the Pope, into this Exile.

Christ tells Marie-Julie that by carrying His Church away, He saves Her (His Vicar and the Holy Sacraments) "from the fury of My enemies."

This persecution of the Papacy, and thus the Church, is communistic, yes, but it is also diabolical in origin and execution, and thus it is "a red fury, and even one degree above it."

For those of you who are connected with masonic groups, no matter how seemingly charitable, it is time to remove yourselves immediately, for they are truly with hell, truly satanic. A Catholic who belongs to any masonic group is, Ipso Facto, excommunicated (Canon Law).


In the second paragraph of this most important prophecy, we see that Christ, in carrying His Pope (and thus His Church) into Exile, is also carrying away the Catholic Faith, also to protect it.

This is made clear when Christ tells Marie-Julie that He is "also carrying the Tree of Faith."

This is certainly true. Who among those who are outside the Church in Exile truly know and hold the tenets of the Faith? 

Is it not true that our loved ones and neigbours who think themselves Catholic are, in fact, not Catholic in their thinking, in their understanding, in their faith?

The Faith has its fullness with Peter, for He alone sits upon the Chair which is a light for the world, guiding souls. As well,all graces from the Holy Sacraments come through the communion of the bishops, priests, and laypersons with the Pope.

If you doubt this, recall that the protestants have always labelled Catholics as Papists, and called us Popish.

Without the sustenance of Christ's Pope, souls are left without defences. Christ thus gives Marie-Julie this image with the coming of "the moment when all the Reds will rush headlong upon its remnants." 

And the remaining souls are attacked, and left confused, wavering; and, after decades of being fed diabolical lies rather than the True Faith, people are confused about what is True and they die in this confusion.

For the younger generations who have been raised in the result of this spiritual confusion, there is NOTHING which resembles the Catholic Faith in them.

These are the ones who stay silent during the prayers for grace before meals. They do not believe in Christ or in His Immaculate Mother. For them, reality centers around worldly concerns and worldly solutions.

For we who watch from the rejected desert of Exile, their lives are a tragedy, and we must continue to pray that they receive the Grace to survive the coming Divine Chastisements so that they may be given the Grace to convert.

Christ's Vicar, and thus also Holy Mother Church, are safely protected in the desert of Exile. Christ says that His Temple and the Tree of Faith are "next to [His] throne." 

He gives the reason for this protection of the Papacy and of the Holy Sacraments through the desert of Exile when He says that He is "awaiting the passing of [His] Justice upon earth." 

And so, imploringly we pray:  Lord, may our loved ones, and especially the innocent children, be spared and protected through the coming of Thy Just Wrath. May Thy Holy Vicar, the Hierarchy, Priests, the French Monarch, and the devoted flock also be protected and spared so as to be utilized as Thy instruments upon earth.  

Immaculate Heart of Mary, be our protection!



  "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra