Mar. 21, 2015

What To Do When You Cannot Be in Brittany for the 3 Days of Darkness

Tom M:  Hi, 
If we can't get to Brittany, France for the 3 DD, where should we go? Do you know when the date will be?

MJJP:  Hi Tom.  The prophecies tell us that those without shelter will die.  You must find shelter, even if that means driving into an underground parkade at a shopping mall, or opening up a manhole cover and getting into that.  You need to get away from what will be falling from the sky and you may not look on this, as it is a Divine Chastisement.  Remember Lot's Wife.  So get to somewhere where you cannot see what is going on outside.   

Keep a rosary in your car, and use it so that you will think to grab it when the time comes.

You will need water for 3 Days, and you sure do not want to weaken yourself with bad water that results in diarrhea, stomach cramps, and/or vomitting.  Look for a piped water source, and look for water containers.  

An idea:  carry a larger empty water bottle in your car.  Bottles of water are not a good idea because with the heat they will leach chemicals from the plastic into the water.  

Read the warning signs on this site and look for them.  They will be at the beginning of a year, in the early months.  

You can keep checking in with this site, as we will be announcing what we know so as to help us all to prepare.

Pray your daily rosary and trust in Christ and His Holy Mother.



25.03.2015 18:02

Bernadette B.

On the preparations page it says one must store enough water for 6 weeks (plastic bottle shown). Glass bottles are hard to come by.