Mar. 29, 2015

How Long Before We Return to Today's Infrastructures?

Raffaele DF:  You say that we have to make provisions for a few weeks (or a few months) and even that we can go three days without eating (as long as we have water), but the three days of darkness (during which it is expected the death of three quarters of mankind with mountains of corpses everywhere and the resulting epidemics) cause a cataclysm so severe that before returning to a minimum of normality, (restart services, superstructure, to buy food and everything you need to live, etc.) it will take years.  Unless if God, after the terrible punishment, gives us the miracle of normalizing the world situation sooner. I would appreciate your comment or some clarification. Thank You.

MJJP:  Yes, Raffaele, this is true.  Life after the 3 Days of Darkness will be very tough for some years.  Some areas may be absolutely uninhabitable and we may have to leave.   I believe the miracle is Brittany.  This is why Christ Our Lord tells Marie-Julie Jahenny that this land will be there for us.

The good thing is that humans are social beings, we work together to solve problems.  And so, we will help each other to survive.  Raffaele, we all must try to make our way to Brittany before the 3 Days of Darkness, as half of the crops will still be growing after the Divine Chastisement.  

Going afterwards will be possible, but it will be MUCH more difficult, as we may be crossing long stretches of land with no water, and/or we may run out of food and/or other provisions.   It will be smart to prepare a backpack ahead of time (a bug-out bag--Please see the section  After the Three Days).