Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game

Whether a strip of metal shaped into a cone and nailed to a post, or a plastic traffic cone with the tip cut off, this is the easiest way to behead chickens. They cannot flap around. Remember to place a bucket to catch the blood.


by John J. Mettler, Jr., D.V.M.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Tools, Equipment, and Methods

Chapter 2:  Beef

Chapter 3:  Hogs

Chapter 4:  Veal 

Chapter 5:  Lamb

Chapter 6:  Venison

Chapter 7:  Poultry

Chapter 8:  Rabbits and Small Game

Chapter 9:  Less Popular Meats

Chapter 10:  Meat Inspection

Chapter 11:  Processing and Preserving

Chapter 12:  Recipes


These meat cuts come from one rabbit. Rabbits are easy to take care of, indoors or out, and their fast breeding assures nutritious meat regularly.


by Adam Danforth

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  From Muscle to Meat

Chapter 2:  Food Safety

Chapter 3:  Tools & Equipment

Chapter 4:  Butchering Methods

Chapter 5:  Pre-Slaughter Conditions and General Slaughter Techniques

Chapter 6:  Chicken Slaughtering

Chapter 7:  Chicken Butchering

Chapter 8:  Rabbit Slaughtering

Chapter 9:  Rabbit Butchering

Chapter 10:  Sheep & Goat Slaughtering

Chapter 11:  Sheep & Goat Butchering

Chapter 12:  Pig Slaughtering

Chapter 13:  Pork Butchering

Chapter 14:  Packaging & Freezing