Apr. 23, 2022


“The sun shows me that God’s Justice will be a threatening force for everything in the regions which lie in front of us, in the south. An unbearable plague will break out there which will affect Christians, and afterwards, the animals.”

“The sun [the ball of light which appeared and showed events to Marie-Julie] shows that there will be an extraordinary sign given in this terrible misfortune, which will also affect northern lands with its cruelty and ravage. The Lord grants to the great Saint Benedict the power of appeasing this great disaster – a walk of his statue in procession, done with respect and without fear or apprehension, could stop this calamity.

“The sun says that around here… the ears of wheat will blacken, and that the crop which is sown at the end of May and in the beginning of June, for harvesting at the end of August and in September, will grow to the “flower” stage and that the flowers will last a long time, but not produce any grain or give any appearance of a mature crop – for it will be non-existent.

“From the start of the appearance of black ears in the wheat, says the sun, the only means of saving a part of the crop (if it has not all been tainted black), will be to sow in the form of a cross, the medal of the great Saint Benedict.”

For Animals:

“Hang a medal of Saint Benedict around their necks. “It is this great saint who has been designated by Our Lord to help in these two distressing calamities” (24 May 1880).

“The sun says again that this plague of calamities is to spread up to this region, and up to here, however, not quite in the same way; it will affect the vines and the young crops which won’t be tended by Christians.”

[Source: pp. 15-16, Means of Protection during the Period of Chastisement, compiled by Isabelle Szczebura. Out of print. A similar book is available through www.amisdemarie-juliejahenny.fr

Reflection on these Prophecies:

This week’s prophecies tell us that illnesses will come to plants and animals also.

We have been given Holy Mother Church’s powerful sacramentals, such as the great Saint Benedict medal, for our use during these times of chastisement.

These sacramentals do not need to be blessed by a Priest.

This is logical: we can understand now, with the lack of true Priests, why God is not asking for the impossible!

After the French Monarch places the true Holy Father on the Chair of Saint Peter, then we shall have holy and truly ordained Priests.

That is a time to live for!

Stay focused, dear ones of Our Crucified Lord, Jesus Christ:

Pray your holy rosary daily. Quequet will battle you daily to stop you!

Also, keep prepping to have the basics, even one prep a day.

Life after WWIII will be very difficult. 

Be strong now. One day at a time.

Saint Joseph, Provider of the Holy Family, teach us how to prepare.

Saint Benedict, teach us how to fight the.

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 [Canon 1825]  If anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church, or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in the same primacy, let him be anathema.