Prayer to Understand and Do God's Divine Will

Most Holy and Adorable Trinity,

enlighten me by Thy Understanding,

direct me by Thy Understanding,

conduct me by Thy Understanding.

Enlighten my way, oh Holy Trinity,

so that I walk continually in the way of the Truth.


The Best Prayer

Saint Francis of Assisi told Marie-Julie that when she could not pray, she should say the best prayer, which is to place her soul into God's Hands:

-- “Father Saint Francis, when the soul is troubled, what can one do?”

“Remember the good counsels received, meditate on them, to strengthen the heart.”

-- “But when we cannot even pray, nor do anything?”

“You must say to God:

'I hand over my soul into Thy hands.' ”

-- “Will God be very content with that?”

“Little sister, it is the best prayer.”

-- “When we can neither pray, nor make our Sunday prayers?”

“One performs penance... Content yourself with that which you have. Do not ask to be happy.”

-- “I do not ask for any more than to save my soul.”

Prayer for Intercession and Beatification of Marie-Julie Jahenny

O little sister, Marie-Julie, thou whose admirable goodness did not cease here below to be compassionate towards our miseries and to console our griefs, thou whose untireable charity welcomes all our requests and makes us all hope in the goodness of God, now that thou art close to thy Good Mother of Heaven, listen again to our prayers and ask her to draw for us, in the all-open great heart of her Son, the adorable treasures that she has made thee catch a glimpse of!

O Divine Heart of Jesus, Heart of Love and Infinite Mercy; O Immaculate Heart, sweet Maternal Heart of Mary, Thou who art but one same Heart and whose richness is inexhaustible, grant us, we beseech Thee, all the graces of which we have need, by the intercession of the loving soul of Marie-Julie, who knew how to pray to Thee so well that Thou could not refuse her anything. And accomplish, O All-Powerful God, that we may soon invoke her for the conversion of sinners, the triumph of the Holy Church, and peace in the world, under the title Blessed, that she appears to have so well merited by her love of souls and her love of the Cross!