Sep. 18, 2020


France, listen to My word:

“For fourteen days of terrible fighting, you will have a great deal to suffer. During those fourteen days of war, chastisements will take place.

“Ah! If my people knew how much he [the French Monarch] stands on the eve of such a wonderful triumph, he could not hold onto his joy! They would pray every day, and through those prayers they would be comforted: even previous to victory that would be a sign of gratitude.

“France, on those days of struggle, you will not get sad; you will not lose your courage.

“When foreigners will come dashing upon France, it is through a revealed prayer that they will be pushed back and scattered. They will rush upon France like a lion in fury, with all his rage, with all the weapons of wickedness, to bend the French people over and sacrifice them. My hand will invisibly strike them with thunder.

“France, without My Mother, never would you have risen from your prevarication. If you are granted the triumph so soon [within 14 days] it is thanks to Mary, to her pleas, to her tears.

“France, you will go through a terrible battle for King Henri, who is to bring peace and concord to his homeland. You will experience a lesser difficulty in defence of Holy Church. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the Holy Father’s liberation will be terrible, although to a lesser extent than the struggle for the King. France will be in need of a mighty arm: on the first day, battle will be waged by Heaven; on the second day, by men.”

(1 October 1875)

[Source: pp. 87-88, Prophecies of La Fraudais, as compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel. Out of print].

Reflection on this Prophecy:

September 19 is the Feast Day of Our Lady of LaSalette, and while this Saturday is an Ember Day, we do not fast during a feast day, so may you all have a blessed Feast Day of the Virgin Mother of God, and our Holy Mother.

This prophecy is important in three ways, as bold-typed above:

First, at the time of the French Monarch’s wait to take the throne back, there will be “fourteen days of war”; fourteen days of “terrible fighting” which will bring “a great deal to suffer.”

Do not imagine that this is only to be experienced by France. We are in a global situation now, alliances are formed, economies are connected.

We must understand and prepare for these fourteen days and steady ourselves in preparation for the great sufferings which this war will bring.

Fourteen days is a very short war, so the weapons used will logically be horrendous, and probably bring “a great deal to suffer.”

Those of you who have the book, Prophecies of La Fraudais, will want to look at how long the earth will be unable to produce crops.

We must prepare. We must learn to stock up on beans and white rice and water, yes, but we must also know how to sprout seeds and beans so that these foods are more nutrient dense.

Look online. It is all there. Thankfully, people are sharing their knowledge.

But have books on hand also, so that after the electricity is destroyed, you can still grow crops at windows and sprout your food.

Water will be the greatest problem if we face biological or nuclear warfare. We will need to go deep into the ground for our water. We may need to leave where we are living and go to where there is uncontaminated water. We must be ready.

Remember, we cannot live without water.

Day-to-day life will be hard for those who remain, but we must be of holy hope, we must be people of daily prayer:

Only reliance on Christ our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Holy Mother can help us so that “on those days of struggle, you will not get sad; you will not lose your courage.”

It is a great truth that there are blessings to sufferings.

Look at our recent experience with COVID-19: families and marriages became more united; strangers now take care of each other, wearing masks and taking turns to pass through doorways, etc.

We are becoming gentler, kinder.

And when this fourteen-day war begins, we will no doubt hear about the French Monarch named Henri. He is the one Heaven has chosen to lead France and other nations into a godly peace.

And when the French Monarch appears publicly, we shall come to hear of “the Holy Father’s liberation[which] will be terrible, although to a lesser extent than the struggle for the King.”

Survivors will come to know the truth about Holy Mother Church and her Exile.

The Holy Father will guide us back into true and holy Sacraments, so that we may have truly ordained Priests who are able to give us life-sustaining Sacraments at last! O, JOY!

It will not be easy to liberate the Holy Father, but we have the promise of the Holy Ghost that the French Monarch and the men fighting with him will accomplish this.

Walk in holy hope, and enjoy our Lady’s Feast Day tomorrow. Re-read her prophecy (in the upper menu bar) and pray for the conversions of the consecrated souls and also the unconsecrated souls who think they are consecrated to God.

Kyrie eleison! Lord have Mercy!

Christe eleison! Christ have Mercy!

Kyrie eleison! Lord have Mercy!

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   "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff ." - Decree of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, Nov. 18, 1302, ex cathedra.