Apr. 22, 2019

Louis XVI Descendant

Dear MJJP:

How can there be a descendant of King Louis XVI?



MJJP:  Dear Rosa,

While it is true that King Louis XVI's son, King Louis XVII died in prison from illness at age 10, his legitimate heir today would be of the same family bloodlines.

And there were royal survivors of the French Revolution so that several family names exist even today.

For instance, after King Louis XVI's martyrdom, a cousin, also of the house of Bourbon, was put into power, as King Louis XVIII, and then removed (they did not like him either) but they did not kill him.

Saint Michael the Archangel has said that there would be three given the rule of France as Kings, but that they would not last long. He told Marie-Julie that the one Heaven wants, no one will want (at first).

The question is: Who is this fourth French King that God will put into power so that the Papal Chair of Saint Peter can be restored to the true Pope?

Well, Marie-Julie Jahenny was told that his name will be Henri (Henry).