Apr. 14, 2017

The Tree of Faith Endures

“Leaves are still green on the tree of Faith. Several roots, still left fresh, have been cut off just a short time ago. The Lord says:

‘My children, the suffering which is being prepared will be more terrible than anything that may have existed from the very beginning of the world. Nevertheless, throughout the whole Universe, there have ever been sorrows, disputes, wars and overturnings.’

“Now the Lord has me see a worm-eaten tree, which flies into dust as soon as someone touches it.

‘Apparently,' He says, 'here is a dead tree reduced to corruption.’

“Then he has me see a multitude of individuals walking up along the road. There are three gangs:  the men’s gang, the young men’s gang, and the women’s. Among these latter, the younger ones are walking first.

The Lord says:

‘My victim, that tree is spent. However, it preserves, in its heart, one branch covered with greenery. It is hiding under the dust.’

“I looked over, but could not see it. He had me see it. I read: tree of the faith hiding under the worm-eaten part.

The men’s gang manages to climb upon the tree; but it is impossible for them to succeed. They attempt it for three times. They are pushed backwards, I do not know by what. They try it for the fourth and get irritated at being unable to succeed. I think their eyes do not see the Lord, Who, nevertheless, is standing there. They go away furious.

“The second gang, made up of the young men, come closer. They are bringing stones along, in order to climb more easily. But the tree does not bend over, it is impossible to damage it whatsoever. As soon as they reach its top, they stiffen up, because there stems the green branch. They blaspheme and attempt fresh endeavours: all is in vain.

“The third gang, the women’s, is still more evil-doing. They would like to turn the tree upside down, to split it in four parts with sharp instruments. But from the worm-eaten tree grows the green branch, assuming a new vigor which proves the power of the Lord.

“Men and women are infuriated: they make ready to kindle a huge fire to reduce the whole tree to ashes; but the tree of faith opposes resistance, and the green branch shows in its most beautiful sap.

‘Fire and flame, resumes the Lord, ‘will never succeed in destroying the tree of faith.’

The tree is being transplanted and turns green over again, just as if it had never been overthrown. The pruned branches are welded back together, just as if they had never been cut off."

[Source: pp.143-4, Prophecies of La Fraudais, February 3, 1878].

Reflection on this prophecy:

This suffering that is more terrible than anything that may have existed from the very beginning of the world” is spiritual, and stems from the masonic infiltrations which have pained many, many Popes in the past.  

The culmination of these insidious efforts has been the takeover of the Vatican towards the end of the Conclave of 1958.

The controlled (masonic) Vatican's deception of almost seventy years has left only a small number of souls who know the True Catholic Faith.

Sadly, too many souls no longer know or believe in the Sacred Dogmas.

The tree of Faith, devastated, is the central figure of this prophecy.

It is “apparently . . . a dead tree reduced to corruption”

But the word to notice here is “apparently”

As we know, appearances can be deceiving; especially when that Church is Christ’s Church, the spotless Bride with supernatural graces!

The Bride of Christ preserves, in [Her] heart, one branch covered with greenery. It is hiding under the dust." This greenery symbolizes spiritual life, the Pope and the Church.  The fact that it is "hiding under the dust" means that it is living unknown, in Exile. 

The gangs who advance upon the Catholic Faith, to try to destroy it, are of no surprise to us now, for we know them well. We still suffer under their tyrannies.

The "men's group . . . manages to climb upon the tree, but it is impossible for them to succeed." Here seems a clear reference to the masonic infiltration of Holy Mother Church, whose sole aim is the taking over of the Papacy.

In the Conclave of 1958, Jewish freemasonry attempts to control the election.  I suggest the following interpretation to my readers:

Marie-Julie sees that they do this for the first three ballots, but they are "pushed backwards". She says she "do[es] not know by what"  but it must be by the Holy Ghost, because she goes on to say that "their eyes do not see the Lord, Who, nevertheless, is standing there."

Again, the men's group tries to take control of the papal election, "for the fourth [time],"  the fourth ballot (?).


We know that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri is elected on the fourth ballot. He accepts, and chooses the name Gregory XVII.


The men's group fails because God will not let them take the actual Papacy, and they "get irritated at being unable to succeed."  But the global deception must begin, and so they put in their impostors.


Each wave of attacking gangs seeks to scandalize Catholics and destroy their Faith.



The young men's group may be the young seminarians and just-ordained who promote the false knowledge of the v2 sect. 


It is shocking to see that the “gang [of women], is still more evil-doing" than even the former groups. 

This group of women is difficult to discern, but it is probably feminism, which aims to destroy Catholic women and families firstly through an attack on modest dress. Pope Gregory XVII warns the women in Genoa, through a brilliantly-written Episcopal letter, of the moral dangers to themselves, their children, and family life, through the wearing of pants. 


Feminism also introduces licentiousness through contraception and the legalised murder of babies as "a right" for the freedom for all women, which is a false teaching. The death toll of the babies who are still being murdered around the world must now be in the millions!

We are living through a violent, satanic time, and the Catholic Faith has been destroyed in many souls. When Marie-Julie Jahenny looks at the Tree of Faith for signs of life, she cannot see any life there at all.

There is no Faith in that impostor zionist-masonic parody; it is just dead, worm-eaten wood.

But the "one branch covered with greenery" is there nonetheless, hidden, in Eclipse: Pope Gregory XVII His Cardinals and the few Faithful souls!

God is the Careful Gardener, who does what is best for His Tree so that It survives this long season of blight.

As the beginning of this prophecy states, "roots, still left fresh," have been "cut off" to be saved from the destruction.

These green roots of True Faith which have been preserved would seem to be the Faith found in individual souls. We can then logically conclude that these roots represent Popes Gregory XVII and Gregory XVIII, prelates, priests, and other persons of Faith and courage who follow and protect Holy Mother Church, whose Head is the True Papacy.

God then “transplant[s]” these roots so that Holy Mother Church will flourish elsewhere.

Where is the Seat of Peter to be transplanted?

This is fascinating to contemplate. We know from Marie-Julie’s prophecies that Rome will be, for the most part, destroyed. So it is unlikely that the Papal Restoration will be able to take place in Rome.

Perhaps the French Monarch, who will recognize the Holy Father before all men, will give a place to Peter's Successor from where He and His Hierarchy can help this Tree of Faith to turn “green over again, just as if it had never been overthrown.”

Souls will be given the great Grace of Faith, and they will come into Holy Mother Church for the first time.

Baptized souls who had been lost in deceiving sects will find their way home again, so that the “pruned branches are welded back together, just as if they had never been cut off.”

May our family members, friends and neighbors live to be converted to the True Faith, so that they may take part in this miraculous return of the stolen children!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, save souls!

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!

 Have a Blessed Easter, everyone!  Pray your daily Rosaries in order to be strong!

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"We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra