Attacks to Holy Mother Church

The v2 destructions have been all-encompassing. Indeed, blessed are we few who are truly Catholic, in union with Pope Gregory XVIII.  Deo gratias!

The v2 destructions have been all-encompassing. Indeed, blessed are we few who are truly Catholic, in union with Pope Gregory XVIII. Deo gratias!

"If you hear gossips being circulated, gossips about scandals awful by their ugliness; if you see reaching even up to you some poisoned doctrines, be neither surprised nor troubled. That will be a great perdition for the souls with little firmness. Let us leave them working according to their whims: another law will know pretty well how to check them.

"My children, if you knew to how few will amount the number of those who will still uphold faith! If you knew to what an extent those few will suffer contradiction, mockery, insults, being turned in derision!" (p. 140, Prophecies of La Fraudais).

"You will have traps set against you and combats to withstand. Be reserved. Sufferings will be turned into joy, because you will have awaited everything with an admirable patience" (p. 141, ibid).

Christ Undergoes His Second Passion

 All sacramental graces come from Christ's Precious Blood, through the Pope, down to the bishops and priests in union with the Pope.

 But who, dear Lord, is in union with Thy Vicar, He who is in Exile?

Thou promised St. Peter a perpetual papacy, that the gates of hell will not previal, yet very few believe in their hearts that Thy Vicar exists, that He must be searched for until found.  So many souls have lost their Catholic Faith, Dear Lord!  Very few are in union with Holy Mother Church, under Her Vicar, and they will die desolate!

 ". . . [T]he Church will be deprived of the Supreme Chief who is now ruling over it.

"Freedom granted to evil will be complete, and complete the burying of good... .   That will be the day the enemies will have adopted for marching in triumph against the Church because Saint Peter and Saint Paul are venerated as Defenders of the Church.

"The germ of faith will not be destroyed; it will remain; but all the flowers of good will have faded away and decayed.  Evil will report its complete triumph, but good will rise again in all its depth. (January 7, 1880, pp. 119-120, ibid).

"In that second fall, the result will be so great that the major part of the people will live, as of old, without any priest, without Mass, without receiving the Adorable Body.

"I declare that there never have existed a similar epoch.  Never will have taken place so cruel a period... .

"All the demons are going to assemble:  there are a great number of them under a human form... To be satiated they need the flesh of the Lord's ministers, the flesh of Christians and blood proceeding from veins in which faith is flourishing." ( Sept. 29, 1880, p. 121, ibid).

"The Lord Himself is going to suffer a second Passion.  A Passion will take place for all those who are the Lord's representatives and replace Him, for all those who used to do for the benefit of souls what He Himself is doing, for all those who command according to a worthy authority.

"The second Passion, which the Lord is to suffer, those whom the Church calls:  the True Voice, will withstand it.  Those are concerned who follow after the victim (Pope) dragged away along Peter's road, the martyr for the Lord's cause.  All authorities in faith (Bishops) will suffer that Passion on their own paternal sees:  they will have to quit their seats, together with all those who are also commanding under their authority.  All will take to flight in order to escape pursuits and fierce persecutions.  The word in the sun is:  ferocious persecutions.

"They will direct a compulsory summons to all the Lord's representatives, to all of them similarly.  Each one will receive his assignment for departure, the order to abandon the position he occupies.  If he does not submit, he will be condemned to the most shameful, the most severe torture, a torture the like of which will never have existed until then.

"Right away, each one of them wil be obliged to look for a refuge, everywhere and in any place, just like the communion of the faithful.  A refuge will be granted them by charitable souls who will be left, but for a very short time, in peace.  A deadly hatred will be sworn against them, if they can be recognized either from their pictures or from their behaviour.  Hell has it promised that not a single one will escape and that the whole race thereof has to be destroyed.  That is what Hell promises to all spiritual fathers of souls.

"God's Church will turn into a desert. 

"The flood of iniquity will start over again after some peaceful respite, which Hell will allow to take place... .

". . . they will celebrate Satan's service, on the very selfsame altar where the Holy of Holies used to rest.  Those ungodly men, to the full extent they will be able, will force every Christian to attend.  During those infernal ceremonies, everything will be directed against faith and against holy regulations.  Nothing more shameful than the compositions they will draw up to have them repeated by their followers.

"They will spread out perversion, as much as they will be able to do, ... .  That (first) marching will not tear upon flesh, it will be seeking only corruption, preaching against anything which is the object of our belief, against anything taught by Our Lord and the Apostles.

"The sun also reveals that the younger servants of the Lord -- youth -- will be called towards that infernal school which evil laws are establishing everywhere for their loss and their turning away from faith.

"If the prisoner martyr (Pope) [Pope Gregory XVII] directs a call, it will be forbidden, under pain of torture and death, for any kingdom to rush in response to his call."But not all churches will suffer:  the Lord appoints exceptions and will not allow such horrible sacrileges to take place everywhere.

". . . That will be just like on the Mountain of Golgotha.  God's enemies and Hell in arms wait for nothing but a signal." (August 10, 1880, pp. 260-263, ibid).

"Traditional" Catholics and Others Are Warned:

Sacraments that do not have a Papal Mandate by Pope Gregory XVIII will not supply Divine Graces to your soul.

Sacraments that do not have a Papal Mandate by Pope Gregory XVIII will not supply Divine Graces to your soul.

"All the works approved by the infallible Church will, at a certain moment, cease existing such as they are at present time.  They will have lost nothing of their greatness, but they will be as if non-existing.

"That period will not last long, but it will seem like an eternity for the children of the Church who will have become like orphans.

"In that mourning of annihilation, signs striking with wonder will be manifested on earth.  If, because of men's wickedness, Holy Church turns out like darkness, the Lord will also send out darkness which will bring the wicked to a stand on his rushing to evil-doing.  If the Church is to suffer, Her enemies will suffer. (June 1, 1880, p. 269, ibid).

Are You in Communion with Holy Mother Church?

In French:

In French: "I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd attracts everything to Him through the chains of his love."

It is a sacred dogma of the Catholic Faith, that outside the Church there is no salvation.

You are outside the Church (excommunicated) if you have separated yourself by certain sins that go against the laws of Holy Mother Church.

One such law states that Catholics may not participate in non-Catholic worship.

If you have come from the novus ordo, from sedevacantist or sspx "masses" (even in good will) then you have taken part in false worship, which is outside of the True Church and the True Pope now in Exile.

To ask to have any censures you may have incurred lifted, please contact a True Priest in union with the Church in Exile at this link:

Once any censures have been removed, you can be assured that you are in full Communion with the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.