The Chastisement of Various Diseases

Cholera comes from contaminated food/ water. It is mentioned in Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies.

Cholera comes from contaminated food/ water. It is mentioned in Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies.

 The Death-Like Disease

 "At the moment when the rage of the wicked will stop for a short respite, a strong disease will come forth, almost of a sudden.  That chastisement will leave the deceased ones (or rather the living) for the length of a few days, like lifeless; they will still be breathing, without being able to speak, their flesh stripped live just like after a deep burning.  That disease which will spread... everywhere, will be a disease which can be rented (contagious) and which nothing can stop.

A punishment from the Lord to bring back many." (September 20, 1880, p. 271, Prophecies of La Fraudais).

 A Disease with a Burning Fire

 "Grave diseases will arise, which human craftsmanship will be unable to relieve.  Which disease will attack first the heart, then the mind, and at the same time the tongue.  That will turn out horrible.  The heat accompanying the disease will be a devouring fire, untolerable and so violent that parts of the body touched with it will be red from an intolerable redness.  At the end of the seven days, that disease, scattered around like seed in a field, will rapidly grow on every side, realising immense progressions.

"My children, there is only one remedy with the power of saving you.  You know the leaves of the thorns  [Hawthorne] which are growing in almost all hedges.  The leaves of those thorns may arrest the progress of that disease.

"You will pick up the leaves, not the branch.  Even dried up, they will retain their efficacy.  You place them in boiling water, leaving them for fourteen minutes, keeping the container covered, so that the steam remain inside.  From the very start of the attack by the disease, that remedy will have to be used three times a day.

"On the Monday after My Assumption, you will offer those leaves of the thorn-bush to me, and you will pay attentive heed to my words.

"My children, the disease will be strong in Brittany.  The thought of God will be much lesser around there ...  The disease will produce a continuous sickness on the stomach, vomiting.  If the remedy is taken in too late, the touched parts of the body will turn out black, and through the black part there will be traces turning to pale yellow." (August 5, 1880).

Note:  "From the ecstasy of August 16, 1880, the remedy in question is the hawthorn leaf." (pp. 270-271, ibid).

Other Diseases

 "My children you will see falling upon the world some deadly diseases which will not even leave time for one to make ready for appearing in the presence of my Son." (November 30, 1880, p. 66, ibid).