Nov. 18, 2022

Delays Expected as New Software is Learned

Our website provider, SimpleSite, has been bought by another provider. Our website and will continue, but please be patient with any delays, as adding the weekly blog and images will require new learning.

Please check back with to see the new posts.

As well, translations will be getting underway and be posted in 

 As always, continue to pray your daily Rosaries, including the intention of the triumph of the French Monarch and the return of the true Papacy and holy religious vocations.

The Church's powerful sacramentals, and especially the Scapular of Benediction and Protection, will protect us as we have daily encounters with demons incarnate who want to create Hell on Earth. Believe it, Marie-Julie Jahenny prophesied about this:

"All the demons are going to assemble: there are a great number of them under human form... To be satiated they need the flesh of the Lord's ministers, the flesh of Christians and the blood proceeding from veins in which faith is flourishing." 

[Source: p. 121, Prophecies of La Fraudais, compiled by Fr. Pierre Roberdel]. 

Dear Reader, we must be brave and full of holy faith, both of which come from daily prayer.

The fallen angels are our mortal enemies and they are here. 

Their efforts are gaining momentum. They will be harvesting unrepentant souls during the Three Days of Darkness.

They will be seeking to discourage us and to destroy our souls right up to the time of the Second Coming of Christ when He comes to judge the living and the dead (our Creed).

It is at this Final Judgment that God will cast the demons into the pool of fire, the place of their eternal suffering. (Matt. 25: 41)

Pope Gregorius XVII, pray for us! You have fought these same demons. Help us to be victorious as we see this battle through to the end. Ora pro nobis!

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   [Canon 1825]  If anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church, or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in the same primacy, let him be anathema.

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04.11 | 21:09

I can only buy Hawthorn with both leaves and flowers. Does that matter?

19.10 | 04:46

Please, may I know how I can have a blessed candle. Hoping for your reply.

09.10 | 19:15

I ask for prayers for my children to return to the practice of their Catholic faith.

06.07 | 14:41

I am looking for little Gospels of His Holy Name. Do you have them?

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