Apr. 7, 2017

The See of the Cross



“You will not see the end of persecution. The one who is to replace him will not see either. The third is going to live a long time; but it will be hard to find him amongst so many destructions.”

[Source: p. 54, Prophecies of La Fraudais, June 6, 1882].

Reflection on this prophecy:

At the Shrine of the Cross (Marie-Julie Jahenny’s home) there is a garden with a path in the shape of a large heart.

The statue of St. Peter greets us at the entrance to this prayer garden. Our Lady of Fatima is also there, and in this special 100 year anniversary of the Apparitions at Fatima, our thoughts turn to the Papacy in Exile, the See of the Cross.

Marie-Julie’s prophecy above refers to the long duration of the persecution against the Catholic Church.  The first exiled pope, Gregory XVII, is the “him”.  He is set apart because His Papacy has to endure the whole of the onslaught of the masonic revolution. In fact, Pope Gregory XVII endures thirty-one years of satanic tyranny, a very slow martyrdom.

Hail, Pope Gregory XVII! Thy place in Heaven must be very great!

The one who replaces him, Pope Gregory XVIII is alive today. He “will not see the end” of this persecution either, so we are some years yet from people recognizing the true Holy Father and coming into the One True Fold, and the much-longed-for Restoration of the Seat of Peter.

That glorious day will certainly have its own feast day in the liturgical year of the future.

Pope Gregory XVIII is, however, not without glory and renown, for as the Monk of Padua prophesies, it is during this holy Pope’s lifetime that the world is saved from annihilation, thanks to an action of the sun:

“Thanks to an excellent work of the sun, the earth has nourished the devoted flock of a most holy shepherd – our very Holy Father Gregory XVIII, a priest altogether admirable.”

[Source:  pp. 175, The Prophets and Our Times, by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton, TAN Publishers, original Imprimatur 1941].


Marie-Julie’s prophecy continues:

“The third is going to live a long time; but it will be hard to find him amongst so many destructions.” So the next Successor, the third Pope in Exile, who is still to reign, will be the one to live in a world of destruction (past the Three Days of Darkness Chastisement) and on-going, world-wide conflicts.  He will endure a long reign in Exile, “liv[ing] a long time” but for the most part, souls will not know about him.

Once the Church in Exile is forced into the post-electronic age -- following the Three Days of Darkness – the current online and telephonic outreach to souls will cease.  

We faithful souls will be on our own to remain united to the Church in Exile through our fidelity. It will require strength of character, and a will of iron.

We will have to try to convert other survivors during a time of no access to the Holy Sacraments, perhaps for years.

It is then that we will really cling to Our Holy Mother, Her Holy Rosary, and the See of the Cross, the Pope in Exile. Even if we do not learn the Holy Father’s Papal Name, our Faith will convince us of his Papacy, and we will stay united to Him through prayer.


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"We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra