Oct. 12, 2018

Reassuring Hearts

In this prophecy, the Blessed Mother of God holds out her Immaculate Heart to us.

 While in ecstasy, Marie-Julie says to Mrs. Gregoire:

“Mother, this morning my Good Immaculate Mother showed me all of Heaven, all of the designs of her Adorable Son, each of the graces for fathers, for mothers, for brothers, for sisters. She was holding, at her feet, many hearts, all filled with a bursting vigor.”

The Holy Virgin tells me:

“My children, these reassuring hearts at my feet represent all the hearts which have gained victory under the Empire of Grace.”

She opens her white cloak, presents her Heart for my contemplation, and says:

“My children, this Heart is, after that of my Divine Son, the source of all graces.”

She takes forth from the foundation of her Heart a white cross which carries a crown of flowers in white and red buds. She says:

“My children, this cross which my Son has given me and which I come to present to you carries three written words:

I read:

  1. A [period of] time is stopped to accomplish, on you and by you, the promise of my graces.
  2. The return of my first victim is prepared. The moans and worries will no longer pass over her head, before she tastes the reward of her King and Father of Heaven.
  3. Heaven no longer closes for you with every vision. You see it out of the ecstasy, and keep the marvelous sight.

… Yesterday, the good Saviour told me that his great victim was nearer to his consolation than he thought, and we also.

 (Allusion to the approaching death of Father David, which Mrs. Gregoire could not yet guess).

“… The time is not far off when the trembling of the earth will occur. My Son can no longer endure satan’s reign over His people. The great era, my children, is not far off.

(Mrs. Gregoire – 2 August 1884)

[Source: pages 116-117, Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

Reflections on this prophecy:

Mrs. Gregoire's name is next to the date of this prophecy because she was the secretary who recorded the ecstasy. This good Catholic woman was not only a loyal friend to Marie-Julie Jahenny, a staunch believer in the prophecies, and a volunteer secretary who diligently wrote down some of the ecstasies over the years, but she was also one who looked after Marie-Julie, and so we see in this prophecy and elsewhere in other prophecies, that Marie-Julie calls her good friend “Mother.”

Well has she merited that title! For we can see here that Mrs. Gregoire is Marie-Julie’s confidante.

With the directness of a child, Marie-Julie relates to Mrs. Gregoire the visions of Heaven that she has seen that morning. Souls are described as having “a bursting vigor”, from their joy of being held by the Blessed Virgin Mary, all arranged “at her feet, many hearts,...”

Who are these souls? Those who have “gained victory under the Empire of Grace.” We can therefore suppose that these are the souls who have received the graces for conversion before their deaths.

Recall that Saint Bernard attributes the gaining of such a victory through recourse to the Blessed Virgin Mary: “[T]he Almighty has placed in her hands the plenitude of all his graces, because he desires that those he bestows upon us, should pass through the hands of his mother.” Likewise, Saint Anselm, teaches that the Blessed Virgin Mary “has so much merit before God, that it is impossible she should not obtain the accomplishment of her desires; [as she] has heard the prayers of her suppliants, and obtained the grace of conversion for [poor sinners], heretofore miserably lost in the paths of irreligion and infidelity.” (http://www.aihmary.com/433744259)

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Queen of this “Empire of Grace”.

Devotion to our Queen’s Immaculate Heart obtains this grace of deathbed conversions, and so, the Blessed Virgin Mary “opens her white cloak, [and] presents her Heart for [Marie-Julie’s] contemplation”, so that she (and we) will understand the devotion that attains such great intervention and results in such great graces.

–Imagine: with our era’s all-pervasive spiritual Chastisement, to be able to get the graces nonetheless to save baptised souls from an eternity in Hell!—

May we learn this devotion well and carry it out always with charity and deep gratitude!

And we should also realize the greatness of the revelation made by the Mother of God in this prophecy of 1884, when she declares that “this Heart is, after that of my Divine Son, the source of all graces.”

And the Mother of God then presents to us, from the foundation of her Heart a white cross which carries a crown of flowers in white and red buds.”

She gives this white cross to Marie-Julie, to France, to we who are in union with the See of the Cross.

Is it then a white cross to represent the See of the Cross, the Papacy and the Church in Exile?

Certainly, with the Papacy pushed aside, silenced since the death of Pope Pius XII, we have the Crucifixion of the Church.

Remember the prayer that Marie-Julie was taught to say in adoration of the Cross of Christ:

O Crux Ave, spes unica !   (I hail you, Cross, our only hope!)

Remember that Marie-Julie was told that our devotion to the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ would be the hope for our salvation.

Let us then, each one of us, unite our heart, mind, and soul, to the Pope in Exile. Desire to be spiritually with him, to suffer this exile with him.

The crown of white and red rose buds then symbolically represents the graces that we can gain from this union with the Pope in Exile, the Church in Exile: white being the purity that we will obtain for our souls, and red being the martyrdom that we will undergo willingly, as much in small daily privations or persecutions as in the greatest sacrifice -- if we should be so blessed!

The Mother of God then shows Marie-Julie three pronouncements, whose wording appears on the cross itself:

1. That Marie-Julie will be used to delay the coming of the Great Chastisements: “A [period of] time is stopped to accomplish, on you and by you, the promise of my graces.”

The Great Chastisements are, firstly, the Exile of the Papacy and thus the Church, and, secondly, the still-to-come Three Days of Darkness.

2. The second pronouncement remains a mystery: “The return of my first victim is prepared" appears in French in the masculine form, indicating the death of Father David, the priest about whom the notation is made. But then the reference is of a female: "The moans and worries will no longer pass over her head, before she tastes the reward of her King and Father of Heaven.” Yet Marie-Julie lives for a long time beyond the time of this prophecy, so the reference cannot be to her. Could it refer to the Church in her Exile, meaning that She will not be in Exile for very long?

3. And lastly, there is the promise that Marie-Julie will be given the consolation to remember, after her ecstasies, all that she has seen of Heaven, Christ our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the other Angels and Saints during her ecstasies.

Our Blessed Mother warns us; soon there will be upheavals (spiritual and earthly): “… The time is not far off when the trembling of the earth will occur.”

The destruction of Catholic life since 1958 has been horrific. The physical destruction from the 3 Days of Darkness will also prove horrific.

The satanic influences which have earthly power over everyone and everything, except the Exiled Papacy and Church, “can no longer [be] endure[d] by our Merciful Christ."

He both warns and reassures us with: “The great era, my children, is not far off.”

You see, after the 3 Days of Darkness, the devil and his minions will be back in hell. However long it is that God will give us, one thing is certain: we will no longer be fighting the devil unchained, as we are now.

Deo gratias! And may our devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary gain the salvation of the many souls who are presented to us from day to day.

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