Sep. 15, 2018

The Universe Will Be Almost Overthrown

The statue of Our Lady of Pontmain, showing the Mother of God as she appeared, wearing a black veil and a gown of golden stars, and sadly holding a totally red crucifix before her.

In this prophecy, Marie-Julie Jahenny mentions this apparition of the Mother of God on January 17, 1871, and, indeed, there seems to be a connection with today:

“My victim,” says Jesus, “you see how the fatal hour is going to be roaring over France and beyond. Good and evil are going to fight against one another. For a while, evil will be prevailing, but will soon yield in front of good. The universe will be almost overthrown, because My people are guilty.

“I promised the chastisements from Heaven would blot out the corrupt race. Time will be coming up. I will close the wicked’s mouths. I will take them by surprise with My Justice. I cannot stand evil anymore. I happen to be like in a swimming pool where water overcomes Me:  I am submersed.”

--That is true, Lord. From Pontmain and the Apparition of Our Lady of Hopes, if our outcries had not reached Thee, we would have been already thunderstruck by Thee.

“I will again let myself be moved; but that will be only after the destruction I promised. Those I will have spared amidst ashes will be France’s glory.”

--O Lord, I see Thy Justice upon France.

“That will be a terrible period for the ungrateful and the wicked, which moment will be fearless in behalf of the Just.

“I will be trampled underfoot: My love prison will be desecrated, but I will be there no more. My ministers will have withdrawn Me and carried [Me] away, hiding [Me] upon their heart. My temple will be blemished and filled with horror, but that moment will last for a short while. My sanctuary will be closed for you; but I will be with you, and those days will be quick passing.

“The culprit France will see blood running: My sorrow will be a bitter one, but I will remain unmoved. The earth will have its thirst quenched with martyrs’ blood and with that of the wicked: the former claiming Mercy, the latter, Avenging.” (October 24, 1877)

 [Source: pages 83-84, Prophecies of La Fraudais, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

Reflection on this prophecy:

The situation in which we are living today is described perfectly, and painfully, in this prophecy. The exile of the Pope and the Church, that “fatal hour”, has affected everyone around the world, not just the French, and not just the baptized.

What a fitting prophecy for today's feast day of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Our enemy had their day on October 26, 1958, but that war is still being fought daily by we who are loyal to His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVIII. As Christ tells Marie-Julie: “Good and evil are going to fight against one another.”

Since the takeover of 1958, the worst consequence of the Silent Exile has been the invisibility of the actual Pope. It has resulted in a difficult situation where “evil [is] prevailing”, as most people unknowingly follow satanic impostors.

They have no idea that they are in a satanic sect, and that the Catholic Church, Christ’s Church, His Bride, is hidden, underground.

Can you see Christ’s Crucifixion here? Yes, this Silent Exile is truly the ignominious death of Christ on the Cross!

We are assured that this battle will turn around, and that evil “will soon yield in front of good”.

But it will not be an easy turning around. Souls have become accustomed to sin: “The universe will be almost overthrown, because My people are guilty.”

In other words, the very people who think themselves Catholic will be fighting against the Papal Restoration of Pope Gregory XVIII and His Successors, because they will love the sinful guiles of their anti-popes more than they will love the narrow path of the Truth.

How shameful and how sad!

But this adherence to evil will not last much longer. Christ reassures us through Marie-Julie of His Promise to “blot out the corrupt race” with His Chastisements.

Christ’s Promise to us is specific: “Time will be coming up. I will close the wicked’s mouths. I will take them by surprise with My Justice.”

He tells us that He “cannot stand evil anymore” because the Truth of Christ as the means to salvation is being suppressed everywhere.

This imposed silence of the Truth of Christ is corrupting even the most innocent minds with the hopeless emptiness of materialistic atheism.

We can understand Christ being “submersed” as Christ being “suppressed” when He complains to Marie-Julie, saying: “I happen to be like in a swimming pool where water overcomes Me:  I am submersed.”

Marie-Julie knows that the enemies of Christ will gain this power over people’s minds worldwide; she has been shown all of this.

She mentions “Pontmain and the Apparition of Our Lady of Hopes” as a guide for how we should pray with hope to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during these times when evil is permitted so much power by the free will of men and women.

Here is a basic overview of the main points of the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Pontmain:

This apparition to the children living in a small hamlet called Pontmain, on January 17, 1871, lasts three hours. The Blessed Virgin Mary appears over a farm, up in a darkened sky, wearing a black veil. Her garment is full of golden stars.

After the Holy Rosary is recited by the children who can see Her, and the adults who have come to join with them (even though they cannot see Her), the Blessed Virgin shows them a totally red crucifix, which she sadly holds in Her hands. Her gold crown has a red stripe across it. Her garment changes, becoming so full of stars that it appears totally golden to the children.

[Recall that stars are symbols of the Priesthood (Fr. Herman Bernard Kramer’s book, The Prophets and Our Times, imprimatur 1956)].

Then a banner opens underneath the Blessed Virgin Mary and the following words slowly appear on the banner:

But pray, my children. God will hear you in time. My Son allows Himself to be touched.

There are two key things to understand from this apparition:

One is the message on the banner, promising that Christ will be moved by prayer and begging. He will convert those for whom we intercede!

This is a powerful promise!

In this week's MJJ prophecy, just as Christ our Lord is telling Marie-Julie that “[t]ime will be coming up. [That He] will close the wicked’s mouths”, Marie-Julie agrees, but then reminds Him of the promise of His Holy Mother at Pontmain.

She is clever, our dear friend Marie-Julie! You can see how she reminds Christ of His Mother's promise; that is, His own promise (at Pontmain) that He will be moved by our prayers and show pity.

The second key thing to understand from this apparition is that it is connected to our times through the totally red crucifix which our Blessed Mother holds before Her, looking at it with a painful sadness.

The bright red colour is all over the wood of the Cross, as well as all over the image of the Corpus (Body) of our Crucified Lord.

Have Catholics ever seen such a thing before, so shocking and so ugly, such a violent way to represent the crucified Humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Well, we recently did see a statue totally painted in the same manner, with the same ugly red colour:

Recall the current anti-pope, Mr. B., welcoming the heretic Luther’s statue to the Vatican and the novus ordo “church”. This statue is of the same shade of red as the Crucifix shown by Our Lady of Pontmain!!

What can this entire colouring with red mean?

Consider what the colour red can symbolize in Western cultures: war, blood, death, martyrdom, but also satan and satanism.

Surely this totally red painting is satanic, for it is used to paint a statue of Luther, a Catholic priest who left Christ’s Church (apostatized) and whose false doctrines continue to take countless souls with him!

As it is the first time that such a painted statue has appeared publicly since the totally red crucifix being held by the sad Virgin Mother of God, this makes a clear connection between the two events.

So what are we to do today, knowing that we are living in the presence of such evil, so that everyone around us has such a deep hatred for Christ, His Church, and His followers?

We are to pray to the Sacred Heart and beg Him to convert souls and spare souls from dying unholy deaths. We must not only beg for our loved ones, but for strangers also.

We must remember, in all humility, that these souls are the product of their parents and grandparents living without the Holy Sacraments for 60 years!

“I will be trampled underfoot: My love prison [the tabernacle] will be desecrated, but I will be there no more.”

Without truly ordained Priests who are in communion with the exiled Pope, what sacramental graces are to be had?

As Christ tells Marie-Julie: “My sanctuary will be closed for you”.

Who among us can fight against such an onslaught of evil for so many years without great graces from God?

This time of the Exile of the Papacy is a mystery, and it too is shown in the Apparition of Our Lady of Pontmain:

Toward the end of this Church-approved Apparition, two white crosses appear, one over each shoulder of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Symbolically, white symbolizes innocence, and crosses symbolize suffering, as well as martyrdom.

Do these white crosses symbolize the sufferings of Pope Pius XII and Pope Gregory XVII? Are they representational of the See of the Cross; that is, of the Popes in Exile, Popes Gregory XVII and Gregory XVIII?

Certainly, the date of January 17 would suggest Pope Gregory XVII (17), and the totally red crucifix would then indicate the beginning of the satanic takeover in the Vatican.

And what of the Church in Exile today? Can we hope that the Silent Exile will end soon?

Yes, Christ tells us that this time of suffering and Exile will not last long: “[T]hose days will be quick passing”.

For we who are in communion with Christ's Vicar, Pope Gregory XVIII, Christ has this assurance: “I will be with you.”

But we must endure the suffering that is always placed upon us, and we must prepare ourselves for that final imitation of Christ, our martyrdom, if it is His Will for us:

“The earth will have its thirst quenched with martyrs’ blood and with that of the wicked: the former claiming Mercy, the latter, Avenging.”

 And what of the conversion of our loved ones, friends, and other sinners? Christ promises us that He will answer our prayers, yes, but not until after the Chastisements:

“I will again let myself be moved; but that will be only after the destruction I promised. Those I will have spared amidst ashes will be France’s glory.”

So we must have holy Hope. We must pray for Papal Restoration first and foremost, because millions of souls depend upon this.

We must also pray that our loved ones, and those who will convert, will survive the coming Chastisements so that they may be saved from an eternity in hell and become great Saints.

May Our Lady of Hopes help us to continually beg the Sacred Heart of Jesus, up to our dying breaths, for the healing of sinners in body, mind, and soul.

  "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra