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In full obedience to the decrees of Pope Urban VIII and other Supreme Pontiffs, the editor declares that the graces and other supernatural phenomena treated in this website, which testify to the sanctity of Servants of God, such as its main subject, Marie-Julie Jahenny, other than those canonized by the Church, are based on human authority. In this regard, as in all matters of faith, the editor submits without reserve to the infallible judgment of the Apostolic See, which, though currently in exile, alone has the power to render infallible pronouncements.

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Pray for the success of the Catholic Church's Papal Restoration Campaign, so that millions of souls around the world will know their True Pope.

Window in Marie-Julie's bedroom at the Shrine of the Cross.

St. Germaine statue in Marie-Julie Jahenny's bedroom in the Shrine of the Cross.


30.04.2022 20:01

Lucy S.

I believe St. John’s ivy is growing on the side of my house on the ground.I picked apiece and compared it to your picture. I would
like to dry the flowers and make the tea how long would I steep it.

23.01.2022 11:45

Winifred Michaels

R u saying that Pope Francis is Anti-Pope?

26.01.2022 23:37

Egbert Sayers

Yes exactly, he is not Pope Francis but Antipope Francis. The true Pope, Gregory XVII/Cardinal Siri, was exiled in 1958 and FreeMasons took over the Vatican.

13.02.2021 20:59


Sincerely appreciated your regular postings for the faithful.

30.06.2019 04:38

Luiza Gabelica

Please email me when your store is online again. I would like to buy the book, Prophecies of La Fraudais. Thanks, Luiza

23.06.2019 04:10

The Editor

The online store will be back up in August 2019.

22.06.2019 21:17

Lucy S

Is the online store going to come back on
line soon