Oct. 7, 2016

A Powerful Prayer to Help Us Get to Brittany

Marie-Julie was a great victim soul, a great fighter for us.  Her weapon was her love for the Truth. 

In preparation for each ecstasy, she prayed to be guided by the Wisdom of the Holy Trinity and to be permitted to walk always in the Truth.

Here is this great treasure, her prayer:

Très Sainte Trinité adorable, éclairez-moi par Vos lumières, dirigez-moi par Vos lumières, conduisez-moi par Vos lumières... Eclairez ma route ô Sainte Trinité, afin que je marche continuellement dans la voie de la vérité.

English translation : 

Most Holy and Adorable Trinity, enlighten me by the Light of Thy Wisdom, direct me by the Light of Thy Wisdom, steer me by the Light of Thy Wisdom . . . Enlighten my road, oh Holy Trinity, so that I walk continually in the path of the Truth.

Pray this prayer every day.  Memorize it and pray it often. 

If we pray this prayer daily, then nothing will be an obstacle when the time comes to leave for Brittany.

Here is a message from our Blessed Mother Mary to us:

“I dread you might be frightened.  Do not be sad, nor wavering in your faith, during those days so close at hand, which cause me to shed torrents of tears about the loss of so many souls.  I will guard you in this corner of Brittany where my name is repeated so well.

“. . . you are loving me and I love you.  Be prudent because the assaults of the enemy are going to be terrible. Be steadfast and determined to live according to your faith. . .” (September 29, 1878; pages 140-141, Prophecies of La Fraudais).

Fear must be conquered, or we will not make it to Brittany.  This emotion has no logic, since the Sacred Heart has prepared Brittany for us.  

With Marie-Julie's prayer to continually walk in the way of Truth, we can put our fears aside with certainty.  

This prayer is a great grace for those of us who pray it faithfully.  JMJ

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