The Great Monarch Ends Persecution Against True Papacy

Coat of arms of Duchy of Parma, House of Bourbon (1847-1860). The French Monarch who will restore the True Papacy will be a descendant of the murdered king, Louis XVI.

 "The one whom exile is preserving, is the one to march against the Eternal City with the gallant fighters who will have given him assistance.  The august Victim and all his children in faith, will await nothing short of a miracle.  Without such a miracle, nothing can be done; nothing will be able to be restored to a deep peace."   (September 29, 1879, p. 209).


"Let earthly men look for their sceptre.  The one who is to carry it is hiding in the secret of the Eternal. (Abbé Coquet, July 9, 1895, p. 100, ibid).


"When the earth will have been cleansed, through the chastisements, from all the crimes and all the vices with which it is clothed, fair days will return with the Saviour who has been chosen by us, who is still, up to now, unknown to our children." (Sept. 29, 1901, p. 42, ibid).


"A little later on, under a beautiful dawn on a morning filled with hope, the Saviour will come out who will be blessed and chosen by Me to return peace to My chidren in exile.  He will praise My works, uphold My designs, and will be My friends' friend." (Abbé Baudry, December 1, 1896, p. 100, ibid).