Nov. 22, 2016

Who blesses the medals and / or the water?

Who will bless the medals and/or the water. Sorry but I am not sure what you mean. I really want to do this!



MJJP:  Hi Tricia.  The propehcies do not say that the medal and crucifix or cross have to be blessed, so we are fine if these sacramentals are not blessed.  

Recall that Holy Mother Church never asks the impossible of us, which we especially appreciate in this time of the Church being in Exile.

The Sacred Heart tells Marie-Julie that He will bless the water Himself, through His medal and cross.  Remember that this is the Sacred Heart medal and Christ's cross.

Do start right away to have your water and food blessed in this way.  This needs to be automatic as a preparation to the times when food and water will make us sick.