Jan. 13, 2018

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We can find God's Mercy in Christ's Precious Blood and in His Holy Wounds. 

As God is outside of time, we can even apply these prayers to those who are already dead.


The Flame of the Holy Ghost says:

“When the divine Messiah showed forth upon earth, it was a real rejoicing and the world was assured of its salvation. The Messiah was bringing with Himself joy, hope, faith, and, above all, that great light which was to enlighten the world and penetrate intelligences.

“But a terrible punishment was then recorded in the unfathomable designs of the Saviour of the world. That punishment was by reason of the blindness of people and of the coldness of confidence in the One who realises all gifts in Heaven and on earth.

“Such will be the explosion of punishment by the Saviour of the world, the approach to terrible misfortunes which will cause everything to suffer.

“Friends of the Lord, pay attention to this word: I do not say one misfortune, but immense pains and sorrows, an unspeakable blending of all kinds of desolations. All of which are very close to touching upon earth, and most of all upon men.

“That terrible punishment, written down by the Saviour of the world, must happen during the years ending the century. The standstill has arrived: the punishment will not be postponed further on. The Lord has allowed the fall into that terrible blindness. Such blindness had to happen to pass, before Heaven and earth, both together, have but one single voice of distress, tears and wailing.

“The punishment will spread out its explosion. Faithful people, any day henceforth, await the Lord’s hour, and also the hour of the earth, because the hour of the earth will be still more formidable than the one of Heaven. Mercy is to be found up above; here, on earth, hatred is un-appeasable and merciless.”

(January 12, 1882)


Reflection on this prophecy:


Almighty God made us to know Him, love, Him, serve Him, and be with Him for all eternity.  And this explains why the punishments will come.

Human beings who are caught up by the world lose the sense of the reality of the Divine. They start to forget who is the Creator of Heaven and earth.

This is why the punishment is “by reason of the blindness of people and of the coldness of confidence in the One who realises all gifts in Heaven and on earth.”

God wants to bring humanity back to Him.

There will be an “explosion of punishment by the Saviour of the world.” 

The Holy Ghost warns us, through Marie-Julie , that there will come “immense pains and sorrows,” so that we ourselves shall have much, much to suffer.

 These events will happen at the same time, in an unspeakable blending of all kinds of desolations.

And it is only the timing for these punishments which seems to be the only disputable fact:  “That terrible punishment, written down by the Saviour of the world, must happen during the years ending the century.” It seems unlikely that God will wait another eighty years to punish the world of its fetid sins.

Yet we who study prophecy know that God’s Mercy does allow Chastisements to be delayed through penance and prayer.

In fact, Marie-Julie gladly extended her sufferings by many years in order for the Chastisements to be delayed!  As a victim soul, the Sacred Heart of Jesus gave her this possibility. She could have died much sooner, but instead, she chose to suffer for many more years so as to delay these punishments.  Marie-Julie died at 97 years of age, in 1947.

And she had been suffering since she was 19 years old!

But even Marie-Julie’s truly heroic efforts could not stop the Chastisements from coming to us, and so God’s Punishment “will spread out its explosion.”

For us, the warning is direct and simply worded: “Faithful people, any day henceforth, await the Lord’s hour.”

These sufferings are to come at the hands of those wicked men who have always been the sworn enemies of Holy Mother Church, because She is Christ’s Church:  “here, on earth, hatred is un-appeasable and merciless.”

Remember, at the heart of all events here on earth, there is the rebellious war of satan and his fallen angels against the reign of God Himself.

We must pray for the grace of final perseverance, because “Mercy is to be found up above.”

Deo gratias!

Jan. 5, 2018

Adoration of the Magi by Gentile da Fabriano, 1423.

When we honour Christ's Vicar, Pope Gregory XVIII, we honour Christ.


Satan's Assaults Against the Church

I catch a glimpse of a fair number of angels. Upon their wings they carry the sanctuary of the Church, and lay it down in front of Our Lord’s throne.

The monster, filled with a fresh rage, moves in direction of the sanctuary, to which Saint Michael ties himself with a very tiny golden thread. The monster rushes upon him, roaring. But they are unable to step forward. The Archangel tells me they always stop short, thirteen feet away from the Church.

--This is his counting, holy Archangel. The monster is always repeating: thirteen.  [Marie-Julie’s comment].

Saint Michael is smiling; he points out to the golden tie and tells the devil: “Now, overthrow the Lord’s Church, I grant you power for it.”

Exhausted from his efforts, in his wrath, the monster hits upon the damned souls, tears them apart, devours them… although they are burning with fire.

--Saint Michael, they are nevertheless very little alluring to be eaten. [Marie-Julie’s comment].

For thirteen times, the monster yells out: “Dash upon the Church.” The monsters throw themselves headlong but… are unable to take even one step. The great chief in Hell appears, and he has brought unto them…

--Saint Michael, I do not know of that instrument!   [Marie-Julie’s comment].

…That is a huge chain standing upright like a tree. The monster hangs sharp hooks from all the links of the chain. Then the demons assemble and pull on the chain so that the crooks catch upon the sanctuary. They are foaming and vomiting poison.

The hooks fall backwards. The demons are seized with fright, because their great chief is going to cause them further suffering.

The monster unties the chain and binds the damned souls all together.

“Why, he says, have you not been working better? Here you are overcome! The one who stands next to the throne has too great a power. However, he stands alone and we are a crowd. The reason is that Christ granted him His own power. And that is sufficient.”

And the monster cries out, while devouring himself:

“Let us make vengeance upon our own; let us tear them apart; let us torture them day and night. I will come back in the darkness, when Christ will have returned up to Heaven, bringing along His Archangel. I will open a passage-way for myself and my own. I will hide in the shadow, close to that Church whom I hate. I will dig out a grave for her. I am sure I will set fatal traps for her.”  (September 29, 1877).

[Source: Prophecies of La Fraudais, pp. 142 - 143].


Reflection on this prophecy:


The bravery of our saints and holy souls like Marie-Julie Jahenny is surely supernatural.  What she is being shown in this prophecy is horrific, portraying damned souls being eaten alive while they are burning, and yet her comments reveal how unaffected she is.  Surely this is a Divine protection!

The devil and his agents have revealed themselves enough times that she knows what they are like.  This is why she is able to state that for evil, the number 13 is always uppermost in their minds.

Why 13:

The number 12 refers to the number of completion of God’s Creation.  Thus, the 12 Tribes of Israel, Christ choosing 12 Apostles, the Apostles themselves choosing a twelfth, St. Matthias, to replace Judas, and the number of the elect in the Book of the Apocalypse:  144,000, which is a multiple of 12.

God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

The devil's depraved rebellion has sought to overthrow God's Power, and so he insists on the number 13 because it is one greater than 12.

This prophecy reveals that the devil's raging rebellion seeks to specifically destroy God’s new Covenant with His people:  the Holy Catholic Church and Christ’s Vicar, the Pope.

But Christ’s Church is Divinely protected, and Marie-Julie is shown that “[u]pon their wings [Angels] carry the sanctuary of the Church, and lay it down in front of Our Lord’s throne.”

This is an image of exile, and a comfort to us!  This exile has the heart of Holy Mother Church, the Sacred Sanctuary from where the Holy Father’s prayers go up to God, right there, at the foot of God’s Throne. 

The privileged and safe placement of the Church's Sanctuary seems to  confirm that the exile is according to God’s Holy Will, and that what the Pope binds, as he prays, shall be bound in Heaven, and what the Pope looses, as he prays, shall be loosed in Heaven.

This is the time of spiritual Chastisement, as our Blessed Mother warned us at La Salette and at Fatima. The Holy Father has been taken into an earthly exile, and those who rebel against this Divine punishment insist that the Holy Father needs to come out of his exile. 

But we are at peace, we who are in communion with His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVIII.  We know that this Divine Chastisement is also a Divine protection, and that the visible Seat of St. Peter will be restored to the exiled Papacy for all the world to see.

In the meantime, and always, St. Michael the Archangel is the Protector of the Papacy and Holy Mother Church. 

The devil knows this and says: “The one who stands next to the throne has too great a power.” 

The devil also admits a Divine Truth as to why St. Michael the Archangel cannot be beaten: “The reason is that Christ granted him His own power. And that is sufficient.”

For we faithful fighters, he is our Protector also, our unbeatable Captain at Arms. Let us pray to St. Michael the Archangel for protection!

Let us put the most important matter, the Restoration of the visible Seat of St. Peter to the Pope, in the mighty hands of St. Michael the Archangel, through prayer. 

Let us offer this intention to him often.

Yes, it is true that the devil will not stop in his rebellious and hidden attempts to destroy Christ’s Vicar and Christ’s Holy Church, mankind’s means of salvation: “I will open a passage-way for myself and my own. I will hide in the shadow, close to that Church whom I hate.”

The devil is enraged that we have the sacramental means to a Divine Eternity which is forever lost to him. And so, he is at war with the Holy Trinity, with St. Michael the Archangel, with the Holy Father, His Hierarchy and Priests, and all of us Faithful.

Let us be brave before the face of the evil onslaughts.  Just like Marie-Julie, may we remember that we have been given the Divine Grace to love God, His Vicar, and His Church. This is our strength against evil.

This Divine Love, this Divine Faith, is stronger by far than the evil hatred of the devil and his minions.

Let us ask St. Michael to protect us always, and let us call out his battle cry for our protection:  “Who is like unto God?”

St. Michael the Archangel, be our defence against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  Amen.

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Dec. 29, 2017

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Pope Pius XII giving the Papal Blessing.

The Papal Restoration will take place!


“My children, says the Blessed Virgin, on February 22nd, I will leave to weep over the Eternal City, to cry over the chains of the saintly Pontiff, which are going to grow heavier; to shed tears together with him, my children, the last tears of the living Church, because sorrow is going to put it out for a while. That period is written down in Heaven; but men seem, within a short time, to be able to write it down upon earth.

“My children, I will remain for five days weeping over that place. I will come back. Within a few days it will remain for me to reveal everything, without anything left closed or secret any more.” (February 7, 1882).

[Source:  p. 207, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this prophecy :


As I nurse a Christmas time cold, I am nostalgic for my mother’s care:  the sympathetic companionship and regular checking to see if I needed anything, if there was anything she could do to make me more comfortable . . .

Similarly, in this prophecy, the Virgin Mary, whose “fruitful virginity . . . hast given to mankind the rewards of eternal salvation,” (Christmastide prayer, The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary), says that she will go to be at the side of Her Son’s threatened Church and His constrained Vicar’s side, “to cry over the chains of the saintly Pontiff, which are going to grow heavier; to shed tears together with him”.

The year of this prophecy is 1882, and so the Virgin Mary is crying by the side of Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903), and the gloomy situation faced by the Hierarchy after the many losses against the Italian and French masonic enemies of Holy Mother Church during the previous pontificate of Pope Pius IX. 

These losses, which at first were loss of soldiers’ lives and the Papal States themselves, became, through the separation of Church and State, a universal loss of the Right of the Vicar of Christ to guide all souls, as outlined in the Concordat of the Lateran Treaty of 1929:

“The Pope was pledged to perpetual neutrality in international relations and to abstention from mediation in a controversy unless specifically requested by all parties.”

“The Holy See, on the grounds of the need for clearly manifested independence from any political power in its exercise of spiritual jurisdiction, had refused to accept the settlement offered in 1871, and the Popes thereafter until the signing of the Lateran Treaty considered themselves as prisoners in the Vatican, a small, limited area inside Rome.”

“The Constitution of the Italian Republic, adopted in 1947, states that relations between the State and the Catholic Church "are regulated by the Lateran Treaties".                                                     

[Source:  Wikipedia].


These tears of the Holy Pontiff and of the Virgin Mary foresee the usurpation of the Papacy, as they are “the last tears of the living Church, because sorrow is going to put it out for a while.” 

“That period is written down in Heaven” by God the Father, who knows all.   We can take comfort that this is only a “period” of time, and therefore, we will see an end to the sufferings of the Holy Pontiff, our Blessed Mother Mary, and ourselves. There will be Papal Restoration!

How long is Holy Mother Church to suffer before Christ’s Vicar will return to His universal rule?  The Virgin Mary tells Marie-Julie Jahenny, “My children, I will remain for five days weeping over that place.”

If we take the place to be the Vatican, then the five days may be taken to be five Papacies:  St. Pius X (1903-1914), Benedict XV (1914-1922), Pius XI (1922-1939), Pius XII (1939-1958), and the usurped Papacy of Gregory XVII (1958-1989) who, nevertheless, remained in the Vatican as “Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Siri.”  Only with the continued exile of the Papacy, with Pope Gregory XVIII (1991-present), do we begin the era of a Papacy that is no longer physically present within the Vatican.

But the Virgin Mother of God assures us:  “I will come back.”  And so, we know that the Restoration of the Papacy will occur.  The Holy Father will rule from the Vatican, universally, once again.

And then She, who is our advocate before God, and our Loving Mother, will help to bring the light of the True Papacy to the hearts and minds of mankind:  “it will remain for me to reveal everything, without anything left closed or secret any more.”

Truly, more facts are coming to the forefront every day, and more and more souls worldwide are waking up to the Truth of the masonic lies and the usurpation of the Chair of St. Peter. 

The devil and his minions have a limited time to deceive souls. The final triumph belongs to Christ, the Virgin Mary, the angels, and the Saints. 


May the Papal Restoration be soon!


Dec. 24, 2017

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Natività by Gherardo delle Notti 


“I will shorten the time of the chastisements because of My victims, because of My Sacred Heart, and finally to give sooner the chosen King, the elect of My Heart.

“I will stock the land of France with flowers, that is with pure hearts, filled with repentance, who will be loving Holy Church, the Holy Father and France:  a new generation. They will grow in My grace and live under the ruling of a very pious King, who, because of his virtues, will be the most shining ornament of France. I prefer you to forget about other revelations [rather] than about this present one.” (Diary, December 1st, 1876).

[Source:  p. 100, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this Prophecy:

Our joy comes from Christ, and it is a joy which no one can take away from us. We contemplate the Christ Child, God the Son become Incarnate for us, and we know that we are cherished. Let us come around His cradle and sing to Him and adore Him!

If it is God’s Holy Will, He will lead us to that repentance which will make us pure of heart. If He Wills it, we shall be those flowers like the faithful religious in the convents and monasteries of old, “loving Holy Church, the Holy Father and France.” 

From us, the remnant He shall make “a new generation” which lives to “grow in [God’s] grace.”

The French Monarch, our king, will be a strong Catholic: “the most shining ornament of France.”

Let us think on these fine thoughts filled with hope for our future:  we are cherished. 

The Baby Jesus has a plan for each of us.  Let us go to his manger to adore Him.  Let us ask Him to purify our hearts so that we can be ready!


* * * * *

Here are two hymns to the Baby Jesus


“Ecce Nomen Domini”

Ecce nomen Domini Emmanuel,        

                           Behold the name of the Lord, Emmanuel,                    

quod annnuntiatum est per Gabriel,                 

                          Which declared has been by Gabriel,

hodie apparuit in Israel:                                   

                          Today has appeared in Israel:

per Mariam Virginem est natus Rex.               

                          through Mary the Virgin is born the King.

Eia!  Virgum Deum genuit,                              

                           Eia!  The Virgin is God’s parent,

ut divina voluit clementia.                                

                            as Divinity has willed in mercy.

In Bethlehem natus est,                                    

                             In Bethlehem born is He,

et in Jerusalem visus est,                                   

                              and in Jerusalem seen is He,

et in omnem terram                                          

                               and in the whole earth

honorificatum est Rex Israel !                           

                                honored is the King of Israel!


 “Puer Natus in Bethlehem”


1.  Puer natus in Bethlehem, alleluia:                   

                                 A child is born in Bethlehem, alleluia:

    Unde gaudet Jerusalem, alleluia, alleluia.         

                                Whence rejoices Jerusalem, alleluia, alleluia,


Refrain:  In cordis jubilo                                   

                                              In heartfelt jubilation

               Christum natum adoremus                  

                                             Christ new-born let us adore,

               Cum novu cantico.                             

                                            With a new song.


2.  Assumpsit carnis Filius, alleluia.                                      

                                   Assumed is flesh (by the) Son, alleluia.

    Dei Patris latissimus, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain). 

                          Of God (the) Father (the) Most High (Son), alleluia, alleluia, (Ref.)

3.  Per Gabrielem nuntium, alleluia,                             

                                    Through Gabriel (as) messenger, alleluia,

    Virgo concepit Filium, alleluia, alleluia.  (Refrain).  

                                   (The) Virgin conceived (a) Son, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

4.  Tamquam sponsus de thalamo, alleluia,         

                                    Like (a) bridegroom from (his) chamber, alleluia,

    Processit Matris utero, alleluia, alleluia.  (Refrain).  

                         He came forth (from His) Mother’s womb,  alleluia, alleluia.(Ref.).

5.  Hic jacet in praesepio, alleluia,                                      

                          Here lies He in (the) manger, alleluia,

    Qui regnat sine termino, alleluia, alleluia.  (Refrain).                

                           Who reigns without end, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

6.  Et Angelus pastoribus, alleluia,                                

                             And (the) Angel to the shepherds, alleluia,

    Revelat quod sit Dominus, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).  

                             Reveals that (He) is (the) Lord, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

7.  Reges de Saba veniunt, alleluia,                                     

                              Kings from Saba are coming, alleluia.

    Aurum, thus, myrrham offerunt, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).       

                          Gold, incense, myrrh they offer, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

8.  Intrantes domum invicem, alleluia,                                    

                              Entering the house, in turn, alleluia,

     Novum salutant Principem, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).     

                                (the) newly born they greet as Prince, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

9.  De Matre natus Virgine, alleluia,                                     

                               Of Mother born (and) Virgin, alleluia,

    Qui lumen est de lumine, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).              

                             (He) who Light is of Light, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

10.  Sine serpentis vulnere, alleluia,                                     

                          Without (the) serpent’s wound, alleluia,

     De nostro venit sanguine, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).               

                             (One) of us He came of our blood, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

11.  In carne nobis similis, alleluia,                                      

                                     In flesh unto us (was He) like, alleluia,         

     Peccato sed dissimilis, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).           

                               As to sin however unlike (us), alleluia,  alleluia. (Refrain).

12.  Ut redderet nos homines, alleluia,                                        

                                 In order to make us men, alleluia,

     Deo et sibi similes, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).             

                              Of God and Himself the images, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

13.  In hoc natali gaudio, alleluia,                                                

                                In this birthday rejoicing, alleluia,

     Benedicamus Domino, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).                    

                               Let us bless (the) Lord, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).

14.  Laudetur sancta Trinitas, alleluia,                                    

                                Praised be (the) holy Trinity, alleluia,

     Deo dicamus gratias, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).                    

                               To God let us give thanks, alleluia, alleluia. (Refrain).


[Source for these two chants:  Chants of the Church, edited and compiled by the Monks of Solesmes, Interlinear Translations by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles E. Spence, Imprimatur, Tornacci, 27 Martii 1953, Julius Lecouvet, Vic. Gen.].

Dec. 22, 2017

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"God and the King": the badge worn by Catholic men of Vendée who bravely fought the masonic attacks against the Church, the King, and all Priests.


“My children, says the Lord, I am coming to show you the place of the one you love. Here is his crown, his weapon for blessing, peace, victory, triumph and liberation.


“Do you hear My voice, My beloved son? You who have been treading a foreign soil for so long! Do you not see the road on which I will send the princes of heavenly hosts to your encounter, in order for that triumph to be as magnificent as the one of a king of predilection? Beloved son, dry out your tears.


« The Lily will be your brother, and My Blessed Mother will be your mother. The crown will bear the emblem of the lily, and the lily will always be blossoming upon your brow. From your forehead, it will blossom upon your throne, from your throne upon France, your preserved kingdom, and from France out beyond French boundaries and even reaching the Eternal City.”              (January 9, 1878)

[Source:  p. 175, Prophecies of La Fraudais].


Reflection on this prophecy :

We children of Holy Mother Church, we exiled ones, are to love this French Monarch who will be the means for the re-establishing of the Seat of St. Peter to His Holiness, the exiled Vicar of Christ.


We are all suffering as we endure this time of generalized apostasy, but we are to love the French Monarch, and pray daily for his coming, for his actions, since his “weapon” will bring the Church Militant “blessing, peace, victory, triumph and liberation.”


In this prophecy, Christ is asking the French Monarch if he can hear His voice, which would seem to indicate that the French Monarch does not yet know of, or perhaps accept, the fact of Pope Gregory XVII’s exiled papacy of 31 years, nor of Pope Gregory XVIII’s current exiled papacy of 26 years.


We who have been given this understanding must pray for the French Monarch daily so that he may help the Papacy in exile, so that this predestined king may understand that Christ’s Vicar is here.


The French Monarch must come to “hear [Christ’s] voice” which is the voice of His Vicar, the Pope.


Christ will be calling the French Monarch, urging him to leave his place of safety where he has been “treading a foreign soil for so long” and make a move toward actions that he must undertake: “the road on which I will send the princes of heavenly hosts to your encounter.”


By putting all of his trust in Divine Providence, doubts, fears, and opposition will dissipate like rising mist, and his triumph will be “magnificent as the one of a king of predilection”; which, of course, the French Monarch is.


He must come to claim what is rightfully his. He must take what is his from the wicked descendants of the masonic revolutionaries.


The French Monarch’s family crest bears the lily, and it is his family, himself and his descendants, who have the Divine Right of Rule.  Theirs is the French throne. 


And, as France is a Catholic country, the Blessed Virgin Mary will be the king’s sure guide, his “mother.”


The French Monarch will be a great Catholic King, whose influence will go “out beyond French boundaries and even reaching the Eternal City.”


Why is Rome, the Eternal City (as it is called) being mentioned in this prophecy?


Because it is this French king who will place the exiled Holy Father upon his rightful throne, the Chair of St. Peter, which is in St. Peter’s Basilica, in Rome. 


Deo gratias!  Here is a prayer of St. Andrew the Apostle, to be recited 15 times a day before Christmas day:

Prayer of St. Andrew the Apostle:

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary at midnight in Bethlehem in the piercing cold.  In that hour, vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, O my God, to hear my prayer, and grant my desires.  Through the merits of our Saviour, Jesus Christ and of His Blessed Mother, Amen.

Please note:  There will be a new Brittany Project blog for Christmas Day.