Aug. 19, 2018

Just What Is This "Blood" Rain That Will Fall?

This is the first I've heard of 6 weeks! Then it's not just blood decomposing!



MJJP:  Hi Margaret, thank you for your email and your excellent comment. It brings up the subject of what this red blood-looking rain actually is. We are told it will coagulate, but will not simply decompose quickly outside as normal coagulated blood would.

We are told that it will take six weeks to decompose.

Frankly, we do not know what this is. There have been red "blood" rains falling in a couple of countries in recent years, but they have not coagulated and stayed on the ground for six weeks.

More importantly, the prophecies about the blood rains tell us that this "blood" rain will make us sick, and that we need to stay indoors.

Now, depending on the situation at the time, you may need to briefly step out to deposit a garbage bag full of bags of human and pet waste if the toilets are not flushing (a probable scenario if pipes have ruptured due to a strong earthquake, for example).

We have to be ready for all scenarios. In fact, since we do not know what this "blood" rain may be, and stepping outside will make us sick, then it is best to turn off all water lines coming into the home for the 6 weeks, and even plug up all taps and toilets with cloths so that stenches cannot come indoors to where we are. The stench might very well be what makes us sick, to breathe this in.

This is why a 6-week bottled water supply (I would recommend 2 months at least) for humans and pets, toileting plans, and storage of ALL waste becomes a priority.

As well, look into plants that clean the indoor air for you, and add oxygen while consuming the CO2 which we breathe out. You can find out what plants NASA is using to do this inside their space station by going to PREPARATIONS at the top menu bar, and then clicking on the sub-heading, SHELTER IN PLACE.