The Black Smith's Craft: A Primer of Tools & Methods

by Charles McRaven

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  The Pioneer Smith

Chapter 2:  Getting Started

Chapter 3:  Coal, Iron, and Steel

Chapter 4:  Hammering Iron

Chapter 5:  Hardening and Tempering Steel

Chapter 6:  Forge Welding

Chapter 7:  Tools for Building

Chapter 8:  House Hardware

Chapter 9:  Homestead Tools and Repairs

Chapter 10:  The Farrier's Craft

Chapter 11:  Income From Your Forge

Chapter 12:  Prospects


Chair Caning and Seat Weaving Handbook

The easiest way to make a seat for a chair is probably to weave one with strips of cane or fabric.


by the Editors of Skills Institute Press



Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Cane Seats

Chapter 2:  Tape Seats

Chapter 3:  Rush Seats


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