The Book of Destiny by Rev. Herman Barnard Kramer

The Book of Destiny, written by Rev. Herman Bernard Kramer is published as TAN, but the glossy covered re-print is now by St. Benedict Press, which bought TAN Publishing.  The non-glossy covered book is an original TAN re-print.

It is also available through Refuge of Sinners Publishing. Plain blue cover.

520 pages.  Soft cover.  Imprimatur:  January 26, 1956.  

This book was originally published in 1955 by the author.  This book is the result of a life-long study of St. John the Apostle's Book of the Apocalypse. Taking symbolism from the Old Testament, as interpreted by Church Fathers, Fr. Kramer is able to decipher the meaning of this prophetical book relating to our times.  The exile of both Pope Gregories (XVII and XVIII) is here, as is the battle for the restoration of the Chair of St. Peter to the One True Pope!  This book is not to be overlooked!

The Breton Stigmatist by André, Marquis de la Franquerie

This book is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD:

78 pages. Author: André, Marquis de La Franquerie. This is the authoritative text on the Church-approved seer, mystic, and victim soul, Marie-Julie Jahenny. The first part of the book introduces us to Marie-Julie, whose visions began at 19 years of age and continued until her death at 91 yeras of age. The rest of the book gives us the most important of the prophecies regarding these times that we are living through today and the coming Chastisement known as the 3 Days of Darkness. Recommended reading.

Prophecies of La Fraudais

303 pages.This book is currently out of print. If you have this book, email us at and a subject index will be sent digitally to you so that you can find specific subjects more easily and compare the prophecies. This book is the most comprehensive collection of the more important prophecies put into an English translation. It is an excellent reference book on what is to come.

The Prophets and Our Times by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton

235 pages.  Soft cover.  Published by TAN Publishers, 1974.  

Originally published by the author, 1941.  Imprimatur:  1941.

This is the first of two volumes on collected authentic Catholic prophecies.  A must-read.  Both exiled Popes, Gregory XVII (1958-1989) and Gregory XVIII (1991 to present) are mentioned:

"Thou art the Angelic Pastor of Rome, O benevolent doctor, O most indulgent father -- Hail, Gregory XVII, most Holy Father, necessary shepherd" [p. 174, a prophecy of the Monk of Padua (1740)].

"Thanks to an excellent work of the sun, the earth has nourished the devoted flock of a most holy shepherd -- our very Holy Father Gregory XVIII, a priest altogether admirable." [p. 175, ibid].