Aug. 13, 2021


Across the sun, the Sorrowful Flame passes again, pointing out that the Church will be deprived of the Supreme Chief who is now ruling over it.

For a long enough period, the Church will be kept in exile from every prayer, from every service, in exile from God and from His elect… The foot prints of the saintly Pontiff, on the foot-piece of the altar, will be reduced to dust and ashes by the flames of Hell.

In a great mourning, the Church will see the bell sound under suspension. Which bell will be turned into a hellish instrument.

From the eyes of the Church I see tears of anguish running down… She will be delivered a prey to all scandals, to all desecrations. In several of its temples infernal decisions will be made, as if they were but plain houses, where the Lord can be outraged.

The second Flame passing across the sun is filled with a shivering terror, which nobody could stand without God.

In which I see that the enemies that the enemies of the Church have a design, unless they encounter an obstacle proceeding from Divine Power, which has not been extinguished, have a design to remove Saint Peter and Saint Paul from all the shrines where they receive their veneration. Their next project is then to remove all crucifixes, all statues of the Saints, and throw them in a profane spot, or either to break them off after the most hateful manner.

They project to decree, on a day similar to this one (June 29) a law for priests and to call them into a meeting to impose such law upon them and submit them to it.

On that same day, -- the day of all their projects – they will decree that any community and any house of prayer refusing to be submissive, will have no restraint preserved in their regard; no more law for them, nothing in matter of police force to maintain order in them. Everybody will be given full freedom to enter those houses, permission to do whatever they please, to take away or destroy whatever he will fancy.

The Lord’s ministers will be dragged per force in front of the crowd which will have declared an infernal war against them. They will have to swear, with their hand lifted up, faith and confidence in the laws of the enemies’ divinity.

The speaking instruments

Across the sun passes one more Flame, the third one. In which I worship Our Lord in the power of His glory. In which I see evil at its height.

On the day when a feast is celebrated in honour of the second great Apostle, the project of the Church’s enemies would be to cause, on that very day, the arising of a great clatter of those voices proceeding from those speaking instruments, instruments handled by men and which will happen in the power of Hell. They will be kinds of musics accompanied with most filthy singing. Already such a singing prevailed in the past. For pudor sake, the sun does not mention what are the ignominious words they encompass.

Freedom granted to evil will be complete, and complete the burying of good… that will be the day the enemies will have adopted for marching in triumph against the Church, because Saint Peter and Saint Paul are venerated as Defenders of the Church.

In the midst of those infamous feasts, throughout the whole of our kingdom, peace and faith will be nothing else but trouble…

The germ of faith will not be destroyed; it will remain but all the flowers of good will have faded away and decayed. Evil will report its complete triumph, but good will rise again in all its depth.       (January 7, 1880)

[Source: pages 118-120, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

Reflection on this prophecy:

First, a reminder that this coming Monday, August 16, 2021 is the day to make an offering of all gathered hawthorn leaves to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It is of note that this important prophecy features the Holy Ghost as that "sad flame" which passes over the sun, announcing the Divine Chastisements that are to befall mankind.

As a good friend pointed out recently, when Christ our Lord leaves (His Ascension into Heaven), He tells the Apostles that He has to go so that the Holy Ghost can come.

Since that time, it is the Holy Ghost who oversees Holy Mother Church and all events on earth.

Are we praying daily to the Holy Ghost for important guidance, especially during these most difficult times? 

Imprimatured prayers composed by Popes Leo XIII and St. Pius X are included Important Prayers.

This prophecy speaks of three phases in this age.

The first phase refers to the takeover of the Papacy, and the situation of the faithful being “kept in exile from every prayer, from every service, in exile from God, and from His elect…”

The Papacy is the rock (Matt. 16:18) upon which Jesus Christ our Lord built the Holy Roman Catholic Church, His Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

The Papacy gives the authority for the consecration of new bishops and even for the ordination of new priests.

Without Papal authority, there is stagnation and the faithful are left floundering, without the Holy Sacraments, without sanctifying graces.

What we are living through is a “great mourning”.

With “tears running down” we continue to see Holy Mother Church being “delivered a prey to all scandals, to all desecrations”.

This is because the enemy has plotted “to remove Saint Peter and Saint Paul from all the shrines”, by going against Pope Saint Pius V’s papal bulla “Quo Primum”.

In fact, priests are presented with a “law” which is “impose[d] upon them” and they have to “submit… to it.”

The second flame passes “across the sun… filled with a shivering terror which nobody could stand without God.”

Are we not living through this now, with the wildfires erupting world wide? In many cases these fires are being left to burn and bring widespread destruction before the experienced fire fighters are permitted to battle the blazes.

And remember, Marie-Julie Jahenny was told that the Chastisements would begin with the sun…

The third phase, the third passing across the sun is when the “[f]reedom granted to evil will be complete, and complete the burying of the good…”

As Saints Peter and Paul are the protectors of Holy Mother Church, their removal has left Holy Mother Church vulnerable to diabolical attacks.

However, our comfort is this: “The germ of faith will not be destroyed; it will remain”.

Yes, soon the truly consecrated (the flowers) will have died, leaving we faithful truly bereft: “all the flowers of good will have faded away and decayed.”

Let us remember to pray for the intercession of these good Saints of God of whom we have blessed memories.

They will help us!

And, in the meantime we have more sufferings to endure before the French Monarch comes triumphantly to our help, with Heaven’s Angels and men of good will fighting alongside him:

“[G]ood will rise again in all its depth.”

The Papacy, the true Priesthood, and the religious orders will be restored!

Deo gratias!

[The painting above is of King Saint Louis IX consecrating France to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (although the image is not one we nowadays associate with Her Assumption into Heaven)].

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    [Canon 1825]  If anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church, or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in the same primacy, let him be anathema.