Dec. 16, 2017

Upon a Summit (Part 2)


Catholic soldiers will join the French Monarch's army on the shores of the Loire River, near the city of Nantes.


She [the Blessed Virgin Mary] says:

“My children, here is the sign which will point out the battle to be nearing for the salvation of the Church and of its eldest daughter [France].  First of all, the wicked will be ruling victoriously. Their will [shall] not be overturned  . . .

 “After their dominion of a short victory over the white – and those who are not white – all of my people will have to suffer more or less; after the victory of the ungodly will have covered almost the whole of France with blood and dead bodies, the white army of victory will split across those thousands and thousands of guilty triumphers who will receive their punishment. My children, it will pierce through the redness of their souls. But they will change neither their way of thinking nor their opinion. That will be visible even to the eyes of the mortal Saviour and of his “royal” soldiers. Chastisement will have reached them, but they will not be changed.

“My children, as soon as God’s sign will have begun, do not wonder; take your dispositions for taking your flight to the shelters in every part of France, and not on a single side . . .

“My children, do not be surprised if the red color of that sign is left last. The army of the just, the soldiers of the Cross, interspersed amidst other braves, will walk across almost the whole of France, under the fire of God’s signs. It will walk out of Brittany to reach down to the River where the Saviour of the earth must come along with his own army. They will join all together, under the star of victory.

“My children, take good note of this word:  this will take place under signs in the sky similar to the blood of Christians. In the midst of those bloody and terrifying signs, a white light will come out, surpassing the magnificence of the dawn when day is breaking out. That whiteness will split open the furrows of blood, and move ahead to meet you, on the shore of the river. Which whiteness will have crossed that blood on the day of commemorations of my Son’s Passion.

--Yes, kind Mother, on a Friday.

“My children, says the Blessed Virgin, in order for you to have no doubt, I give you a description of that sign which my Son will manifest when the day is declining, a true proof . . . A white sign, on the western part of France, surrounded with a curtain of fringes set with diamonds, an enormous  curtain, all of which will last for three quarters of an hour. Your homes will be enlightened just like by sunlight. Streets will be as bright as by usual daylight.

“After half an hour has elapsed a red bar will show up towards West, after the shape of branches; and blood drops will burst out of it. [This] red bar will set a ring around the whiteness of the sign and will invade the brightness of its light.

“My children, starting from the West, that sign will move up a little; then the red bar will fade away, like through the victory of whiteness. On a Saturday, between five and six o’clock . . .

“I will speak again to forewarn my people about the signs of the Lord” (November 21, 1882).

[Source: pp. 189 – 191, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this prophecy:


The fast-moving Loire River, and its lush and wide valley, crosses the southern half of France from east to west, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Brittany.  Its origin is in the eastern French alps, specifically Mt. Gerbier, just west of the mountain where La Salette is located.

Other prophecies given to Marie-Julie Jahenny indicate that the French Monarch, “the mortal Saviour” will come from Germany, so he will be crossing these alps. According to this weekend’s prophecy, the French Monarch will then be following the Loire River as he and his troops fight their way west across France.  Even today, this river and its valley resemble the pastoral idyllic of an 18th century landscape.

It is interesting to note that Christ’s soldiers are at first fighting along with another army that moves south, from Brittany, down to the Loire River. These Catholic soldiers join forces with the French Monarch’s army at the river, “under the star of victory.” The place for this joining together may be near Nantes, a city built on the shores of the Loire River, and the last of the bigger cities before the Atlantic Ocean.

This movement of troops is amidst fighting, and all of this warring is taking place while Marie-Julie sees God’s signs appearing in the skies over these armies’ heads.

It will be on “a Saturday, between five and six o’clock” in the evening in western France, but it will seem bright like daylight. This description may indicate the time of year as the darker winter months, as only then would bright daylight be noteworthy at five or six o’clock in the evening.

As soon as the battling starts, all persons in France are to seek shelters immediately.  They are warned not to take shelters in just one part of France, so this warning may be indicative of a civil war that is countrywide.

A white light is seen in the sky, quickly surrounded by a red bar which encircles it, seems about to take over the white light altogether, but then the white light becomes stronger and overtakes the red bar altogether, so that “the red bar will fade away, like through the victory of whiteness.”  Might this imagery not be metaphorical? 

Certainly, Christ’s army, led by the French Monarch, is “the white army of victory”. This fact may help to identify the French Monarch as an actual military leader.

Historically, white was associated with support for absolute monarchy, starting with the supporters of the Bourbon dynasty of France because it was the dynasty's colour.  Indeed, the French Monarch seems to be of this royal house.

Who will the French Monarch and his army be fighting?

If we look at the signs in the sky as metaphorically representing the wars taking place on French soil, then the French Monarch’s army will be battling the reds (the red bar), who would symbolize, normally, communists.

Regardless of who the reds turn out to be, they at first seem to be winning the war against the French Monarch’s white forces, but then the reds lose the war in the end. 

Other prophecies from Marie-Julie Jahenny tell of the crowning of the French Monarch by the True Pope. The French Monarch will help the Holy Father to regain the Seat of St. Peter, for all of the world to know and recognize.

Let us offer Christ’s Holy Wounds for Pope Gregory XVIII, His Successors, and the triumph of the French Monarch!  

 "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra