Using your livingroom mantle as your home altar seems a natural place to gather for the Holy Rosary and other prayers.

This home oratory is simplicity itself. Notice the details of what could be mirror frames simply hanging over the stucco wall to focus the mind on Our Blessed Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Also, the beautiful print of Saint Joseph and the Christ Child becomes a warm background to the altar crucifix. The hanging light reminds us of the Presence of Christ our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and the hanging censor (which can be used for incense) is a beautiful reminder of the beautiful Roman Catholic Mass and the Priest's and our prayers going up to Heaven. This room can be hidden from sight with a simple shelving unit attached to the solid-wood door, if necessary.
See this inspiring oratory on youtube:
As the background instrumental piece is quite unpleasant, you may want to mute this.

Your home may not have space for an oratory (prayer room), but whatever space you have, make it inspiring for you! Notice how this home altar creates that triangle that draws the mind upwards to God. This beautiful home altar can be found on Pinterest.

Did you ever think of creating an altar in every room of your home, to help yourself and your family practice contemplative prayer? This is a beautiful altar arrangement for a bedroom or for a living room or dining room. Candles do not have to be real. Experiment with battery-operated candles inside beautiful candle holders. Use re-chargeable batteries to help you save money.

Every one of us can have an altar beside our favourite chair. Choose a favourite holy picture or statue, perhaps a bowl from your mother or grandmother or a favourite aunt, and your favourite rosary. What a beautiful way to live!

For those of you who are able to kneel to pray, a prayer kneeler, or prie-Dieu, is a beautiful piece of furniture to own. There are folding ones, and padded kneelers also. The shelf is very handy for prayerbooks, hymnal, and your rosary! Check out makers of prayer kneelers on

A hallway altar, a beautiful statue or a holy vignette can inspire your children and bring the peace of God to your busy lives.

Working with corners and gabled roofs can be extra challenging when trying to create symmetry and beauty for a prayer altar

Altar laces with liturgical themes can be purchased by the yard from online church supply stores or other online sources. Fabric stores also have bridal sections that sell beautiful laces; or, as in this photo, you can simply find a beautiful lace table cloth. Again, notice the warm effect of candle glow. Many battery-run candles have built-in automatic timers that allow for running times of 5 hours or longer! Some also have remote controls so that you can place candles in higher places. These candles can be found in craft stores, such as Michaels, and home-decor stores.

There are businesses that will enlarge a favourite print of yours into the dimensions that you require. This beautiful image of the Holy Family makes a beautiful home altar. You can copy this look with wall placement of prints, statuary on small shelves, candles, and silk flowers.

Have you thought of the entry to your home? The front door area, or a roofed porch or patio area near a frequently-used door can be the perfect place to add the warmth of your love for the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christ our Lord, or any Saint or Angel. Outdoor lighting can be done with strings of lights or with battery-run candles that are on automatic timers. Be creative, and warm up the night with your Faith!

And lastly, why not add a street-side Marian shrine? Convert a larger lantern into a wonderful Shrine to our Blessed Mother!


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What a contrast that last one is, all the steel and concrete and then to see the beautiful Marion shrine.

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Beautiful pictures,shrines,and statuary.
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