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Ecstasy of 6 April 1880

We give an extract of the first part of the ecstasy. It is the matter of a green palm, a recompense of the works of the Cross and an announcement of the spread of the messages of La Fraudais.

Satan struggles and threatens.

The Lord does not say I will reveal but: the sun, for me, will reveal.

“A palm” He adds, “is indicated for the work; that will be the green palm of the victims of the Cross. She will say everywhere the good that the Cross must operate [cause to happen]. The always-green palm will carry to friends like a perfect book which contains all understandings, and which no one will be able to doubt.”

She will be like a book! Her sheets are multiplied, but I only see the reverse.

“Dear friends who are waiting,” says the Lord, “content yourselves with My promise.

“It is in the white part of the sun,” continues Jesus, “that My less sad communications will pass, those which are mixed with a little bit of hope. My Justice, and all that must perish, will pass in the dark bottom part [of the sun], in huge and immeasurable numbers; because, who can probe My Power? All that which is less consoling, and, in a word, mortal, will pass at the bottom [of the sun]. From now on, there will only be the sun.”

Words of Our Lord which add: “Rest now, dear children.”


I am no longer afraid. I see, basically, the summary of what God wants from us; but I am not frightened any more, despite the many and great missions we must accomplish. The revelations will be constantly changing. I rely on the light which, I hope, will not lack in anything, either for the Divine, either for the human, and all that God requires. It will be for the good of some, and for the woe of others.

I see an angel who comes to find me and who tells me:

“I am Saint Raphael. I bring to you, on the part of priests, a drop of blood, in exchange of Holy Communion and to compensate you.

--You are the Angel Raphael?... Show me this drop of blood… I do not believe you.

“Here,” he says, pulling out a vial…

(At this instant, the Priest from Gavre gives a blessing to Marie-Julie who stops to receive it [the vial] and gives it back):

--This is not the Blood of my Jesus. I smell it; it is infected.

“Believe and put faith in what I tell you.”

--I don’t believe you… My Jesus!... You are Satan, you are Quéquet! [Little Pig].

“I am the friend of your strongest and most robust friends.”

--You are unmasked! You are a French mason, Robespierre… Satan, leave!

“Due to this insult, you will not enter into this light…”

--It is not yours.

“I am the boss of that which you come to see…”

--Oh, Satan, what an appearance! What a lie! What audacity!

“I will close your door; I will drive you outside… I have every right, all authority. You will not enter into the sun that I curse… It is nothing more than the moon!”

--It is you, Satan, who has the appearance of the moon!

“I want you to renounce, to dismiss immediately, under pain of the galleries of Hell, all these caps and these sergeants that I detest and abominate.”

--Satan, in the Name of God, do not insult Jesus Christ dressed in His Sacerdotal Habit.

“Do not talk to me about it, it is gall and poison.”

--Satan, do you not have any shame?  In Heaven, you were more than a priest. You have been degraded: my Jesus has divested you, then hidden you deep in the earth, due to your monstrosity.

“I wear a habit more beautiful than those of your urchins.”

--What are you saying, you funny satanic partridge? Leave and do not come back!

“I am going to alert the police of all that takes place in this dirty hut.”

--Satan, can there be a hut, a dump dirtier than yours? And you come to insult our clean homes, you who have only the most awful! Leave!

“I will denounce this sun, denounce all these traveling sergeants!

--Make, then, your fire to cook your little pigs; you will be more rewarded, Satan!

“I go,” he responds, foaming, “every day, I go to make my lawyers here work with a full empire. I will tell them you need a dungeon, a prison, galleries!”

--Your lawyers, Quequet [Little Pig], are as foolish as you, even more foolish, because, if they knew you, they would know that they run a great danger.

“You will pay for these insults, you will pay for them dearly.”

--Oh, Satan, you are a mill, but you have hardly any flour. You turn like the wind. Your dirty work is so ugly, so shameful, so rusty, that you should blush.

“If you want, at the price of a miracle, if you want to drive out of your own house all these travellers, yes I will make a miracle so large that the earth will become confused. But, in order for me to do it, I have to bandage your eyes and that of your scribes and that of your celibates.”

--Satan, you are so foolish! Do you have your tail in your face and your eyes in the back to say similar things? Go ahead and foam at the mouth, I will not laugh…

“If you give me a smile, I will…”

(New blessing from the Priest from Gavre).

“Chase then, he who is there like a spy; get rid of your two lazy ones.” (1)

Footnote (1): The spy, the Priest from Gavre; the two lazy ones, the Charbonnier brothers.

--Infernal Satan, I respect the person of my Jesus in the person of His victims and His servants.

“All of your household belongs to me. I brag about it, I am proud of it; they are all mine and are already damned.”

--Reason then, Satan ! We will throw droppings at you …

“If you stop insulting me, I will not tell you any more ugly things.”

--I abominate you; I curse you; I boo you; I detest you, infernal Satan; I trample you underfoot.

He continues, foaming from rage.

“I am going to push in your prison…”

--Push it down, Satan, perhaps you will also be pushed in yourself, infernal beast.

“I do not like your put-downs, I hate them. There is one that the black directs, she is for me, that one!” (1)

Footnote (1): Without doubt, Angele or Mrs. Gregoire.

--Villainous beast!

“If she wants me to leave you, she is never to go again to the black (2), except in two years, in 18 months.”

Footnote (2) : Perhaps Fr. David.

--Oh, villainous beast, if there were any of mine that were for you, would you be foolish enough to boast about it? You give me a proof, there, that we are all with the Good God.

“Do not speak about Him!”

--My Jesus, I love Thee; my Jesus, I swear to Thee my faith; my Jesus, I adore Thee.

Satan roars and dances in rage.

--Satan, leave! Vade retro !

“You cannot force me to leave by these words.”

[End of Part 1]

(6 April 1880)

[Source: pp. 72-75, Cris du Ciel sur le Temps qui Vient, by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

Reflection on this first part of this Ecstasy:

Dear friends of Marie-Julie and of the true Papacy in Exile and the French Monarch,

Dare I suggest that we have a God-given emblem by which to know ourselves at this soon-coming time of Anti-Christ?

Reflect again on what Christ told Marie-Julie:

“A palm” He adds, “is indicated for the work; that will be the green palm of the victims of the Cross.”

The Early Church had the secret sign of the fish; and for we in the Church in Eclipse, the green palm.

Father Pierre Roberdel, who knew Marie-Julie since he was a seminarian, tells us:

It is the matter of a green palm, a recompense of the works of the Cross and an announcement of the spread of the messages of La Fraudais.”

This green palm can be the emblem to give us courage to battle onwards against our foe, the devil and his minions:

In this ecstasy, the giving of the green palm by Our Lord is immediately followed by a lengthy battle with Satan (the last of it, Part 2, is for next week).

Satan appears to Marie-Julie as the Archangel Saint Raphael.

We have to ask ourselves, Why is Satan pretending to be this Archangel in particular?

Some of Saint Raphael’s titles (and therefore, missions) apply to Marie-Julie, to the See of the Cross (the Papacy and Church in Eclipse), and to us, also:

The name Raphael means “God has healed” (in Hebrew).

Yes, Marie-Julie is sickly and bedridden for most of her life; she is a victim soul who offers her sufferings for our spiritual good.

This Archangel is the instructor, healer, and comforter of mankind (see the Book of Tobias in the Old Testament)

The eclipsed Papacy needs the ministrations of Saint Raphael the Archangel because, since October 26, 1958, the Papacy has not sat upon the Chair of Saint Peter; the Papacy has not been able to teach and to be a light to the world.

People worldwide are sickly: Starved of the true Sacraments, they follow a false line of non-priests, thinking the masonic anti-popes are real Popes!

And we who see the truth, we battle on, with only the support of the daily Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

So yes, we all would benefit from the Divine ministrations of the great Archangel Rapahel!

But back to this ecstasy of April 6, 1880: Marie-Julie is 30 years old, and we can gather a few things from the text: 

(1)  Marie-Julie is being denied reception of the Blessed Sacrament by her bishop.

(2)  Bishop Fournier, her old supporter, has died, and she has no spiritual direction from the priests who are present. Marie-Julie says (in Part 2, next week) that Christ is her Spiritual Director and Saviour, so these priests are there to observe and report, as part of the 11-year investigation. But she respects them as truly ordained Priests, and she affirms this.

(3)  Her sister Angele is still alive, and she, along with Mrs. Gregoire and the Charbonnier brothers, are the only loyal friends Marie-Julie has.

(4)  Marie-Julie seems to be bedridden, as there is no perceptible movement on her part being recorded by the secretary (on this day, one of the Charbonnier brothers).

Satan is pretending to be Saint Raphael, and he is bringing Marie-Julie a vial of blood seemingly from Priests sympathetic to Marie-Julie, which he says will comfort her due to her being without the Blessed Sacrament:

“I am Saint Raphael. I bring to you, on the part of priests, a drop of blood, in exchange of Holy Communion and to compensate you.”

But Marie-Julie’s sufferings are a good thing, a holy thing, meant to help the Church as a whole, especially in our times!

Therefore, Marie-Julie does not look for comfort, so she is already suspicious. She holds the vial of blood briefly, and she gives it back immediately, saying:

“This is not the Blood of my Jesus. I smell it; it is infected.”

So, this is fake blood; perhaps the blood of a person in sin, such as a priest in sin. It is not holy blood, not the Blood of Christ, which takes away the sins of the world.

Marie-Julie thus is able to unmask the devil:

“You are Satan, you are Quéquet! [Little Pig].”

And from here on in, there is a battle in which the devil tries to make Marie-Julie feel sorry for herself, to despair, and to doubt the loyalty of her few friends:

“All of your household belongs to me. I brag about it, I am proud of it; they are all mine and are already damned.”

In fact, this is the battle that the fiend wages against us also, is it not? He tries to make us despair about our loved ones, about the state of their souls…

The devil is referring to Marie-Julie’s sister, Angele, who is sick with cancer, or perhaps he is referring to her best friend, Mrs. Gregoire, who cares for her daily; the devil says:

“There is one that the black [the Priest in his cassock] directs, she is for me, that one! . . . . If she wants me to leave you, she is never to go again to the black, except in two years, in 18 months.”

We can see how the devil tries to dig deep to cause doubts, to cause divisions, to bring Marie-Julie into a total sense of isolation from the comfort of her sister or her best friend.

The devil hopes to isolate Marie-Julie in order to make her despair.

From this we can learn a valuable lesson: The souls of family and friends are not to be despaired of, they are to be prayed for (and with suffering, with the love of Christ on the Cross)!

This is what Marie-Julie’s sufferings were, a prayer united to Our Crucified Lord!

But there is a greater lesson for us: Only a true Priest has the power to command Satan and his demons:

Marie-Julie tries to force the devil to leave by using words of exorcism. She says, in Latin: “Vade, retro!”

This is the order to leave, which means: Leave, cursed one!

But Marie-Julie does not have the Priestly power given by Christ to His Priests, so she cannot force the devil to leave:

“You cannot force me to leave by these words,” the devil calmly tells her.

The devil is angered by this command, but he does not have to leave. Marie-Julie is not a Priest! It is that simple.

We need true Priests; we are fighting the devil unchained!

Saint Raphael, pray for us!

We of the green palm need Saint Raphael, this instructor, healer, and comforter, to keep us at our daily Holy Rosary and other prayers; to keep us saying grace before and after meals, even when in public; to keep us on our God-given path as Roman Catholics of an Eclipsed Papacy that will come back! Holy Mother Church, Roman Catholicism will be restored!

And just as they called Noah crazy; well, yes,… we are belittled for our preparations to help others after the 3 Days of Darkness.

But name-calling does not matter. Noah carried on doing God’s Will; so also, we must follow the holy promptings that will bring comfort and save lives that will convert later.

Let us always remember Brittany, and that healing spring just south of Marie-Julie’s home, that will heal pilgrims both spiritually and physically.

Deo gratias!

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