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Dec. 29, 2019

Arise, O Lord! And let Thy enemies be scattered!


 MJJP:  Amen! 

May. 18, 2019

JB writes:

I follow Pope Gregory XVIII but only became awake a few years ago. My God-daughter is getting her first "communion" at a false "catholic" church. What am I to do? Thank you.

MJJP:  First of all, JB, as a Catholic, you cannot be a God-father to anyone who is being baptized into a false church!

You can try to speak to this girl's parents, but if they will not listen to the truth, then you must simply pray for their conversions, and continue to include them in your prayers, but not attend.

You may not go to false worship, JB, and this girl will not be receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion at all because the false churches are not in communion with the Holy Father, so they do not have valid or licit priests; they have anti-priests. Thus they have anti-sacraments with no graces whatsoever!

With non-Catholic family and friends, the situation becomes difficult. We may not pray with non-Catholics, and we may not maintain friendships with non-Catholics if they are not willing to listen to the truth and be converted to the Holy Catholic Faith.

Yet we have duties to care for our aging parents, and we have the duty to pray for our family members and to always be kind and truthful.

Perseverance in prayers will obtain their conversions. See the Blessed Virgin Mary's instruction in the prophecy posted on May 18, 2019.

Apr. 22, 2019

Dear MJJP:

How can there be a descendant of King Louis XVI?



MJJP:  Dear Rosa,

While it is true that King Louis XVI's son, King Louis XVII died in prison from illness at age 10, his legitimate heir today would be of the same family bloodlines.

And there were royal survivors of the French Revolution so that several family names exist even today.

For instance, after King Louis XVI's martyrdom, a cousin, also of the house of Bourbon, was put into power, as King Louis XVIII, and then removed (they did not like him either) but they did not kill him.

Saint Michael the Archangel has said that there would be three given the rule of France as Kings, but that they would not last long. He told Marie-Julie that the one Heaven wants, no one will want (at first).

The question is: Who is this fourth French King that God will put into power so that the Papal Chair of Saint Peter can be restored to the true Pope?

Well, Marie-Julie Jahenny was told that his name will be Henri (Henry).

Nov. 25, 2018

John writes:

Please tell us how to prepare.

MJJP replies:

Hi John, 

Thank you for your email. As Catholics, we always have to prepare for a holy death, that is most important. Please see http://www.tcwblog.com

As for preparing the body to survive the coming physical chastisements, Marie-Julie has been told not only of the Three Days of Darkness, but also of a six-week period after the falling of a red, blood-like rain where, if we step outside, we will get sick. The fumes will be poisonous to us.

So we need to prepare water and food for at least two months . The food should be able to be eaten without heating it, in case we have no electric power. Also, being inside, fumes of butane stoves will be poisonous.

Canned food may be eaten without heating, but you and your family should try this to see which is eaten without gagging, or without getting sick from chemical preservatives. Some canned food ideas are: canned potatoes, red beets, green beans, peas, carrots, canned meat, fish, and yes, even pastas in sauces.

Dried foods like crackers, (add jams and peanut butter) beef jerky, etc. These foods do not require heating, but your body body will require more water to digest dried foods.

Fumes can come into your home through pipes & taps. You should be prepared to stuff cloth into pipes and taps, and to use only bottled water (not tap water) for two or three months.

Toileting concerns will also have to be thought out. This website has ideas to help you get started. If you live alone, your own bacteria cannot make you sick, so waste storage when you live alone is not a source for illness. That being said, you can store wood ash to sprinkle over top to kill smells.

For the weeks (months) that will follow, when we will be able to return outside and light fires for cooking, you can look at freeze dried food such as Auguson Farms.

As well, you should store seeds in a cool dry place. These seeds need to be heirloom so that their seeds will generate new plants. The GMO seeds being sold in most markets will NOT generate a new generation of plants for you and your family. So be very careful in reading about the seed company. A good company is Seed Savers, another is The Seed Exchange. There are others. You need to get seeds that will grow in the climate zone where you live. This is most important.

The Editor


Aug. 19, 2018

This is the first I've heard of 6 weeks! Then it's not just blood decomposing!



MJJP:  Hi Margaret, thank you for your email and your excellent comment. It brings up the subject of what this red blood-looking rain actually is. We are told it will coagulate, but will not simply decompose quickly outside as normal coagulated blood would.

We are told that it will take six weeks to decompose.

Frankly, we do not know what this is. There have been red "blood" rains falling in a couple of countries in recent years, but they have not coagulated and stayed on the ground for six weeks.

More importantly, the prophecies about the blood rains tell us that this "blood" rain will make us sick, and that we need to stay indoors.

Now, depending on the situation at the time, you may need to briefly step out to deposit a garbage bag full of bags of human and pet waste if the toilets are not flushing (a probable scenario if pipes have ruptured due to a strong earthquake, for example).

We have to be ready for all scenarios. In fact, since we do not know what this "blood" rain may be, and stepping outside will make us sick, then it is best to turn off all water lines coming into the home for the 6 weeks, and even plug up all taps and toilets with cloths so that stenches cannot come indoors to where we are. The stench might very well be what makes us sick, to breathe this in.

This is why a 6-week bottled water supply (I would recommend 2 months at least) for humans and pets, toileting plans, and storage of ALL waste becomes a priority.

As well, look into plants that clean the indoor air for you, and add oxygen while consuming the CO2 which we breathe out. You can find out what plants NASA is using to do this inside their space station by going to PREPARATIONS at the top menu bar, and then clicking on the sub-heading, SHELTER IN PLACE.