Jul. 14, 2017

Jacinta's Visions of a Pope who is Rejected!

How did the Church become eclipsed?  Factions hostile to the Holy Father gained the upper hand after his election and pushed Him aside.


PLEASE NOTE:  The July Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima is in the previous blog post.


Jacinta saw the Holy Father's sufferings!


After the July 13th apparition by the Blessed Virgin Mary, we have an account of the children praying the reparation prayer taught to them by the angel, and also, Jacinta begins to have visions of the Holy Father, who is in a large house:


“At other times, the better to concentrate on the things that filled their hearts, the children would separate, and it was on one of these occasions, while Jacinta sat alone, that she had a vision which disturbed her very much. When it had passed, and she was able to rouse herself, she called for Lucia, who was off a little distance, searching for wild honey with Francisco. Lucia returned, quite calm, and since it seemed to Jacinta impossible that she could be favored with any experience that was not revealed to her cousin as well, she was puzzled.


“ ‘Lucia-- didn’t you see the Holy Father?’

“ ‘No.’

“ ‘You didn’t? Well, I don’t know how it happened, but I saw the Holy Father in a very big house. He was kneeling before a table. He had his hands held to his face and he was crying. I saw him get up and go to the door of the house, but when he got to the door there were a lot of people swearing horribly at him, and throwing stones. The poor Holy Father, Lucia—we must pray for him too!’


"Another place still favored by the children, was the field called the Cabeço. It was not only the place where they had twice beheld the angel, but it had remained for them a secure, dependable shelter from the endless intrusions of curious people. Here, too, Jacinta had an experience not shared by her cousins. They had been prostrated on the ground, repeating and repeating the prayer of atonement taught to them by the angel, when suddenly Jacinta leaped up.


“ ‘Francisco! Lucia! Can’t you see all those streets and roads and fields that are filled with people? They are crying with pitiful hunger. And the Holy Father is in a church, praying to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Can’t you see him?’


“No, the others admitted, such a sight was not granted to them. There certainly appears to not have been any competitive striving for place or distinction among these three good friends of the Lord.”

[Source:  pp. 100-101, The True Story of Fatima, by Fr. John de Marchi, imprimatur 1952].


What Marie-Julie was told of this Holy Father, Pope Gregory XVII:


“ ‘My children, says Jesus, here is therefore My new representative placed in the position at the head of the Universe. A great deal will have to be suffered. Hell will launch a last battle against the earth; and the earth is going to launch an ultimate struggle against My representative. His charge is quite heavy. There will be a need for a man as strong as a mountain, and a mind out of the ordinary, to stand such a revolution and such a slaughter.


“ ‘This dear and worthy representative will have joined in a new covenant to uphold My Holy Church at the height of the storm.


“ ‘Sorrows, tortures, contempt, he is going to get everything … down to the spittles. They will even reach the point of leading him to the stone of the First Pontiff. They will tell him:  ‘Deny your faith, leave us with our freedom.’ But his faith will remain steadfast and consistent. I will be the One who will have given such a Pontiff. Pray for him who is to behold, under his own gaze, a fierce revolution. Until death, his hand will keep hold of the Cross and will not leave it go.


“ ‘Pray, I beseech you, because faith and religion will be trampled underfoot by those evil doers.’ ” (March 9, 1878)

[Source:  pp. 218-9, Prophecies of La Fraudais ].

Reflection on these prophecies of our besieged Pope Gregory XVII:


It is said that when Pope Gregory XVII returned from the Conclave of 1958, the one that elected him and then exiled him, he showed up with a boxed cake at his parents’ home that Sunday afternoon, to celebrate their relief that he had not been elected, and that their son’s life would not be made impossibly difficult.


How sad that he could not share the burden of his Exiled Papacy with even his own parents at that moment!


For this Holy Pontiff, our suffering Pope Gregory XVII, there was to be no rest, as he constantly battled the forces that always sought to strip Holy Mother Church of her life-sustaining Graces.  -- Consider that the novus ordo even nullified Baptism in the early 1970’s.


By the mid-1960’s, by the time both of his parents have died, there is only one close cardinal still living, from those few who had staunchly supported him. By the time the Holy Father writes the memoire of his father, Mio Padre, in the mid-1970’s, this electing cardinal and friend has also died, and the Holy Father, the youngest cardinal at the 1958 Conclave, is utterly alone.


A strong Catholic, and a laureate scholar, this Holy Father was indeed “as strong as a mountain, and [he had] a mind out of the ordinary”. 



Those who will not obey the Holy Father today, His Holiness Pope Gregory XVIII, and who only pay lip service to Pope Gregory XVII’s papacy because, frankly, he is dead and they do not have to follow him, had better pay close attention to the words of Christ our Lord:


“This dear and worthy representative will have joined in a new covenant to uphold My Holy Church at the height of the storm.”



Pope Gregory XVII did uphold Holy Mother Church, by enduring his Exile of thirty-one years -- long enough to pass on the Papacy when it was God’s Time to do so.


As the Monk of Padua’s prophecy (1740) regarding this Holy Pontiff points out: 


 “Thou art the Angelic Pastor of Rome, O benevolent doctor, O most indulgent father --- Hail Gregory XVII, most Holy Father, necessary shepherd.”

[Source:  p. 174, The Prophets and Our Times, by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton, TAN Publishers, original Imprimatur 1941].


Are we commencing on the “height of the storm”? Certainly we have a fierce battle to restore the Papal Throne to His Holiness, in the eyes of a disbelieving world. And we are also possibly facing a future of fierce persecutions at the hands of a worldwide emperor (the antichrist) and his global forces.


But we, the few Faithful, are not orphaned.

Deo gratias for Popes Gregory XVII and Gregory XVIII!

  "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam,Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra