Advocacy of Saint Joseph

Mar. 18, 2018

March 19, 2018: Today we honour Saint Joseph, whose duty it was to protect the Christ Child, and who is the Protector of Holy Mother Church. This powerful Saint's requests to his Son are never refused!



We greet thee, oh glorious Saint Joseph, in the name of thy Divine Jesus, thy son, and in the name of thy Immaculate and Holy Spouse.

Glorious Saint Joseph, the earth reclaims the help of thy prayers. Have pity on all the souls who implore thy help. Through a pure Aurora thou foresee the sweetness of thy Son, but thou also foresees his justice. Rise from the throne of glory which thy Son has prepared for thee, and tell the world:

“Earth, rise to proclaim my name. For you, oh earth, I will be a powerful help.”

Remember, oh glorious Joseph, that the earth is under thy protection. Thou wilt come to rescue the earth. Thou wilt offer to the children of the Saviour the palm of prayer, the palm of combats, and the palm of victory.

Glory be to Jesus, glory be to his Mother, glory be to Saint Joseph.  Amen.




“My children,” says Saint Joseph, “you must tread all apprehensions under your feet. You must not tremble at the approach of the anger of the Lord. You have to stay calm and no more come out. This is a privilege given to the children of Brittany.

Near my divine Son, I have pleaded for the triumph of the Church, which is dear to me. I am also the protector.

I have seen the Tree of Faith sustain three terrible battles, but I have not seen any leaf wither. I have pleaded the cause of the Church, and I have said:

“My Son, I would like that you give him the triumph, but without neither victims nor bloodshed.”

I understood that it would be a lot of suffering, a lot of tortures, and of blood in order to save the profaned and sullied Church.

Immediately I pleaded for the peace and tranquility of the Holy Father. My Son replied:

“The Holy Father will suffer torments which will be beyond his strength. He will be thrown and dejected, pushed and repelled, like the sea when it contravenes.

--Saint Joseph, I do not know what you want to say with this word:  contravene.

--My child, it is when, during storms, the clouds are entrenched, pushed by the opposing winds.

I have asked for the triumph of Saint Peter, and my Son has replied:

My Father, when there will have been enough victims and blood spilled, this is the time of his triumph.

Look, my child, how many evils will be commonplace. No one can understand them before they are come.

With tenderness and generosity, I have pleaded for the poor priests of the Church. My Son has replied:

“My Father, the zealous Apostles, my Priests, will have one consolation:  they will suffer, however, since they are the columns of the Church. But woe to him who goes up to the altar with a veiled conscience, woe to him whose heart’s fibre will be one on the right and the other on the left.

I have pleaded about their apostasy and my Son has replied:

“This is what makes me suffer the most! To see those apostatize who, in the priesthood, have dedicated themselves to my service! My Father, when all these forfeitures will have spread from one end of the world to the other, the earth will be in the greatest scandal.”

I have pleaded for this unhappy France and my Son has replied:

“My Father, I see France in a terrible ugliness … She is so sullied, that no source will be able to wash her.”

My children, my Son is calling France:  the deluge of iniquity. Despite his curse, my Son will give the gift of protection to many families who will have behaved charitably in the faith and gratitude for Divine Grace. They will be protected, but they will have to flee, like me when I fled into Egypt.

--But Saint Joseph, we, we have no Egypt.

--Brittany will be Egypt.

… I have also spoken strongly in favour of religious communities and here, my children, is the word of my Son:

“All the cloisters, those places of peace, will have to suffer very much, and from there will come out a great number of martyrs. Those who tend the traps to my Church will persecute the cloistered souls.”

Saint Joseph has prayed equally for husbands, wives, celibates, young boys and young girls.

“My children, adds Saint Joseph, plagues of all kinds are reserved for the earth. Pests and calamities will come with these times. To indicate morality, in places, the mortuary drape should be placed on the Church! Out of these plagues will come out corruption and iniquity. I am warning you, since my Son orders it.”

My children, in these next years, extraordinary phenomena will happen. You must be warned, so that you will be without fear. My Son has told me: “My Father, I confide these revelations to you; make them known among my people.”

There will be something strange in the thunder. There will also be lightnings without thunder: during the half-days, the earth will be covered. These extraordinary signs can only come from my Son. My children, fear nothing:  the lightnings will not do you any harm, but they will reach others. The power of my Son must be manifested in a noisy way, since disbelief is so great!    

                                                                                 (March 19, 1878)

[Source: pp. 119 – 122, Le Ciel en Colloque, more prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny, translated from the original French].