Dec. 1, 2017

The Beautiful Dawn

Our Lord says:

“When I will see the lives of the victims suffering, My hand, which imparts which blesses and which punishes, shall split the sky and appear at the sight of My just ones, in order to direct them, after the manner of a mysterious star, towards the land of rest. Afterwards, this hand, armed with the weapons of vengeance, after so much patience and kindness, will strike the earth; and the blow will be the Great Blow of My Justice.

“A little later, under a beautiful dawn of a morning full of hope, a Saviour will come out, who is going to be chosen by Me, to give back peace to My exiled children. He shall bless My works, he shall favour My purposes, he shall be God’s friend.

“If men do not do what they should, I shall stand in their stead and perform My work without men and in spite of men.”    (December 1, 1896)

[Source:  p. 39, Les Prophéties de La Fraudais, in translation].


Reflection on this prophecy:


Souls faithful to the See of the Cross are called “victims” in this prophecy, because to suffer exile is a long-suffering ordeal for members of the Church Militant.

When diverse sufferings are having to be borne by Christ’s “just ones,” His Mercy comes to give us a blessing of protection, by way of a physical separation from the Divine Chastisements that are to fall on unrepentant sinners, and the rest of mankind.

Faithful souls will see a noteworthy sign in the sky: 

A “marvelous star” will appear, having first “split the sky.” (Perhaps thick clouds will be moved apart?). This star will beckon Christ’s beloved souls to follow it.

In this way, exiled Catholics will reach “the land of rest” (Brittany).

Then Christ’s Hand, holding "weapons of vengeance," will deliver the Divine Chastisement of the Three Days of Darkness, which He calls “the Blow of My Justice.”

But souls who are given the grace to survive the Three Days of Darkness must come to know Christ’s True Vicar if they are to be saved eternally, and so, there is the realization of a final hope, in the person of the French Monarch.

The French Monarch comes as a saviour chosen by God to help Christ’s Vicar “a little later” (after the Three Days of Darkness). It is his task to “give back peace to [Christ’s] children in exile.”

He will be crowned King of France by the Vicar of Christ, and he will restore the Seat of St. Peter to the Vicar of Christ for all the world to see.

The true measure of a man is how much he loves God. This French Monarch will be the best of men, since Christ says he will “bless My works, favour My purposes, be God’s friend.”

And finally, a sobering reminder from our Lord: 

He expects each of us to do his or her part to act in defense of His Vicar and of His Church, to bring them both out of exile. 

For if we do not do our parts, using the gifts which God the Father has given to each of us, then Christ Himself will come to act “without men and in spite of men,” which would be to our eternal shame.

May each of us find the courage to do all that Christ expects of him or her.


Guardian Angel, always at my side, be my guide!

 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra