Why Lehman's Catalogue Is So Great

The Lehman's Hardware Store is a good start in learning about post-electricity survival. They sell Amish-made and other American-made goods.


Are you realizing that you need a simple hand-held push plow (cultivator)?  

 What about a horse hitch to use it with (just in case you find a horse)?

Do you think you might want to have a hand-turning clothes wringer to help your clothes to dry faster on the clothesline?

What about a butter churn?

Our ancestors had basic tools that saved their backs, hands, arms, and shoulders from too much strain (and injuries).

Check out this website:  http://non-electric.lehmans.com/hardware/Catalog (plows are listed under "cultivators")

Even if you don't buy from them, their catalogue will teach you so much, and help you when checking out the antique stalls!

And if you know all about living without electricity, then go to the upper menu bar on this webpage for books that will help you create the homesteading library you will need in the years to come.


20.07.2017 22:54

Shirley A La Bay

How can I order a book on OUR LADY OF LA SALLETTE?