Apr. 9, 2022

Prepare Now: Water for 8 Weeks

“My children, the Lord goes on, “from that cloud will come out quite an unusual rainfall the world has not yet seen the like, and will never see afterwards, until the consummation of centuries. That will be a red rain remaining coagulated upon the ground for seven weeks. The soil itself will be coagulated by that rain which will cause a poisoned breath, a stench nobody will be able to stand. My people will remain enclosed for seven weeks. It will be difficult to walk out, because of the land being so frightening. Here comes the first storm which is being announced and will soon be realized.

“Following that storm, I will have a horrible ‘burning’ coming out of the earth. Christians will be unable to stand that stench and heat. My children, you will have to open neither your doors nor your windows.

“The prevailing of sin must come to an end. Never will the earth and the world have been in such a condition. There must be an end to it; otherwise, every soul will be lost.”             (March 9, 1878)

[Source: pp. 240-241, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel].

Reflection on this Prophecy:

God told Marie-Julie that there will be clouds from which will fall “quite an unusual rainfall the world has not yet seen the like”.

Red like blood, this matter will coagulate on the ground: “a red rain remaining coagulated upon the ground for seven weeks.”

And it will change the soil also: “The soil itself will be coagulated by that rain”.

Simply, it will bring death to the air, the land, and logically, the waters: “will cause a poisoned breath, a stench nobody will be able to stand.”

This substance, whether a biological weapon like Agent Orange (used in the Vietnam War) or a natural phenomenon, will be poisonous and make everyone sick.

This is why we “will have to open neither [our] doors nor [our] windows.”

This substance will react with the soil to create a burning heat.

And God reveals to Marie-Julie Jahenny that He will permit this burning, which is chemical in its nature: “I will have a horrible ‘burning’ coming out of the earth.”

This is “the first storm”, as there will be more divine chastisements coming, until the great and culminating chastisement, the Three Days of Darkness, when the demons will be permitted to reap the planet for their own followers.

It is all so desperate, yes, because of the endless and grave sins against God:

“The prevailing of sin must come to an end.”

God the Father made us and He loves us, and truly wants us with Him in Heaven!

But the agendas of world leaders are leading souls to Hell: “Never will the earth and the world have been in such a condition.”

You see, dear readers, we must be punished in this destructive way, in order to thwart the evil that is being promulgated: “There must be an end to it; otherwise, every soul will be lost.” 

Where is God recognized, let alone loved and respected? Hardly anywhere.

Where is God ignored, denied, and even hated? Everywhere.

So for our sakes, evil is being brought to an end, and it is a fierce battle!

And yes, it will get much, much worse…

So prepare bottled water for 8 weeks at least. Not just for drinking, but for cooking and hygiene and cleaning.

Prepare to at least be able to boil water without electricity.

Consider getting indoor plants for the recycling of your air indoors. Even a few plants make a real difference. Try it now and see…

Eight weeks without being able to open even a window will be agonizing… a real suffering to offer up in reparation for our sins.

Hepa air filters at your windows may help. Have a mosquito screen made that is narrower than your window frame so that you can fit in the hepa air filter and tape it into place.

Have extra filters. After all, if we do have a nuclear war we will have to stop the radioactive particulates from getting inside our homes.

And prepare yourselves for the mosquitoes and other bugs. The literature says that there is an increase in insects after a nuclear burst.

If you find that you feel overwhelmed with so much to do, start with the most important thing of all:  WATER. 

Look for where you will store it. And then consider the size of containers. If everyone cannot lift them, then you will need to get a hand pump (and an extra pump in case the first breaks).

If you have children train them all how to install the hand pump and how to use it to get water.

When you have the water stored, then move on to placing a hepa filter on each window that you will open a bit to briefly ventilate your home.

Any glass business will also make mosquito screens. They may be able to have these ready for you within a few hours!

And lastly, you will need canned food and extra baby diapers and hygiene products.

Supply lines are already being disrupted, so extra medicines may also need to be considered.

We are almost at the time when the Hawthorn tree blooms, so look for the white blooms and then look for the thorns and the leaf shape. See the link below for how to air dry these leaves and how to use them for a medicinal tea.

Again, you will need to be able to boil water indoors. Look at your options and make sure you have one method and one back-up (just in case).

Look at the links below to help you understand more about the preparations that need to be made.

And remember, praying the Holy Rosary daily is the best preparation for our souls!

Saint Joseph, be our teacher in all the difficult tasks that we need to undertake today.

Holy Archangels, be our guides in all that we must do! 

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 [Canon 1825]  If anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church, or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in the same primacy, let him be anathema.