Only blessed beeswax candles will give light.

Only blessed beeswax candles will give light.

Remember What Happened to Lot's Wife:

"When, during a cold winter night, thunder will be roaring, causing the mountains to be shaken, then, quick, close doors and windows ... Your eyes must not debase the terrible happening with curious gazing..." (p. 44, Prophecies of La Fraudais).

"Assemble in prayer in front of the Crucifix.  Take shelter under the protection of My Most Blessed Mother ... Do not allow any doubt take its abode in you, about your salvation:  the more confident you will be, the more inexpugnable will be the bulwark with which I want to surround you.  Keep blessed candles burning; pray the Rosary." (p. 44, ibid).

" the time when I shall save My people, it will not be through any power of men." (p. 94).

My children, says the Blessed Virgin, take good notice of my words:

"His mercy would be well disposed to let itself be moved, but so few souls do pray, such a large number outrage Him.  My children:  pay heed still more:

"The whole earth has to be chastised.

"The most painful part for you, the most sorrowful, will be when, from above in the sky, the sun will have fallen in a lightness place; when the stars will start grouping together, a multitude of them together.  At the beginning of that sign, you will be seriously thinking of the obscuration of the sun.

"My Son's anger will speak out with such a resounding loudness in its thunder, that even within this kingdom, your homes will crumble down.

"During those days of mourning, a new earthquake will take place, lesser than many others, of a lesser strength than in many other places.  The thing will be easy to notice:  everything will be shaken up except the piece of furniture on which the wax candle will be burning.  You will gather all around it with the Crucifix and my blessed image.  This is what is going to move away from you that terror which, during those days, will cause many a death.

"Here is a proof of my kindness:  those who will have served and invoked me properly, and who preserve my blessed image in their home, I will keep harmless together with all their belongings.

"During those three days, I will give protection to their hungering cattle.  I will guard them because it will be impossible to set one single door ajar.  The hunger of the animals will be satiated by me, without any food.

"The heat from the sky will be so scorching as to be unbearable, even within your closed up homes.  The whole sky will be set to fire, but thunderbolts will not penetrate the homes where there will be light.  Do not be afraid." (March 24, 1881, pp. 234-235, ibid).

"That part [Brittany] will receive blessing from Heaven.  It will be generously protected." (May 18, 1881, p. 236, ibid).

"In Brittany, the quaking will be felt, but not far away.  The lightnings will be weak, and light the roaring of thunder; but darkness will pass over it, after the same manner as throughout the whole of the West." (May 18, 1881, p. 237, ibid).

The Earth: An Immense Graveyard

"Desolation will be so great and chastisements so terrible as for many a one to dry out from being frightened and think the end of the world is up.

"During those three days of darkness, the demons will appear under the most hideous forms.  Through the air, you will hear the most horrible cursings.  The lightnings will penetrate your homes, but will not put the blessed candles out:  neither wind nor storm will be able to extinguish them.

"There will be three days of physical darkness.  For three nights and two days, night will be continuous.  Blessed wax candles will be the only ones which could give out some light through that horrible darkness; just a single one will be sufficient for the three days, although in the houses of the wicked they will give forth no brightness.


"Clouds red like blood will run across the sky.  The clatter of thunder will cause the earth to totter.  Sinister lightnings will trace furrows through clouds, during a season they never usually take place.  The earth will be shaken up down to its foundations.  The sea will arise roaring waves overflowing upon the continent.

"Blood will be shed in such a great abundance ... that the earth will turn out a vast grave-yard.  The corpses of the wicked and those of the just will litter the ground.  Famine will be great.  All will be overturned and three quarters of men will perish.  The crisis will burst out all of a sudden.  Chastisements will be common to the whole world and will follow one another without interruption.

"When My people had fallen into indifference, I started threatening them.  At present time, they deserve My Justice.  I came upon earth; they want to chase Me away to take My Holy Tabernacle away from Me, to overthrow My Cross and refuse to acknowledge My power.

--"Oh!  Lord, says Marie-Julie, you will have mercy!

"Yes, I will have mercy on the good people; but the other ones I will engulf them.  The earth will open ajar and they will disappear forever." (January 4, 1884, pp. 238-240, Prophecies of La Fraudais).

Bloody Rainfall and Darkness

"My children, the Lord goes on, from that cloud [blood red] will come out quite an unusual rainfall the world has not yet seen the like and never will see afterwards, until the consummation of centuries.  That will be a red rain remaining coagulated upon the ground for seven weeks.  The soil itself will be coagulated by that rain which will cause a poisoned breath, a stench nobody will be able to stand.  My people will remain enclosed for seven weeks.  It will be difficult to walk out, because of the land being so frightening.  Here comes the first storm . . .

"Following that storm, I will have a horrible 'burning' coming out of the earth.  Christians will be unable to stand that stench and heat.  My children, you will have to open neither your doors nor your windows.

"[I see] a black and blue rainbow at least two meters [78 inches] in width ... From that rainbow, a rain is falling, at the very moment when attempts and crimes are committed, a blood red rain is falling.  On the roofs of homes it is left sticking like paint; on the ground it cannot be sucked in.  It falls down with a frightening speed.

"In the midst of that rain, a sign of terror is produced:  a cross takes shape in that rain carrying the imprint of a Christ. . . . The yelling of the just is frightening.  In that rainfall perish all those who opened up wickedness . . .

"After three days, the rainfall from the rainbow spreads out visible throughout the whole Universe."  (April 8, 1880, pp. 240-241, Prophecies of La Fraudais).

". . . within a short time, the sky will be covered with a cloud of blood.  My children, the sky will be covered with a cloud of blood and the sunrays will be darkened from it. 

"It will be pitch dark and never will darkness have been as thick as during those three days of rainfall, of mourning, of agony and death.

"My children, I am the voice of Truth and Life.

"During those three days, you will stay locked in your homes.  Tears and groaning will be heard on every side.  The most awful part is that little children, although they be innocent, will raise the most sorrowful cries.

"Amidst such darkness, a frightening storm will arise; the most deeply rooted trees will be staggering.  On coming out of those three days, you will find only corpses left." (p. 240, ibid).

Divine Protection in Brittany

The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary love Brittany and have reserved it for the faithful.

The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary love Brittany and have reserved it for the faithful.

 "My children, in that cloud of blood, there will be a kind of separation, a separation between Brittany and the border adjoining it.

"Brittany will be covered with a white veil.  But she will also experience her three days of mourning ... but the storm will be less violent upon her than in any place elsewhere.

Know that I will know pretty well how to find out, in that Brittany, all those who insult and blaspheme My name.  Yes, My children, I will cause them to perish without mercy.

"I am the voice of Truth and Life.

"A rainfall of blood will fall upon the earth which will have your crops drying up.  And on that year, the earth will produce nothing.  In Brittany, I will leave half the harvest.  My children, you will be the favoured ones of My merciful disposition.

"Yes, happy those who will inhabit Brittany!  Happy those who will not have moved away from God!  In Brittany, I have put up a shelter.  Come over to that country, Friends of the Cross.

The Ungodly, Profaners, and Blasphemers

 "I will be turned into an object of horror for the major part of My people.  No younger child will enjoy the happiness of relishing in the delights of the Church's faith.  All youth will be infected and will soon fall into a putrefaction the stench of which will become intolerable." (June 9, 1881, pp. 153-154).

"At that time, it will be difficult to encounter great Pastors, because emptiness will be so extensive, that a large portion of the earth will resemble uninhabited places." (February 9, 1882, p. 199).

"The pastors ruling over the dioceses at the present time, will be no more (said three times) on their episcopal see.  Before the great King comes, revolution will have overturned all their sees both in France and outside France." (May 16, 1882, p. 200).

"Woe on those who seduce innocent souls." (p.43).

". . . He will support the just and put ointment upon their wounds; but sinners are living their last hour.  They have already taken their seat at their last joyful banquet, a banquet enclosing nothing else but misfortune and damnation." (January 12, 1882, p. 230).

". . . impelled by pride, they want to give satisfaction to their own wickedness and freedom, and nobody wants to give up any of his rights.  That is what urges God to send the punishment shortly." (August 26, 1878, p. 232).

"At present time, they deserve My Justice.  I came upon earth; they want to chase Me away, to take My Holy Tabernacle away from Me, to overthrow My Cross and refuse to acknowledge My power.

"Yes, I will have mercy on the good people; but the other ones I will engulf them.  The earth will open ajar and they will disappear forever." (January 4, 1884, p. 240).

"Injustice, crime, blaspheme, desecration and secret societies will not be spared.  They are what brings down My mightiest anger.

"The prevailing of sin must come to an end. . . There must be an end to it; otherwise every soul will be lost." (March 9, 1878, p. 241).

"Injustice is spreading around everywhere, my children:  attacks are directed against Christian laws:  they are violated, faith is exposed to such a terror that a miracle is needed to save it.  My children, evil is going to increase, expand, move ahead like a river knowing no boundaries any more...

"My children, today, on this Feast of the Purification, I ask you never to trample the Cross underfoot, never to follow the example of an immense crowd which is going to prefer apostasy and to surrender one's souls to damnation for the sake of saving the body." (February 2, 1881, p. 265).